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But if you’re looking for details on Philips Lumea, please read my recent post here: Philips Lumea vs. Boots Smooth Skin iPulse vs. Remington i-Light

I just got the below email from Glamour.  I thought I’d post it in case anyone wants to try the new Philips Lumea IPL system for free and is able to attend the sessions in London.  I don’t think you actually get the system to take home with you though unfortunately!  I considered applying myself, but I’m probably not the best candidate because I used Boots Smooth Skin during last year and haven’t actually got much hair left on my body to zap.


Dear GLAMOUR reader,

GLAMOUR and Philips Lumea would like to invite you to take part in a series of spa sessions in London, in which you will receive a mini manicure AND have the opportunity to trial the NEW Philips Lumea, an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal system for use at home. The system grants women the ultimate beauty wish – to be free from unwanted hair and have perfectly smooth skin every day! Here’s how…

Philips Lumea progressively reduces hair re-growth to a minimum and used every two weeks it prevents new hair from growing back.
It uses the latest Intense Pulsed Light technology to give women the confidence of perfectly smooth skin all the time.
It is a safe, gentle product from a trusted brand that has been developed in cooperation with leading dermatologists. Includes built-in safety features to protect the skin and adjustable settings for different skin/hair types.
It is easy to use – it’s a cordless, hand-held appliance for maximum freedom during treatment

100 female GLAMOUR readers who are available on the dates specified and whose skin/hair type is suitable for the product, will be chosen at random after the closing date. If you are selected, you will be sent a welcome pack by post and emailed a link to the online booking tool, so that you can select the treatment times that are most convenient for you. After your 4 treatments we will send you a follow up survey to find out your opinion of the product.

To complete the registration survey please click on the link below.

Click here to start the survey.

The registration survey will close at midday on Monday 22nd March 2010. Thank you for your time.


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18 comments on “Chance to try the latest Philips Lumea (home IPL system) with Glamour magazine

  1. Hi1
    You obviously have good grasp of these IPL devices in the market.
    I am male, pale skin & dark hair, thinking about buying the Philips Lumea. Yet Philips claims that Lumea is not suitable for men. I had IPL treatments before at professional salon but… very expensive and stopped. I wonder if Philips is concerned about “warranty” issues for the Lumea since being used by men (with high hair density) would cause the device to “break down”…
    Do you have any idea as to why the Lumea should not be used by men?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. I have just invested in one! I am an Italian guy from the south sooo very hairy. I currently have IPL treatments but as Michael said, they are very expensive!!! I will try and let you know! it suppose to arrive on thursday! Lio

  3. Good for you Lio!
    Good luck and please post an update with your experience with Lumea. Myself and surely many other guys are looking forward to your comments.

  4. Hi Michael and Lio! Sorry for the delayed response. Hmmm… perhaps Philips are just covering their backs until they’ve done further testing on men..? When Boots Smooth Skin first came out, they strictly advised not to use it on the face. But once they had had time to properly test the treatment on the face, they updated the product information to allow use on the face. Boots Smooth Skin is definitely ok to use on men… so I don’t see any reason why Philips Lumea wouldn’t be if the IPL technology is the same.

    If you go against Philips’ advice and do try Lumea, good luck! I’ve had pretty amazing results with Boots Smooth Skin… it seems to work best on dense, dark hair. These IPL treatments take a lot of time and dedication but they’re well worth it if you persevere 🙂

  5. I’ve used Boots Smooth Skin as well! After a few months the hairs on my legs and armpits stopped growing back. Would def recommend it to anyone.

  6. Hi scribbler,

    I am interested in buying a relatively less expensive, yet effective hair removal system for my wife with dark hair, and relatively mild complexion. I don’t know which one would be better? Similarly, is there any for men that could be used for pubic hair?

    I would really appreciate your comments.


  7. looking at this – seems a good idea – will be good to see if it lasts – do you think you can use it on your arms?

  8. @Anonymous: You/your wife might be interested in reading my comparison of a few of the home IPL systems on the market on my more recent post here: Hope that helps.

    @Anonymous: Yes, there is no reason why Philips Lumea can’t be used on arm hair (if you have pale skin, and dark hair)! Just remember that the results aren’t meant to be permanent and you’ll need to keep using it every 2 weeks or so to remain hair free. If you’re looking for permanent results, I have posted about Boots Smooth Skin at the link above. Hope that helps!

  9. LUMEA = a well made expensive cosmetic accessory

    I am a male who bought the Lumea with great hesitation since it is not recommended for men but the name “Philips” played a role in my decision making. I have previously had IPL treatments at a professional salon and I know that “permanent hair removal” does not exist, it is safer to say ”drastic hair removal”.
    Was about to buy the Tria in November when I read that Philips would introduce the Lumea. I waited and waited and have now used the Lumea for 5 weeks and wanted to share my findings.

