Ardell DuraLash Individual Lashes
Today I tried out some Ardell DuraLash Naturals Individual Lashes which I bought from Boots.  I chose these because the flares are “knot-free” meaning that they don’t have that weird black blob on the ends like other false lashes on the market – they taper to a flat point, and are thus more likely to look natural.  I bought both the “short” and “medium” flares, plus a vial of Ardell LashTite Adhesive (in “clear”) which is specifically for individual lashes.

These lashes are designed to stay put until your lashes naturally fall out.  The glue is more like superglue than the rubbery white stuff you get with strip lashes… so your mistakes need to be few and minor!  You can apparently remove the lashes with mineral oil.

Ok, before I talk about the application, I should tell you that these are the first false lashes I’ve ever used.  I’m going to ignore the fact that I once shamefully failed to apply the Eyelure Girls Aloud “Kimberley” strip lashes.  I couldn’t even get just one side to stick on in the right place!  And they looked ultra fake.  Well, they were Girls Aloud branded after all…

And just to refresh your memory, here is a “before” photo of my usual and unremarkable eyelashes sans make-up:

I followed the instructions to the word (mostly):

Thoroughly clean your eyelashes and eyelids so they are free of oil and make-up.   Pour a few drops of LashTite adhesive on a piece of foil.  Using tweezers, gently lift an Individual lash from tray and dip end into adhesive.  Starting at the center of the eyelid, apply lashes one at a time by placing the lash cluster on top of one of your own natural lashes with the end close to, but not touching, your eyelid.  Support lash gently with fingertips until adhesive sets.  Work towards the outer corner.  Return to center and gradually work inward until lashes blend.  Apply 10-15 lash clusters per eye. Individual lashes should be replaced as your own natural lashes shed (about 2-3 weeks).

I started on my right eye.  I found it easier to pull the lashes from the tray with my fingers rather than with tweezers because the concentrated pressure from tweezers caused a few kinks here and there.  The clusters have a bit of rubbery glue on the ends from being stuck to the tray… so I also had to use my fingers to rub off as much of that as possible so as not to affect the sticking power of the proper glue.

However, I used my Tweezerman slanted tweezers to do the lifting, dipping (in glue) and positioning.  I also used the blunt end of the tweezers to lightly press each cluster onto my natural lashes.  I found it best to lightly grip the clusters at the fluttery end like in this photo:

I was surprised how quickly I was able to stick the lash clusters in place on my right eye… there were no mishaps whatsoever!  I used five “short” lashes from the centre of my eye, and then five “medium” lashes for the outer quarter of my eye.  To see where I was going while applying each cluster (difficult because they blend so well with my natural lashes), I found it easiest to lift my eyelid up and look at my lashes from below.  I reckon it only took about 10 minutes, which is hardly anything considering I’d never applied individual lashes before.

My left eye however, took about 3x longer to do because my hand-to-eye coordination got all confused in the mirror.  I thus ended up with glue on my eyelid and down the length of some lashes. But I got there in the end with reasonably acceptable results (although nowhere near as neat and natural-looking as the right eye).

One tip is to pour just tiny drops at a time of the glue onto the foil, so that if it dries out while you’re fiddling around, you can just pour another drop out, and less is wasted.

Once I was done, I cleaned off the dodgy bits of glue on my eyelid with a cotton bud wetted with oil-free eye make-up remover.  I went a bit crazy with the glue on my left eye, and unfortunately the glue dries shiny and crispy, but there seems to be nothing I can do to rectify that!

Ok, here are the photos of the results.  I haven’t bothered to apply any lashes to the inner half of my eyes, and I haven’t trimmed where there’s a sudden jump in lash length, but I do plan to!  I also haven’t applied any eye make-up.  You can click on the photos to zoom in if you want… you might see what I mean about the shiny glue (which isn’t that noticeable unless you really look out for it… and presumably can be covered up with mascara).

