Clinique Eye Contour Brush
I bought this Clinique Eye Contour brush (£10) after work today.  This is actually my first ever contour brush <gasp> because I’ve never found one that looks like it would do a good job on my eyes.  I have weird eyes – they’re obviously not anything like Caucasian eyes, and they’re not “monolids” either, but there is still quite a lot of “hood” going on.  I see all these eye make-up tutorials on YouTube and think “hmm my eye crease doesn’t look like that”.

On my hooded eyelids, there’s no point shading the real eyelid crease, because the crease is so hidden away that it wouldn’t really give that deep-set contoured look.  So I’m supposed to shade just under the brow bone to give the impression of contour.  Sounds fine in theory, but in practice my brow bone area is actually very flat… and it’s really difficult to draw in contours without it looking obvious.  Despite not owning a contour brush this morning, I still gave it a good go (with my new Illamasqua eyeshadows and also L’Oréal Studio Secrets “Nude” shimmery shadow on the eyelid) and got O.K. results, but I still need to practise. I just took a photo (argh why is it so orange-tinged?!):

Most eye contour brushes seem to be too pointed (giving too harsh a line) or too fluffy or flat (giving less control).  But this contour brush by Clinique is short-bristled and domed (if you look at the bristles from a bird’s eye view, they form a circle) and it feels really good to use.

Here is a close-up of the bristles, which I had to get from the Sephora website because my ancient camera takes terrible close-up shots:

Clinique Eye Contour Brush
Update (2 days later):
I love this brush!  It makes contouring so much faster and easier!  How did I survive without it??

5 comments on “A nice eye contour brush from Clinique

  1. I have too much crease too! If you check all my EOTD posts I can’t get too detailed because of my creasy eye. It kind of sucks but what am I going to do? I do just blend up above where most people would to get the deep crease look though.

  2. I dont have any crease =(. Blah, eye shadow is sometimes a pain for me so I only bother when it’s a special occasion =D. I think I only suit neutral and brown/gold shades too xD.


  3. @Scarlettholly: Haha sounds like we do the same thing!

    @Linda: If I had great lips like yours, I wouldn’t bother with eyeshadow either!

  4. Oh sounds like a great brush! I’ve tried some contour brushes too.. some of which were scratchy. Finding the right crease brush is very tricky!

  5. This brush sounds fantastic! Oh hey, don’t complain about your eyes. You have such beeeautiful eyes, my dear! Hooded eyelids?! Check mine out. Ha ha!

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