[Update (4th Jan 2015):  Read my latest post on the new SmoothSkin Gold, SmoothSkin Gold: The only IPL device worth buying]

It’s been a while since I last blogged about my experience with Boots Smooth Skin iPulse IPL, and with the recent arrival of Philips Lumea and Remington i-Light on the home IPL hair reduction market, I thought it was about time I did a quick follow-up, as well as a comparison of the three products for those of you who are interested in buying one. There are a few other brands in the market (e.g. Silk’n and Tria), but these three are currently the most high profile in the UK. Much of the science-y bits in the comparisons are based on some very helpful information I asked for from the iPulse team.

Here are some quick stats on the three home IPL systems (my Boots Smooth Skin follow-up is afterwards):


Boots Smooth Skin iPulse

Website:  http://www.boots.com/en/Boots-Smooth-Skin and www.ipulse.co.uk

Price:  £324.99

Description:  “Boots Smooth Skin gives permanent hair reduction in just 6-12 weeks, it is an easy to use hair removal solution at home.”

Can be used on face?:  Yes

Can be used by men?:  Yes

Light energy level:  7 – 10 joules, depending on setting used (some studies say 7+ joules are required to be effective at disabling the hair follicle).

No. of settings:  3

Application window (size of treatment area):  3cm²

Pulse repetition rate:  6 seconds, manual trigger

Permanent?:  Yes, if you’ve caught hairs in their active growth (Anagen) phase, the hair follicles will be disabled.

Gel required?:  Yes, first tube of Activator Gel is included. Further tubes are £2.99 from Boots.

Estimated lamp lifetime:  10,000 flashes. Replacement handset costs £159.99.

Pros:  iPulse Premium IPL technology has been created using unique, patented “square pulse” technology, which gives a controlled, even flash of light energy. This prevents overlapping of treatment or missing spots completely.

Cons:  Hair can still grow from follicles that have been disabled if your body’s hormones change. Therefore, iPulse still advise to keep the unit for top-ups every few months. No multi flash mode, so treatment sessions can be quite slow while waiting for the lamp to recharge between flashes.

Buy original model:  Boots.com product page
Buy new iPulse PLUS model (released 9th May 2011):  Boots.com product page


Philips Lumea (SC2001)

Philips Lumea

Price:  £399.99

Description:  “Philips Lumea IPL hair removal system uses gentle pulses of light to stimulate the hair root into a resting phase. Hair sheds naturally and regrowth is inhibited. Using it every two weeks enables you to enjoy smooth skin everyday.”

Can be used on face?:  No

Can be used by men?:  No

Light energy level:  2 – 6.5 joules, depending on setting used

No. of settings:  5

Application window (size of treatment area):  3cm²

Pulse repetition rate:  3-5 seconds, manual trigger

Permanent?:  No, Philips Lumea is simply “photo epilation” where it heats up the hair and follicle, enough for the hair to fall out and the follicle to go into resting phase. The light energy is not intended to be strong enough to disable the hair follicle completely.

Gel required?:  No

Estimated lamp lifetime:  40,000 flashes, after which the total unit would need to be replaced.

Pros:  Cordless. No gel required. While hair reduction is not permanent, treated areas remain hair-free as long as treatments are performed every 2 weeks before follicles have a chance to become active again. Also, compared to shaving/waxing/epilating, you don’t need to wait for hair to grow back before treating (thus no stubble and no ingrown hairs).

Cons:  Light energy is only strong enough to put hair follicles into resting phase, and not to disable them completely, which is why treatment need to be repeated every 2 weeks to prevent hair regrowth.

Buy:  Boots.com product page or Amazon product page


Remington i-Light (IPL5000)

Remington i-Light
Website:  www.remington-ilight.com

Price:  £349.99

Description:  “i-LIGHT safely removes hair for an ultra silky smooth feeling that can last for up to 12 weeks. Plus it’s the first home IPL with a multi-flash mode, making it one of the fastest IPL methods of long lasting hair removal.”

Can be used on face?:  No

Can be used by men?:  Yes

Light energy level:  Up to 6 joules.

No. of settings:  5

Application window (size of treatment area):  2cm²

Pulse repetition rate:  2 seconds, continuous multi-flash for larger areas, or single-flash manual trigger for spot treatment

Permanent?:  No, Remington i-Light does not claim to achieve permanent hair reduction, but rather that it “stuns” follicles and thus suppresses hair regrowth for up to 3 months.