Ardell DuraLash Individual Lashes after
Ardell DuraLash Individual Lashes after
Ardell DuraLash Individual Lashes after
Ardell DuraLash Individual Lashes after
The lashes feel really secure at the moment… but I don’t know how they will fare with future eye make-up removal, face washing, sleeping etc. I will post an update once I’ve had enough time to find out!

By the way, I would feel comfortable wearing these lashes out without any eyeliner or mascara.  Apart from a bit of shininess at the base of the lashes (where I was being clumsy), they look really natural with no obvious “joins” apart from where I haven’t trimmed them.

Each pack of individual lashes was £5 and the glue £4.50.

Update (1 day later):
Two clusters from each eye came unstuck while I was washing my face last night (I guess they were the ones that had the least glue).  However, when I woke up this morning (and after washing my face again), the remaining clusters were still intact and positioned correctly.  I had to fill in the gaps with new clusters, which took about 5 minutes, and I was then happy to leave the house with no mascara.  Not too bad a product at all!

Update (4 days later):
I’m still wearing these lashes… but on average two clusters (usually the short, inner ones) fall off every night while I’m washing my face, meaning I have to replace them in the morning.  For convenience, I just dip the lash ends into the tilted bottle of glue rather than pouring glue onto foil.  It still takes less time than trying to make my lashes look longer and fuller using mascara though, so I don’t mind.  It seems that the clusters fall off from insufficient glue, or where the glue has become weak, rather than from natural lash-shedding.

So far, one person has asked me if I’ve done something different to my lashes after noticing they looked very Bambi-esque – and she was surprised when I told her I was wearing fake lashes.  So I’m relieved they look natural but still give noticeable oomph.  I’ve been concerned about the glue becoming slightly white in places where it is flaking, so I’ve bought some Ardell LashTite Adhesive in “dark” which apparently doesn’t dry white.  It’s very inky-looking in the bottle:

Ardell LashTite glue Dark
Update (5 days later):
Yesterday I had tried wearing mascara on the false lashes (to cover a bit of the white flakiness that had developed from the “clear” adhesive).  But when I used eye make-up remover that night, more clusters than normal came unstuck.  So then I thought it would be a good opportunity to remove all the false lashes to give my eyelashes a break.  The clusters on my right eye came away pretty quickly with a bit of oil-based eye make-up remover (I didn’t have any mineral oil).  But when I moved onto my left eye, I realised how much glue I had used on that side.  It took forever to remove the false lashes.  I made a mental note to use the glue with a lighter touch in future.  Without the falsies, my natural lashes look extra plain and short, so I don’t think I’ll last long before I stick them back on!

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  1. Hehe. I tried some Eylure ones, the individual lashes – and it totally failed and didn’t stick on my lashes LOL. I’ve not touched fake lashes since! If these work well on you, i’ll try them =P. Hehe. Lovely review and you are beautiful!!!


  2. I never go out without fake lashes but I haven’t tried the individual ones before. Hmmm maybe I should!
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting, really. I left a respond to your comment on my post 😉

  3. Hmm that’s a really good result. I was thinking of paying to get individual lashes put on but perhaps it’s not so time consuming to do it myself.

  4. Wow, I think you did a pretty good job with those lashes! I don’t think I could achieve that kind of success like you did. Ha ha! I find falsies quite intimidating, let alone the individual ones. But I guess practice makes perfect! 🙂 Those lashes look gorgeous on you. Do keep us posted.

  5. wow, you did an amazing job!! I am so going to have to try this. I got a bunch of false lashes from ELF the other day but haven’t worked up the courage to actually use them…

  6. Wow you did an awesome job! Must have been tedious >< Looks so natural and great on you.
    I never knew those lashes were meant to stay on on.. that’s pretty neat!

  7. Gah, how on earth did you manage that? I’ve never worn falsies before but thought I’d give’em a shot and picked up a set of exactly what you used from Sally’s yesterday. Tried to put them on this morning and completely failed (so I hopped on the internets to look for more details and consequently found your blog). I’m guessing it has to do with my timing…Does the adhesive just dry really quickly? Do you have to place, position, and press all within 10 seconds?

