I’ve been having problems finding shoes to fit my size 3 (UK) feet for at least the last couple of years. Pretty shoes always gape at the back on my feet as if I’ve bought a size bigger than I should have – a really bad look with high heels.  I thought my feet must have shrunk but I’ve just discovered the real reason.  Most UK retailers have rounded up the UK size 3 to Euro 36 when in fact, a true size UK 3 is Euro 35.5.

Maaaan so annoying… don’t they know how heartbreaking it is to slip into a pair of the most beautiful shoes in the world, only to find you look like a kid wearing her mother’s shoes?

Anyway, if anyone else out there is having the same problem, try Marks & Spencer.  They’re the only high street retailer I know of who sells a true size 3.  And they don’t just do granny shoes – they usually have quite trendy styles in their Autograph and Limited Collection ranges – honest!

The only other brand I know comes up small is Guess (try Selfridges and House of Fraser)… if you can contend with the 5 inch heel that they insist on putting on their entire collection.

3 comments on “Size 3 shoe rant

  1. Come to think of it, it didn’t even click with me that sizes were smaller even though I found myself buying 3s when I’ve *always* been a 4! I’ve got to check out M&S then if you say their shoes are alright!

  2. I have exactly the same problem and I dont give up when I see the shoes I want! Therefore I cannot live without shoe soles and gel ones are a life saver for slingbacks and peeptoes!

    Love your blog,
    KK xoxo

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