Gel required?:  No

Estimated lamp lifetime:  1,500 flashes. 3 replacement bulbs are included. Further bulbs cost £24.45.

Pros:  No gel required. Multi flash mode allows for continuous movement and thus faster treatment sessions. Significant results can be expected after a single session, but treatments should be repeated every 1-3 weeks until desired result is achieved (usually around 6-12 weeks). Hair is likely to grow back less dense, lighter and finer.

Cons:  Slightly smaller application window (2cm²) than other devices. Once desired results are achieved, treatments are still required every 3 months whenever hair starts to reappear again. Extremely short lamp lifetime (but comes with 3 replacement bulbs and further bulbs are relatively cheap). Remington i-Light does not have the same “square pulse” technology as Boots Smooth Skin iPulse, so it has “hot spots” which means zaps are not fully even – so you end up overlapping some areas and missing others.

Buy:  Boots.com product page or Amazon product page


My follow-up review on Boots Smooth Skin

If you haven’t already read it, or need a refresher, you can read my previous Boots Smooth Skin review (after 48 weeks) here.

It’s been 4 months since I wrote that review, and I’ve only used Boots Smooth Skin a couple of times since to achieve hair-free status on my underarms and bikini line. I can definitely go a few months before noticing that enough sparse hairs have grown back to warrant doing something about them. And once I’ve done a quick zap on those hairs, they’re gone again.

The only area I still haven’t noticed very significant results, is on my upper lip (sorry to any men I have troubled by writing this – but it’s only the luckiest of women who don’t need to do anything with their upper lip). I still try to use Boots Smooth Skin once a week on my upper lip. Fortunately it takes less than 5 minutes to cover the area. It’s been well over the suggested time (6-12 weeks) to achieve permanent hair reduction, but I’m sure at least 60% of the hair is still growing back and I can’t even tell whether the hairs are coming back finer because they were already fine. But those hairs being fine is probably why IPL isn’t working so well on them.

Something I’ve noticed is that the hair reduction has been the most successful and long-lasting where I’ve used a stronger setting. I’ve never been able to use the highest strength setting because it generates too much heat on my mid-toned skin, but I can manage the medium setting on most areas. On sensitive areas where I have only used the lowest setting, the regrowth is greater than on areas where I have used the medium setting.

I still haven’t needed to get a replacement handset, and I still have a third of the activator gel left. So I seem to be getting a lot of mileage. However, the bulb might have gone now if I’d been using the system on my legs too.

4 months on from my last review, my experience and routine is pretty much still the same, except that I can go for much, much longer before I get any regrowth. In my previous review, I observed that some regrowth would appear after four weeks, but now I would say that the hair-free time period is at least double now, and the regrowth again is sparser, finer and much less noticeable.

I now try to use the highest setting I can where possible. I’m suspicious that the lowest setting isn’t strong enough to kill the hairs permanently… or that it’s just going to do it too slowly for my liking. The problem with using the stronger settings is that the glass window overheats incredibly quickly, meaning that the zapping session takes longer because I keep needing to rest the handset to let it cool down before I dare use it again. I really wish something could be done to stop the handset overheating so quickly – it’s pretty much the only thing I have a problem with, and the zaps do get quite painful if the bulb is hot.

All in all, I’m still very pleased with my Boots Smooth Skin purchase last year. I’ve been able to completely ditch my waxing kits and epilator, and the only time I need a razor is for the prep before a zapping top-up. Any time a friend mentions the chore of hair removal, I realise that I completely take being hair-free for granted – I could never go back to that! I’d recommend the iPulse hair reduction system to anyone. Well, as long as you’re light-medium skinned with dark hair, and can spare quite a lot of time to use it diligently during the first few months.

Update (20th April 2010):  The girls at The London Beauty Review have been trialling both Boots Smooth Skin and Philips Lumea. Read all about their experiences on their latest post here – it’s a really useful read written from a user perspective!

Update (12th June 2010):  I don’t know how but I’m now managing to use Boots Smooth Skin on the highest setting (for “fair” skin). I tried using this setting for the first time and it doesn’t seem to smart any more than the middle setting. So I’m going to continue using it! I still have fine hairs growing through on my upper lip and a few on my underarms, so maybe the stronger setting will finally get rid of those. If you’re currently using the middle setting comfortably, definitely try the stronger setting… you never know, it might be ok for you.