  8. @Everyone: I’m glad you all thought I did a good job! I was a bit worried that they were a bit too obvious, but I didn’t get any funny looks while wearing them at all! I’d really recommend them. If you just want to try them out for a day, I’m sure they’d be fine with just the normal “gummy” eyelash glue that you can remove easily at the end of the day.

    @Angela: Oh no, I’m sorry to hear your first shot at the lashes didn’t work out! Yeah, I did find the glue dried quite quickly if I fiddled around too long. What exactly didn’t work for you? Did they just not stick? How much glue did you use on each cluster? I actually dipped about 2mm of the base into the glue to give them a better chance of staying in the right position on my lashes. Also, I found that I could just carefully lay the clusters on top of my lashes with my tweezers and let them sit there for the glue to dry. I didn’t really need to use my fingers that often to press or hold them in place. And if I did try using my fingers, sometimes it would unstick the freshly-laid cluster…

  9. Yea, they just weren’t sticking. I made a 2nd attempt using info collected from your response & a few other sites and got better results, but I think I’ll need some more practice before I walk out into daylight with them on. Will try castor oil to thicken lashes for now and give another extensions push after I get a chance to pick up the black adhesive. Thanks for the reply 🙂

  10. @Angela: I’m glad your second attempt was better! I bought the black lash adhesive from eBay because I couldn’t find it in Boots. But today when I was in Boots (again), I saw that Eyelure now have knot-free individual lashes too, and you can buy black adhesive by Eyelure too.

  11. try the duo clear eyelash glue (from a makeup pro)

  12. You are stunning. I’m going to try the black glue hope it works

  13. @Anonymous: Ah, I’ve never heard of that glue.. will check it out. Thanks!

    @Anonymous: Thank you! Good luck with the black glue!

  14. My eyes are sensitive but I really want to try these!(you look great by the way!) My question is can I use the regular white Ardell glue(the one that is usually used for the strip lashes that you can take off each night)? I really like the idea of indiv. lashes but I have to take them off at night so my eyes don’t act up. Do you think they would work as well?

    1. no u cant it has to be the lue for individual lashes

    2. Yeah you could try using normal glue. I think I have actually done it in the past when I wanted the look of the individual lashes but wanted to be able to remove them at the end of the day.

  15. Am always in my Individuals they make a my eyes look Dramatized and more opened ……. each eye movement is exaggerated ….. Am a Diva but I feel unstopable in my Lashes….LOOOOOOOOL

  16. How long does will it last? If I do a set of individual lashes , how many days do you think the lashes will stay on with this glue?

    1. I found that a couple of clusters would fall off each night as I was washing my face… so although in theory the glue should last for at least 7 days, I was replacing two or so clusters each day!

  17. Cluster lashes are designed to go along the lashline (on skin) and not the actual lashes (as they are too heavy and will fall out along with your natural lash, not good), so you really need to use a cluster lash glue not semi permanent glue.

  18. Hi, I’m thinking about trying these on for my wedding! I’m confused though as to where they should be applied… Should the be applied on the eyelashes, or on the lid as close as possible to the eyelashes? Also what is the conclusion in terms of glue… Ardell LashTite Adhesive in clear or in dark? Let me know Please!!! 🙂

    1. Hi Eli, the instructions say: “Starting at the center of the eyelid, apply lashes one at a time by placing the lash cluster on top of one of your own natural lashes with the end close to, but not touching, your eyelid.” I took this as needing to stick the lashes to the base of my lashes rather than my eyelid skin. I never did try the dark adhesive actually – it’s still in a drawer somewhere! But I imagine the dark glue avoids getting the flaky white bits of dried glue. If you want to have eyelashes applied for your wedding, I’d recommend having a professional help you though, as you don’t want to be stressed out over eyelashes on your big day! Good luck and enjoy the wedding planning!

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