Yaby Pearl Paint ShadowsLeft to right, “Antique“, “Cappuccino Dream“, “Chocolate Smoothie“, “Hematite

These are the cute little Yaby Pearl Paint Shadow eyeshadows I bought a couple of weeks ago and that I kept meaning to write about following my earlier review on Yaby Liquid Foundation.

The description for these shadows on the Yaby website is:

pearl paint eyeshadow = fun eyes + wow colors
  • a creamy eyeshadow that is actually a powder!
  • extremely pigmented colors that translates true in photography and video.
  • waterproof (on bare skin, or any other waterproof products).

If you do a search, you’ll find loads of reviews raving about Yaby Pearl Paint Shadows, about how they’re “butter soft”, “blend like a dream”, “highly pigmented”, “intense shimmer”, “long-lasting” etc… so I won’t add any more to that!

I bought four very neutral, easy-to-wear colours…. nothing too “out there” but if you did want more electric colours, Yaby can cater for you there too.

Here are the swatches on the back of my hand.  It was quite difficult finding swatches online so hopefully this is useful for someone!

Yaby Pearl Paint Shadow swatchesLeft to right, “Antique” (pp019), “Cappuccino Dream” (pp040), “Chocolate Smoothie” (pp048), “Hematite” (pp082)

Antique” is a gorgeous golden olive green.  It’s extremely pretty and wearable.

Cappuccino Dream” is a slightly red-toned mid brown.  Again, this is very easy to wear… although not suitable if you prefer more taupe browns.

Chocolate Smoothie” is a dark brown with red and purple undertones.

Hematite” is black and is meant to be shimmery, but it’s nowhere near as shimmery as the other shades I have.  It’s also a little harder in the pan.  Used as a liner, you can get a defined look but without the starkness that comes with pencil or gel liners…

Here is a photo of me using “Antique” with “Hematite” to line (sorry, I still can’t seem to work a camera!).

… and of me using “Cappuccino Dream” on the lid,  with “Chocolate Smoothie” and “Hematite” to line:

I haven’t found these shadows completely smudgeproof, but they do remain intense and relatively crease-free until I remove them.

The Pearl Paint Shadows come as “refills” which are designed to be slipped into a palette (Yaby have a range of empty palettes, or a Z Palette would do the trick).  And they’re tiiiiiiiny… a little smaller than a 5p coin!  However, I paid a guilt-free £2.50 for each pan, and the compact size just means more space for other colours.

If you’re interested in trying these shimmery shadows for yourself, you can find stockists for UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia at yabycosmetics.com.

6 comments on “Yaby Pearl Paint Shadow: Swatches and review

  1. That is a really beautiful look, and I love those colors. They’re just the right hue/finish that they look both natural and dramatic.

  2. what brush do you use for your shadow and liner – especially the bb gel liner?

    you are good at this!

  3. @Rozezz: I used to use a slanted eyeliner brush to line my eyes like this shape which is what I used at the time of these pics. But now I’ve discovered the bent/angled eyeliner brush like this one which is amazingly easy to use for drawing lines!

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