237 comments on “Philips Lumea vs. Boots Smooth Skin iPulse vs. Remington i-Light

  1. I really want that Boots IPL because I know it’s something that I need, despite having all my tests for PCOS come back negative I still have excessive hair growth on my face and even need to epilate my legs every ten days or so. I need to save up for this, I was hoping I’d be able to get one and sell it on but as it’s not completely permanent I’ll just have to save up.

  2. @Rosie: When i first bought Boots Smooth Skin, I told my sister that she could have it after I’d finished with it… but it looks like she’s not going to get it! I hope you manage to save up for it 🙂

    @Lisa: I heard the Rio one is pretty bad, as it came out quite early on – before Boots Smooth Skin I think?

    @Natalie: Haha yeah there does seem to be loads of home IPL devices on the market at the moment! Hopefully this blog post will help some people make an informed decision.

  3. Really helpful. Already have the Smooth Skin, which works with persistence but gave up on legs as bulb gets hot and no patience for the time between pulses. Saw the Remington advertised in Grazia, so considered the further purchase for the quicker pulsing, then came across the Lumea which is cordless… head spinning thought i needed all 3 until read about the joules situation! Hopefully boots will just bring out the next generation of smooth skin which pulses quicker, doesn’t get so darn warm and is cordless….. well thats my wishlist!

  4. @Anonymous: I’m glad you found this useful! Those were exactly the same thought processes I went through! Even down to wondering whether the next gen Smooth Skin will have had the overheating sorted out! It’s funny how we get obsessed with features and start thinking we need all three products! I do think I have the right product for *permanent* hair reduction though… with the joules and all.

    I don’t mind it not being cordless though, because a cordless device would need to be charging for quite a lot of time to maintain enough energy for the flashes. Plus batteries in any cordless gadgets get tired after a while and don’t last as long… like mobile phones, electric toothbrushes etc.

  5. Hi there can you please tell me i I can use it? I am of pakistani origin?

  6. @Anonymous: Hi there! It depends on your skin colour. IPL works best on pale skin with dark hair. If you have tanned/dark skin, your skin will absorb too much of the light energy, running the risk of getting burnt. At the very least, it will really hurt if used on darker skin types.

    Boots have a suitability tool here: http://www.boots.com/en/Boots-Smooth-Skin/Boots-Smooth-Skin-suitability-tool

    Saying that, Boots warn not to use Boots Smooth Skin if you are of Pakistani origin even if your skin tone is fair or medium on the Skin Tone chart: http://www.boots.com/en/Boots-Smooth-Skin/Is-Boots-Smooth-Skin-for-me-

    I can’t find the Boots Smooth Skin skin tone chart online right now (you will find it on the box and leaflet in store), but here links where you’ll find the Philips Lumea and Remington i-Light skin tone charts:

    Philips Lumea skin tone chart on Amazon

    Remington i-Light skin tone chart on Amazon

  7. I love the boots IPL system at first I was a bit skeptical but after 12 weeks I am a lot less hairy lol.

    I am going to do a review on this with pictures soon.

  8. what happens if they stop selling the replacement bulbs or gel? I was all set to get the Lumea until i read about the joules.

  9. @Tara: I’m glad it’s worked for you too!

    @Frankie: Hey there! I don’t think we’d have a problem with the gel or replacement handsets being discontinued. It looks like Boots are currently doing a big promotional push on the product as I’ve seen a few bloggers mention that they’ve just received the product to test (argh lucky them). So the iPulse system isn’t going to go away any time soon! Even if they did stop selling the gel and replacement handsets in-store in the future, I’m sure their customer support would still offer the accessories via phone/mail order. Well, that’s what I assume anyway (based on how people can still order spare parts for vacuum cleaners and food processors etc long after they’ve been discontinued).

  10. Thanks for the comparative reviews, got some really useful information. I was about to buy Philips Lumena because hadn’t heard about the other two, but now am more inclined to buy Boots Smooth Skin.

