Bliss Pore-Fector Gadget Kit
Have you ever cursed at an area of persistent blocked pores wistfully wishing you had some kind of device that could vacuum out the gunk and then scrape it off, leaving tidy, clean pores?  Well, a new gadget from Bliss may be the answer to our prayers.  I found out about the Bliss Pore-fector Gadget Kit from the current Vogue magazine and have been yearning for it ever since.  It’s going to cost £125/$185 but I am so going to buy it when it comes out here in (I believe) May.

In a nutshell, the Bliss Pore-fector is used on clean skin which has had a water-based toner applied, and generates high-frequency, sonic vibrations through a metal (non-invasive) palette blade, loosening debris and dead skin cells, and thus lifting clogged up gunk out of pores.  I was sold when the author of the Vogue article said the technology is supposedly the same as used in ultrasonic salon facials (non-Bliss facials I should mention), from which she has seen blackheads visibly lifting out of the skin while the metal blade is passing over her skin.

After pore cleansing, the gadget can also be used to help massage moisturisers and serums deeper into the skin to make them more effective.

Here’s the Bliss Pore-fector Gadget Kit product info from the Sephora website:

What it is:
An innovative complexion-improving set featuring pore-clearing technology and formulas.

What it is formulated to do:
Let go of the lancet and forget about using your fingers; this ensemble is the next-best thing to an at-home esthetician. The ‘pore’fector gadget is a safe and sanitary new ‘wave’ in complexion clearing. Often, impurities get trapped on the skin and result in plugged pores. Like a bionic spa facialist, this tool generates sonic vibrations, which works with Bliss Daily Detoxifying Facial Toner to create micro-jets to extract impurities and deeply clean clogged skin.

Set contains:
– Pore’-fector Gadget Tool
– Recharge Base Unit
– Power Adapter
– 6.7 oz Daily Detoxifying Facial Toner
– 2 x Samples of Steep Clean 15-Minute Facial Mask

What else you need to know:
Sonic waves are vibrational sound waves with super-high frequencies that can help to improve skin’s appearance. With the gentle power of sonic waves, the ‘pore’fector gadget helps to loosen up debris and make skin more receptive to the rest of your regime. Vibrations help to remove the bad stuff (debris, dirt, grime) and help revitalize the appearance of skin, helping to massage products onto the skin’s surface for seriously smooth results.

The instructions (also from are:

– Apply Daily Detoxifying Facial Toner (or the water-based toner of your choice) onto clean skin with a cotton pad.
– Press the red ON button; a red light will appear signifying high vibrations (this setting is ideal for cleansing).
– Note: If your skin is sensitive, press the intermittent button on the right; this adds a pulsating vibration, which lessens the intensity of the wave.
– Flip the head of the tool up so that you can use it in a scooping motion; begin gently applying pressure to help cleanse and exfoliate the skin.
– Use an alcohol or sanitizer-saturated cotton pad to wipe the tool clean.
– Apply your moisturizer or serum.
– Flip the head of the tool over so it lays flush against your skin.
– Press the ON button again and a green light will appear indicating slower vibration.
– Instead of massaging your moisturizer or serum onto your skin with your fingers, gently apply the head of the tool onto the surface of the skin and glide it along the skin’s surface in a downward motion.

Recommended use:
– Oily skin: use for 3-5 minutes, 1-2 times daily.
– Dry/sensitive skin: use for 2-3 minutes, once daily.
– Combination skin: use 1-2 minutes, once every other day.

The Sephora Q&A section also has some informative answers on how Bliss Porefector is different to Clarisonic – if you’re wondering!

So there you go.  Apparently there is a waiting list for the Bliss Pore-fector Gadget Kit, but I want to try it so much!  I am having visions of myself also attacking my fiancé’s nose with it too… oooh I can’t wait!

Update (12th May 2010):  I’m not going to buy this product.  I was in Sephora last week in New York and was so close to buying the Bliss Pore-Fector but I hesitated because it looked a bit crap in the box… like the kind of thing I would end up tossing aside very quickly.  And later when I got back to the UK, I read this review from British Beauty Blogger which made me glad that I passed on it… sounds like it doesn’t do any miraculous pore scooping or extraction like I thought it would.  Ah well, I will need to find something else to yearn for!

14 comments on “Bliss Pore-fector: A beauty gadget I want… and I want now!

  1. Wow, sounds amazing!!! Nice report… Please review it if you finally bought it, its a little expensive but, if it does what they claim….Great deal!!!

    Thanks for stuff like that 😉

  2. @82firemoon: Of course I will review it when I buy it! Although I heard from Bliss today that the Pore-Fector is not coming out in the UK until early June… argh that’s aaaages away! x

  3. Wow sooo nicee
    I liked your blog, i’ll follow you ok?
    Make me a visit later ^^

  4. This sounds absolutely perfect for my boyfriend. I don’t know if he’d buy something marketed at women, though.

  5. @Sarah: Haha I think I mostly just want it to test on my boyf! Not really a good enough reason to spend the £125… or is it..? Hmmm…

    I think men would be interested in this gadget – because it’s like a kind of power tool and could visually show the gunk coming out. Whereas with creams and masks, they don’t feel like the effort will make any difference. My boyf seems to enjoy using really harsh face scrubs until his face look sunburnt… so bad… *shakes head despairingly*

  6. the only thing is it does’nt ‘hoover’ like the panasonic- has anyone tried that?

  7. Having problem with our skin can give us depression, yes it is due to the anxiety that we feel when we see other people staring at you and looking in your dry loose aging skin! Many people specially women who are experiencing this kind of scenario, but don’t worry there are many machine and procedures that can help us to stay away from this stage of our lives. Thanks to technology, for providing us high quality gadgets to improve our appearance and to gain confidence.

  8. Have you tried it yet? It is out now and I cant decide whether to get one!

  9. @Anonymous: No sorry, I haven’t tried this gadget yet! I actually added a little update to my blog post at the beginning of May to say I’d decided not to buy it… I saw it in real life in a Sephora store in the States and it just looked so cheap and plasticky – it didn’t look worth the money at all!

  10. I’m trying very hard to get my hands on one of these to give a good test run but believe me, samples are as rare as hen’s teeth. I like the look of it though

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