FOTD brown eyeshadow
I’m going through a brown eyeshadow phase at the moment.  I recently went out looking for my ideal brown eyeshadow (slightly taupe, with no red or purple undertones), and ended up finding four really useable browns, pictured below…

MAC Paint Pot Constructivist, Sleek Eye Dust Dirty, Urban Decay Underground, The Body Shop Chocolate
From left to right:

  1. MAC Paint Pot in “Constructivist
  2. Sleek Eye Dust in “Dirty
  3. Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in “Underground
  4. The Body Shop Eye Colour in “32 Chocolate”

Swatches in same order (applied dry with finger):

Mac Paint Pot in “Constructivist” (£13)

A slightly bronze brown, with just a hint of shimmer.  I bought this because it went on so opaque (it’s not very reflective, so you get more of the colour showing) and doesn’t budge once it’s on.   It’s a nice colour, but I haven’t quite got the hang of applying it yet because it dries so quickly and is hard to blend once it’s dry.  I’m currently using it as a base under dry shadows, until I work out the best way to use it!

Sleek Eye Dust in “Dirty” (£2)

A dark, shimmery, rich chocolate brown pigment.  It looks a little red-toned in the swatch photo but it genuinely doesn’t look like that in real life.  This is such a nice colour and packs a punch when applied… it’s so intense.  Being a loose pigment, it does deposit itself all over my cheeks when used dry, but I can put up with that (actually it’s quite annoying when I try to wipe the dots off, and end up smearing them into lots of little brown lines… but hey).  This pigment turns into a beautiful metallic brown paste when used wet (which also means no fallout).  I couldn’t believe this was only £2… what else can you get these days that cost £2?!

Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in “Underground” (£13.50)

A really pretty, shimmery “medium fawn” as described by Urban Decay.  This is the most sparkly of the four colours I bought, but also the most foolproof to wear.  It’s a warm taupe with multi-faceted shimmer and it lights up my eye area as soon as I swipe it on.  I really can’t describe the prettiness of this colour – you just have to see it for yourself in real life in a store.  If you have a soft spot for taupes, you’ll fall in love with this colour.  Oh, and the packaging is cute too (albeit slightly excessive for a single eyeshadow).

The Body Shop Eye Colour in “32 Chocolate” (£8)

This was a surprise buy because I rarely like any of the make-up at The Body Shop… but this is a fantastic dark, taupe brown eyeshadow.  It has more grey in it than the other colours I bought and is much more pigmented than you would expect.  The packaging is a bit flimsy, but I love the grey-brown colour and the pigmentation so never mind.

In the photo at the top of this post, I am wearing Urban Decay “Underground” as the largest area colour, The Body Shop “Chocolate” on my lids, and Sleek Eye Dust “Dirty” as a liner on both upper and lower lash lines (used wet).  I also tried my Ardell individual eyelashes with just latex glue as opposed to the permanent glue that they’re meant to be used with.

7 comments on “Brown eyeshadow cravings alleviated

  1. I love this! The Sleek eyeshadow is a stunner!

    I’m going through a brown eyeshadow phase too. I really want the NARS Cordura Eyeshadow duo and I think it’ll have a home in my stash soon enough. lol.

  2. All of them look great – I actually have the Body Shop shadow, too, and LOVE it. I look ill in any browns that have red undertones, they’re always too warm for my skin, so I’m always on the lookout for greyish browns and taupes 🙂 love ’em!

  3. So nice! The shadows are all gorgeous. I’m pretty boring but brown shadow in different textures is always my go-to shade. I’ve never heard of Sleek cosmetics before…will have to look it up!

  4. Oh wow, those browns look great to use! If only they were found in one palette.. I’d be the first one to have my hands on it haha!

  5. @Catherine Shen: Thank you! In that photo, I’m wearing Clarins Multi-Blush Cream Compact in the shade “Lychee”/”Lichee” and Illamasqua Powder Blusher in “Tremble”. On my lips, I’m wearing Revlon Matte lipstick in “Mauve it Over” and Collection 2000 Love Your Lips Balmgloss in “Adore” on top.

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