    However, after reading more information on Boots website, I’m a bit concerned about the following points:

    “Warning Do Not Use:

    # On areas of skin where a fake tan has been applied within the last 30 days
    # If you have been sunbathing or using a tanning bed in the last 30 days
    # Do not expose treated areas to the sun for at least 24 hours”


    ” Do not Sunbathe, use sun beds or fake tan during the treatment and for at least two weeks after the last treatment”

    It’s gonna be summer soon, after all and I wouldn’t like to miss out on the fun in the sun. Do you have any comments regarding sunbathing before and after treatment?

  11. @Anonymous: You’ll be fine as long as you don’t get so tanned that your skin becomes too dark for IPL to be effective. And just make sure you’re sensible in the sun – i.e. use sunscreen and take extra care not to burn or go pink – otherwise your skin will become sensitive and the zaps may become painful.

    Otherwise I don’t think you should have a problem enjoying the sun normally.

    However, something to bear in mind is that you’ll get better and faster results if you stay as pale as possible for as long as possible while using IPL. The darker your skin, the more it will absorb the light, meaning that there is less light to be absorbed by the hairs shafts.

    Hope that helps!

  12. Hello everyone,

    I have the IPL treatment in a beauty salon and thought to give you some useful information that I’ve got from them during the treatments.
    – About sunbathe, using sun beds or fake tan during the treatment: you really should wait 30 days after and before treatments as it can cost real problems – hyper-pigmentation!!!
    – OR you can go to the sun or use sun beds but use at least 30+ suncream and cover the area that you treat! – It works for me.
    I have my bikini area treated and I am going to have my last (6th) session in May. Only a few hairs are growing back after 5 sessions. The only problem that I had to wait 5-8 weeks between treatments that I don’t really like. I am not too patient! 🙂 Anyway, thinking to buy an IPL for home use but not sure which one should I choose. Maybe wait till autumn then see what new products came out. Good luck girls/boys! We can rid of the hairs for sure!!!

  13. @Anonymous: Thanks for the tips!

    @Rosina: I’m afraid none of these systems will be effective on fair hairs. IPL works by delivering intense bursts of light which are absorbed by dark hairs and turned into heat, which in turn puts hair follicles into either a dormant or disabled mode. Fair hair isn’t able to absorb enough light to have an effect on the follicles. Hope that helps.

  14. I bought Boots Smooth Skin recently and will let you all know how I get on soon, but first few sessions look promising – and I barely feel anything when I use it. I joined their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/iPulseSmoothSkin too, cos if I have any questions, hopefully they will answer them on there!

  15. Hi there,

    thanks for this. It is very very useful. But I got some delicate questions….which one (if any) is also ok to get an ‘hollywood’ epilation down there including the ‘g-string’…???

  16. Interesting and very informative article BeautyScribber 🙂
    I have suffered from PCOS and the resulting “hairy face” drove me mad. I can honestly say that laser hair removal changed my life – I started on my face, and now i have had my entire body done. And yes that includes a brazilian. It HURTS like hell – but its million times better than waxing. That made me scream in pain! However I went the professional route and paid a few thousand to have it done at a clinic – but i;m so glad this treatment is now available at good old Boots!.

  17. Thank you Beauty Scribbler, a very useful review – you’re doing lots of women a great service by comparing these products. I just have a couple of questions for you. Firstly, the Lumea manual says that sharing the product can reduce its efficacy; is this true of the Smooth Skin too? I’m thinking of finding out if any of my flatmates would chip-in to reduce costs. Secondly, could you guestimate how long it would take to do a full leg, i.e. up to bikini line?

  18. Can anyone give some advice please. I have been shaving unwanted hair from my chin for over 20 years and as you would expect the hair is very coarse. I am now shaving every day and getting very sore. It’s starting to take over my life and I’m feeling very unfeminine. Is there any chance that the Boots Smooth Skin could help?

  19. Hi there, I have been to the Harley medical group and found that treatment has been quite effective. However, I bought the Rio laser and found that it was a complete waste of money. This makes me a little sceptical about buying the boots one, although the reviews seem so positive. Could you offer any insights?

  20. @C: I don’t think a Hollywood is a problem on any of these as long as you keep away from the darker, sensitive areas. You can read the full instructions for using Boots Smooth Skin on the bikini line from their additional info PDF which you can download directly here (see page 8 of the PDF), or from the Boots Smooth Skin product page. And you can read the answer from Philips from their FAQs page under the category “Suitability & Treatment areas”.