    It works on men as well, I have pale skin with dark hair. About 30% of hair falls after about a week. Yet, the Lumea’s light is not strong enough to make a long lasting difference. After second treatment, I decided to zap every spot two times, same spot within a couple seconds. I thought that double zapping the same spot within a couple seconds would increase the chance for more permanent results.
    It hurt but I thought it was worth the pain expecting to have a double effect on the hair roots. It took a couple days to realize that the extra pain I was feeling was not due to a stronger effect on the hair, instead it was my skin burning from being exposed to the extra heat (it is not Lumea’s fault).

    The Lumea, as well as other home use devices are only good for treatment of small areas.
    If I knew then what I know now I would not have spend my money on a home use device because in the end, when considering cost, effort and time, it would cost the same at professional salon and with better results.

    I have found out that at least 7 joules are required to achieve near-permanent results. The Tria is strong but has an extremely small light window. Then there is Lumea with 2 – 6.5 joules (depending on setting) and Boots Smooth Skin with up to 10 joules (depending on setting). So one might conclude that the Boots Smooth Skin is a better choice. Yes it is BUT again only for small areas because every 10000 flashes its handset must be replaced at a cost of around £150.
    In my case, using the Lumea on back and chest, I have already gone over 6000 flashes within 5 weeks.
    So, in the end isn’t better to go to a professional salon for better results and let someone else do the work? Keep in mind that after stopping using the Lumea, the hair follicles become active again causing hair growth to return!! In addition, if grey hair is a possibility for you (look at your parents), then the day will come when the Lumea or other such small devices will not have any effect. Being treated, at an early age, at a professional salon with aggressive treatment, the roots will die (most of them) minimizing the risk of the re appearance of hair, thus less hopeless grey hair in the future.

    Simply said, the Lumea does what it promises BUT expect only TEMPORARY results because it stuns/shocks the hair follicles thus suppresses hair regrowth between treatments. Philips never claims permanent hair removal!
    For very small areas it is ok for now but for larger areas….. forget it!
    I can understand that you are desperate to do something about the hair problem, just like I am, and tempted to try anything that provides some hope. I can’t return my Lumea and get a refund so I will continue using it on small private areas, knowing that the results are temporary and hopefully I will have some money in the future to return to professional salon treatments.
    Good luck!

  10. I bought Lumea, and I wish I did not. Truly, it does not work at all, no hair sheds off, regrows as usual. And believe me, I have been to the professional salon for laser hair removal about 3 years ago, so I know how the real results are. Lumea is too expensive and not worse a penny to spend. And it did hurt a lot.

  11. Hi

    I bought Boots Smooth Skin for myself last Christmas. I am very impressed. It is not effective on the facial hair as it was on my legs, i think its because the facial hair beilg finer. But i used ot on my legs twice last year and never ever had a chance to do it again. my life got suddenly busy and hectic, and due to the 6 seconds recharge period for the hand set the treatment wor the legs takes a long long time. However, the two treatments i managed to do resulted in more than 50% reduction on regrowth. i have only patchy hair came up. And, when i shaved before you could stil see the shadow of my very dark hair on my legs, now what is left is i think finer so when i shave it is just fine:) i def.recomment it. the 3 settings is good if you are worried about the skin tome. i am olive skined and i used the highest levet just fine.

  12. Hi,

    Just bought the boots smooth, and I’m just thinking how salons always make you wear protective glasses as do therapists…where does that fit in with the home ipl? Thanks

  13. Hi just bought Philips lumea precision, just used it once and hair has grown back already but I can not do any more treatment until 2 weeks, no shedding of hair yet and hair seems to be coming back thick. I am light brown and dark haired. What do I do, need to get rid of the whiskers !!!

  14. hi ihave philips lumea i want to ask if my husband can use it on his face.thanks

  15. I have had Laser treatments (7 of them) at clinics where just 2 treatments cost more than the Lumea so of course I am keen on the results. Reading your info was helpful and I will try to get hold of the boots.

    What needs to be mentioned about hair regrowth that my clinic “forgot” to mention until i started to wonder when will the hair ever be gone permanently was that new hair sacks are created up to about the age of 40….ooops.

    The laser treatment beats any IPL any day of the week but its also far more painful. At the most sensitive spots like on the back far out on the sides (like allmost below armpits) it feels like you have burning coal on your back at occasions which is why they imedietelly patch You with Ice but even then You will look like You burnt yourself severely in the sun after a treatment. Professional IPL I have tried as well (high intensity) and thats a walk in the park in comparison with some minor stings ocassionally.

    So for everybody below 40 – hair will grow back but maybe not fully as much (its been 3-4 years since my last treatment and I would say I have just as much hair as when I started now but luckily I have reached 40 so I thought I would give it a second SHOT 😀

    Hope the info is of some help

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