L'Oreal Telescopic and Lash Architect mascaras
I’ve been using L’Oréal Lash Architect mascara in “Midnight Black” for a few months, and thought it was my perfect mascara until the latest tube started getting clumpy after just a few weeks’ use.  So yesterday I picked up L’Oréal Telescopic mascara in “Carbon Black” hoping that it would be as good, but without the clumping, as I keep hearing people rave about it (although to be fair, those people already have amazing natural lashes <sigh>).

Lash Architect

Lash Architect is meant to be a “false lash” effect mascara and it really is fantastic for giving you that thick, dark “fringe” of lashes with just one coat.  It lengthens, thickens and holds a curl (a deal-breaker with my poker straight lashes) and is the best mascara ever for not smudging.  It comes off easily with a face wipe or any water-based eye make-up remover.  If you prefer, it’ll actually dissolve with plain water as well and can then be wiped off.  Good if you have sensitive eyes and don’t want to use chemicals around your eyes, bad if you’re crying or get caught out in torrential rain without an umbrella.

The reason why I buy Lash Architect in “Midnight Black” is because unlike the “Carbon Gloss” or Waterproof versions, “Midnight Black” doesn’t contain alcohol.  Someone I know once had a 1cm bald gap on her lashline after using waterproof mascara (containing alcohol like most waterproof mascaras) daily for years.  It dries the follicle out.  But don’t worry, her lashes grew back after switching to an alcohol-free mascara.

The only issue I’ve been having with Lash Architect is that my latest tube is a bit globby after only having it a few weeks, and I always need to have a metal lash comb on hand when I use it (the Ruby & Millie folding brow and lash comb is perfect for this).


Telescopic claims to magnify and lengthen lashes, and has a thin, comb applicator.  The formula is ultra smooth and glossy, and coats the lashes like a dream.  The comb wand finds and defines every single eyelash, and is particularly good for coating the lower lashes without getting mascara everywhere.  Telescopic doesn’t claim to provide any volume, and you definitely won’t get much from it.  Rather than the dramatic “fringe” that Lash Architect achieves, you instead get glossy, “spikes” of lashes… a bit like when lashes are wet after washing your face.  It’s definitely a more natural look…. but there’s no drama.

Actually, thinking about it, I always find that Lash Architect is better after a couple of uses because the formula dries out a little and thus coats on thicker.  Maybe Telescopic will be the same.  We’ll see.


Both mascaras are great, just for different purposes.  I’ll continue using Lash Architect on my upper lashes, and Telescopic on my lower lashes, or when I fancy a more natural look (i.e. any time when I’m being lazy and don’t want to faff around with a lash comb).

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  1. Lash Architect (original Midnight Black formula) is such an underated product, I think it’s amazing yet you don’t hear many people talking about it.It’s got a great brush and good ingredients and is definitely in my Top 5 mascaras.I just hope they don’t disconitinue the Midnight Black formula and just keep the Carbon Gloss one liek they have done with the liquid eyeliners,I’m quite tempted to stock pile a few if they come on offer just in case lol!x

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