    @Anonymous: I’m glad people are finding this useful! It’s what I would like to read myself if I was trying to decide which system to buy! Presumably, the Philips Lumea battery would get tired quicker if you were sharing it with friends from the constant recharging and draining, and it would obviously run out of flashes faster too. I have never heard of Boots Smooth Skin telling customers not to share the device… the only problem would be that the handset would need to be replaced earlier than if it was just one person using it. Finally, it would take a hell of a long time to do a full leg on Boots Smooth Skin! It’s only for the most patient. I’ve never used it on my legs… but I participated in a consumer focus group once, where the other women were complaining that it would take up to 2-3 hours to just zap their lower legs properly! The reason why it’s so slow is because the lamp overheats quickly and there is a mandatory wait between zaps. If you mostly want to use IPL on your legs, it’s worth considering Remington i-Light or Philips Lumea which I hear have less waiting time between flashes.

    @Anonymous: I hear Boots Smooth Skin works really well on coarse facial hair. There has been a very long discussion (currently 35 pages!) on Boots Smooth Skin on this MoneySavingExpert forum thread where quite a few women have been using it on their faces and have spoken of life-changing results.

    @Anonymous: Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t know much about the Rio system, but I have heard other people slating it too. I know the Rio device came out quite a while before Boots Smooth Skin though, so it’s probably of an inferior technology. The brand Rio always reminds me of dodgy electrolysis and spray tanning devices in the 90s! Don’t let your bad experience with Rio stop you from trying newer generation IPL systems!

  21. Thanks so much for these reviews, so helpful. I too had only heard of the Philips – it’s shocking how much more expensive it is than the boots one, considering it’s not permanent. I’m definitely going for the boots one when I have the money.

    I’m so glad this kind of tool is available and that for once, it favours me! Like others on this thread, I don’t have polycystic ovaries but I do have whitey-white skin and black-ish hair…

    I’ve been taking ‘the pill’ (dianette), prescribed by a doctor and that helped a lot. It made the hairs much much finer and fewer and they took a month+ to grow back enough to bother about. BUT after two years, it’s messing up my ‘cycle’, so it’s less than ideal. And it’s not permanent either – I came off it a while ago (to get my menstrual cycle back!) and the hairs are back and thicker and quicker than ever. It really gets in the way of everyday life.

    I’ve had this laser hair removal treatment before – at Boots actually when they still did it – on my lower back and stomach. It work brilliantly, though it was much more expensive than the handset! I can’t wait to buy the Boots SmoothSkin thingy, it sounds ideal. Especially as my primary concern is my facial (neck) hair.

    Thanks again

  22. Hi, its so good to know that im not the only one in this situation! its quite embarassing!

    everyone is asking about skin type, hair type etc..but i have another more random question..i guess u plug these appliances in to ur mains, does it make a big difference to ur electricity bills? it must use a lot of energy to heat the bulb up etc?!

    and also, it only only only effects the skin right..the light wont ever penetrate ur skin and damage anything internally?!

    im fair skinned..and i am pakistani, but my parents are both fair too…it should be okay for me? there’s no return policy if anything goes wrong is there?!

    thanks for ur review 🙂

  23. @Laura: I’m glad you had such good results with your salon treatment! Sounds like it really changed your life!

    @Anonymous: Ooh I hadn’t even thought about the impact on electricity bills! Sorry, I’m rubbish with keeping track of utility spend, so I have no idea whether it’s had an impact on electricity bills! However, I don’t think it would be any more than other common household electricals e.g. a hairdryer or bedside lamp.

    Hmm I’m not qualified to know/say whether the light penetrates further than the skin, sorry! Believe it or not, I get the same kind of concerns from my friends who are still a bit wary of using IPL – they all thought I was really brave when I started using it last year! They seem to think I’m doing some kind of invisible damage to my body that won’t appear until many years later! It does seem like Boots and CyDen (the company that developed “iPulse”) have done a lot of testing though, so I feel pretty safe!

    Yeah if Boots have stated in their instructions not to use iPulse if you have parents of Pakistani ethnicity, I’m not sure what happens to your consumer rights once you’ve bought it. But good luck whatever you decide!

  24. I first heard about the Lumea his morning when I read what to my mind was in fact just an ad for the Lumea written by a “journalist” in a Sunday broadsheet which basically said its great go buy it. It made no mention of skin or hair tone. As someone who knows quite a bit about lasers and IPL devices and their restrictions (I have dark skin) I thought wow can the Lumea be for real, but as the article gave no real information I had to go Google and came across your blog.

