NYX Round Lipstick in Fire, Louisiana, Doll, Spell BoundMy recent Cherry Culture order included these four NYX Round Lipsticks of the shades (from left to right) Fire (599)Louisiana (634)Doll (635), and Spell Bound (644).  I’d heard great things about NYX Round Lipsticks and I wasn’t disappointed when these arrived in the post.  The colours are incredibly smooth, rich and creamy, in a moisturising base.  Plus they were on offer at only $1.75 each… barg. You can’t get much for that these days!


NYX Round Lipstick swatches Fire, Louisiana, Doll, Spell BoundAbove, left to right: Fire (599)Louisiana (634)Doll (635)Spell Bound (644)

Above, Fire (599), a deep red pink

Above, Louisiana (634), a nude, mauve pink

Above, Doll (635), a brown pink

Above, Spell Bound (644), a rose pink

I like Fire for its drama, and Spell Bound for its natural prettiness.  Louisiana and Doll don’t do much for me.  Brown-toned lip colours always make me look awful… and they remind me of being at school in the ’90s when brown lipstick (and Rimmel Heather Shimmer) was all the rage.

11 comments on “Various dark pink NYX Round Lipsticks: Swatches and photos

  1. My first comment here, I think, so hello 🙂

    They look much more pink in the packaging than when they’re applied, don’t they? Shame, I already started drooling over the first picture 😉

    By the way, not too sound too weird, but you are so, so pretty! 🙂

  2. I think doll is my favorite out of these. Do you think that they taste like dishwasher liquid? I always think that when I put them on! 🙂

  3. @Olaola: Hello there! Yeah the colours are pretty vibrant on the lips, but nowhere near as bright as in the tubes! NYX have loads of other hot pink colours that you could try though. Thank you for your sweet comment! 😀

    @scarlettholly: Doll was the most natural-looking on me… but just slightly too far on the brown side for my liking. I have a brown lipstick phobia! Hahaha yeah I did notice a strong “chemical” taste when I applied one of the lipsticks slightly too heavily straight from the tube. I was like “Urgh man is it meant to taste like this?!” whilst trying not to grimace while taking photos. But applied in a much less enthusiastic manner with a brush, the taste isn’t noticeable.

  4. OH my gosh the last 3 need to be in my life! I’m going to Cherry Culture right now! Thanks for the review, and great blog. I just started following you and love it so far. 🙂

  5. @Natalie: Yeah they’re all really pretty colours! I wonder whether there might be more in the range that I should try!

    @Ashwini: Hi there! Ooh thank you for following! Hope you find some nice things at Cherry Culture – the prices are so cheap, it’s hard not to place a massive order!

  6. I’m surprised that Spellbound looks so natural on you – on my pale skinned face it is intensely, almost-fuscia pink!

  7. @witoxicity: Yes Fire definitely had the highest impact! It was almost geisha-looking on me… not sure whether I’d be brave enough to wear it out!

    @Gemma: Yeah it’s strange how lipstick looks completely different out of the tube and on different people. Recently I tried a mauve pink lipgloss on my sister, and it was an unwearable purple on her lips, but it looks completely normal on me!

    @Anita: Haha well that was the first red lipstick I’ve ever worn which I didn’t take off immediately… I’m a bit scared of reds usually.. but I love the way it looks on other people…

  8. Is Louisiana brown-toned? I wanna avoid shimmery and brown-toned shades, they look awful on me too! I can’t tell Louisiana is brown-toned or not just from the colour of the lipstick. I googled some pictures too but can’t see it either! It’s frustrating that you never know if a lipstick is good for you or not until you actually wear it..

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