I was at a lovely Handpicked Media event at Liberty this evening where we were shown the new Le Métier de Beauté Spring 2010 collection.

The whole collection was fab, but there was one standout product that I just had to get my wallet out for, which was the Crème Fresh Tint for Lip and Cheek in the shade “Poppy” (£22).  This multi tasker is the most beauteous peachy pink colour, and when I applied it on my cheeks and saw how much healthier and fresher I looked with it on, I had to have it.

Here’s how Le Metiér de Beauté describe the Crème Fresh Tint:

A new introduction to the Le Métier de Beauté color family, Crème Fresh Tints for Lip and Cheek create a sheer wash of color to brighten cheeks and lips for a radiant glow. Blended over makeup or on fresh, clean cheeks, Crème Fresh Tints can be worn alone or together for a completely customized look. Dab on lips for a fresh stain; add Clearly Brilliant to add brilliant shine.

– Two beautiful, universal shades
– Adjustable coverage for delicate to intense color
– Safe for all skin types including sensitive skin

Here’s a close-up photo I took of the shade “Poppy“.  It looks almost shimmery in this photo even though it was taken without flash.  But in real life, you don’t see shimmer particles at all – it’s just a “gleam”.

Le Metier de Beaute Creme Fresh Tint Poppy
The consistency of the Crème Fresh Tint keeps catching me out.  I keep thinking it’s going to be a solid product like a cream blush I have from Clarins that this colour reminds me of, but it’s actually more like a thick lipgloss.  Three times now (twice in the store, and once just now), I have dunked a finger in and ended up scooping up a massive blob, like this:

Le Metier de Beaute Creme Fresh Tint Poppy swatch
Anyway, here’s what it looks like on the cheeks – there’s no shimmer, just a peachy gleam.  This is quite literally the beauty product I’ve been searching for my entire life.  And it can be applied over powder products without turning funny.

Le Metier de Beaute Creme Fresh Tint Poppy FOTD
I’m too lazy to type out the full list of ingredients right now, but if you’re interested, the first ingredient is “Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil”, and there are no mineral oils in there.

The Crème Fresh Tint comes in another shade called “Tenné” which is a neutral, pinky brown colour… which I imagine would be great for creating a very natural, tawny look.  There are great swatches of both shades on this post at The Beauty Look Book.

I also tried using these Crème Fresh Tints on my lips, which worked well because the consistency is already so much like a lipgloss and the tints are completely unscented.  “Tenné” gave an ultra beige nude look on my lips, and “Poppy” gave a pale, rosy lip.  Man, I love this product.

In the UK, you can currently only buy Le Metiér de Beauté from Liberty in London or from Liberty.co.uk where there is a limited range available.  See here for where you can find the brand in other countries.

Disclosure: I was given some products from the Le Métier de Beauté collection to take home free of charge, but I paid for this particular shade of Crème Fresh Tint with my own, hard-earned cash, because I just love it.

21 comments on “Le Metiér de Beauté Crème Fresh Tint in “Poppy”: FOTD

  1. I luuuuuurved this product at the event, too! It looks lovelyl on you, I too am a sucker for dewy pink cheeks. How much was it, btw? Maybe I should invest as well xx

  2. It looks gorgeous on you! I’m really tempted to go back and buy it too, it’s such a glowy/healthy colour.

    Lovely to meet you by the way!

  3. Thank you for all your nice comments! I’m wearing the Fresh Tint again this morning and I’m still amazed at the peachy pink glow it gives. Really easy to apply too.

    @Lina: Oops I forgot to say how much it cost! Thanks for reminding me! It was £22. I’ve also now added it into the post.

    @Beautyjunkielondon: Lovely to meet you too finally!

  4. Thanks for more nice comments everyone! *beams*

    @Laura: It was really nice to meet you too! Hopefully will see you at another event soon!

  5. This is simply gorgeous on you!! This post has convinced me that I need this cream blush, maybe even both colors! 🙂

  6. I just recently bought the blush in Tenne and had to laugh about you inadvertently picking up blobs with your fingertip. I had a similar experience the first time. With this blush it’s definitely a case of easy does it. Poppy looks so luminous and natural on you. You radiate a glowing health that is absolutely beautiful.

  7. @naturalnchicmakeup: Just catching up on all my old comments! Thanks for visiting my blog… I just popped over to yours too and I am now following – it’s great!

    @Lakshmi: Haha yes definitely try both colours. Everyone always has the same story about the shade “tenné” which is that it looks boring and brown in the pot. But it’s a gorgeous shade on the skin.

    @Eileen: Aww thanks for the compliment! The “poppy” shade is even more gloopy than “tenné” – so easy to pick up too much! I find “tenné” is actually quite hard in comparison!

  8. This blush looks great on you! What are you wearing on your lower lash line? It really warms and brightens your eyes!

  9. @tahitian88: Hmm I’ve racked my brains for what I was wearing on my lower lash and I think it’s *probably* The Body Shop eyeshadow in Chocolate, and Estée Lauder DoubleWear Stay-in-Place Eye Liner in Coffee on my waterline.

  10. Thank you for mentioning that this has no mineral oil in it. Just looking for a list of ingredients (looking to avoid mineral oil, as well as a few others). The shade is absolutely spectacular on you! Thanks for the thorough description, I ended up ordering to wash away the impending winter blah’s.

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