    Thank you for an excellent review/comparison of the Lumea/Smmoth Skin/i-light. I now know that the Lumea has lower joules hence making it possible for someone with darker skin to use it but the downside of the Lumea’s lower power is that the hair will not be permanently removed and that the Smooth Skin is no no for me. This morning I was certain I going to buy the Lumea but now I know I have to decide if I can justify paying £400 for what sounds like a longer lasting wax.

    Keep up the good work.

  25. I know it takes an age to do on you rlegs but how long for say half your arm???

  26. Thanks for all the useful info and tips. Like some of the others, I saw an ad for the Philips Lumea and started my research convinced I was going to buy. Am now thinking the Boots SMooth Skin is the one for me.

    I have actually already had a course of 6 laser hair removals in a salon. It was the Soprano XL which is supposedly the next generarion of salon hair removal treatments. It cost me about £1,450 (after a promotional 20% discount) for full leg, underarms and bikini line. Whilst I was initially pleased with the results (no more ingrown hairs and raser rash), I was not as pleased with the progress as I had hoped. It takes a long time for hairs to fall out, and a long time between appointments unless you are organised and book up well in advance. They say 6 to 8 sessions for complete hair removal, subject to suitability (I have pale skin and dark hair so in theory an ideal candidate). However, I’ve finished my course now and would say the hair is only 50% gone on legs and underarms, about 75% on bikini line.

    Was thinking about reinvesting in another course at the salon but it is a hassle to get appointments outside of the working day, not to mention the expense.

    Am now thinking about investing in the Boots system for the savings in cost, time and embarrassment!


  27. Hi!

    First of all, thanks for your comparison!

    I have a question: which one do you prefer between Philips Lumea and Remington I-Light? I’d like one for armpits, legs and bikini. Having to replace the whole unit for the Lumea is quite annoying… But do you know how long can 40’000 flashes last?

    And also, I’m in Switzerland and the remington is the only one for the moment so I was wondering if the others didn’t pass consumers tests here or wathever…

    Thanks a lot!

  28. Hi,

    Thank you soooo much for writing this blog!! I’ve been having trouble with excessive facial hair growth since being diagnosed with polycystic ovaries syndrome and I’m just 20!!
    The hassle of maintaining a hair free image is runing my life to say the least, nothing seems to be helping. I’m of Indian origins and have been waxing my upper lips, chin and underchin area as well as my side burns for three years now and disappointingly, the hair growth has only got worse. Sure there’s not as much hairgrowth as before, but they are coming out thicker and it’s getting to the point where I was too paranoid to let my ex boyfriend even touch my chin in case he felt a stubble! 🙁 my situation has been causing a lot embarassment, pain and a hell of a lot of money and I was wondering if you could advise if Lumea would be an option for me as Smooth Skin won’t suit my complexion? I looked into salon prices and them being around £50 per session per small area is making it an even more expensive option. Please help!!

  29. How can you be sure of the joules factor!! I had Boots lasering when they supplied it instore. The hairs are growing back a little now 7 years later. I would like to have the same effect so which would you recommend???

  30. thank you for sharing!!! This is great! Do you know how can I buy it or order from Croatia?(boots smooth)

  31. @Anonymous: I’m glad you found my post useful! Yes Lumea does seem like just a longer lasting (and expensive) wax! Although I guess the benefit is that at least you never have to wait for regrowth before treatments.

    @Anonymous: Hmm… I estimate it would take about 20 minutes to do each lower arm (assuming you only need to do the topside)? Hope that helps.

    @Anonymous: Good luck! Hope Boots Smooth Skin gets rid of those final post-Soprano hairs!

    @Anonymous: Hmm Philips Lumea or Remington i-Light? If I had to choose between the two, I’d probably choose the Remington i-Light. Philips Lumea seems expensive for a product that doesn’t claim to reduce hair in the long term. I heard 40,000 flashes is designed to last 5-7 years. Hmm yeah maybe the manufacturers are still trying to get through regulations in the remaining countries! Or maybe just concentrating on the markets they think are bigger for them for now. Just so you know, Boots Smooth Skin is just called “iPulse” in other countries. You can find out where “iPulse” is sold at http://www.cyden.com.

    @Anonymous: I’m sorry to hear of your struggles with excessive facial hair. Philips say not to use Lumea on the face… and the same with Remington i-Light. Perhaps you could contact the manufacturers to ask if they’ll be bringing out a new model which is safe to use on the face.

    @Anonymous: The joules (j/cm2) information is stated by the manufacturer for each product on various product info web pages and documents. Of the three, only Boots Smooth Skin claims to reduce hair permanently… so if you were looking for permanent results, look into that.

    @Anonymous: Glad to be of help! Perhaps you could contact CyDen, the company that develops iPulse, about when if/when it will be available in Croatia.

  32. Hi
    Have only found out about all these home laser things in the last few days and getting so excited about the thought of a hair free future! Or at least a hair-reduced future. My question is concerned with regrowth. I get really bad ingrown hairs after waxing and sometimes even after shaving if i’m not careful. When these hairs grow back do they get caught under the skin and cause those horrible red bumps??

    Oh and also, any ideas on how long a Boots hand set would last if you were only doing bikini and underarms?

    Many thanks


  33. Has anyone actually tried the Philips Lumea ? is it actually any good ?

  34. I’ve been using it for 6 weeks now (3 treatments) and my underarm hair has completely gone and bikini line nearly all gone. No shaving or waxing…..yipee!

  35. Hi, from my personal experience with professional salon hair removal treatments, I find that laser is more powerful than IPL. I wonder why these three IPL machines are more popular in the UK than Tria?

  36. @Anonymous: One thing I love about Boots Smooth Skin is that from the first day I started using it, I stopped getting ingrown hairs even on the bikini line. I used to get really bad ingrown hairs from waxing but I would never have dreamt of shaving because it would be so much worse. But shaving for Boots Smooth Skin has been no problem at all! If you’re only using Boots Smooth Skin on your bikini line and underarms, it would last at least one and a half years which is how long mine’s been going! But I’m not sure beyond this point… my machine is definitely not showing any signs of wear and tear yet…

    @Anonymous: Lots of people have been using and reviewing Philips Lumea – just do a quick Google search to read people’s reviews and blogs.

    @Anonymous: I’m glad you’re having such good results! Being rid of shaving and waxing is great isn’t it??

    @Anonymous: I guess IPL appeals to a lot of people because it’s now available for home use and works out cheaper than salon laser (or even salon IPL) treatments. I don’t remember much Tria advertising in the UK, whereas these other three brands have been really pushing out ads in-store, in magazines and online… so a lot of people are only just realising that home IPL products exist.

  37. WOW! I’ve only just found out about the Lumea and a google search brought me here – this is sooo so helpful. I actually hate summer because of my hair. Shaving makes my skin red & itchy (I use a rasor per leg, armpit and bikini. never use it twice!)Waxing gives me loads ingrown hair and I can’t help myself to squeez them..Can’t afford salon treatment, but will save up for the Boots Smooth Skin.
    Thanks for all these informations!I can see the light now… :o)))

  38. Hi, Thanks for the information! I was looking to buy the Lumea and then read this, definately going for the Boots Smooth now-also my Mum works for boots so I’m guessing she’ll get discount?! Bonus!
    I appear to have really spotty/blotchy upper arms but when you look closely these are actually ingrown hairs I was wondering if you could use the Boots Smooth on this-they are however quite fine, and are still under the skin. Would I have to squeeze them all out first?
    Still going to buy the product but didn’t want to waste time and flashes on these fine ingrown hairs if it’s not going to work! Thanks!

  39. Hi Gals,

    I’m so glad I have found this site and this review. Yesterday I saw an advert about Lumea so I decided to do a research, as it was quite expensive. During the research I found this site.

    I read the reviews only this morning, and when I went to Boots just to look around and check the prices (thinking about buying the unit maybe in the next few months) I saw that Boots Smooth Skin devices are discounted, so I could not resist and bought one saving around 75 euro. I hope it will work (I have fair skin and dark hair).

    I have to mention that earlier (a few years ago) I bought Rio so called “Scanning Laser Hair Removal System”. I have to say that Rio device was *complete waste of money*. The first one broke quickly, and the second one did not have any impact on the hair on my hands and legs.

    I hope that Boots unit will work (at least for body hair reduction if not complete removal) for me, as its customer reviews look quite promissing.

  40. hi everyone, thanks for such useful information. I have been researching the market to see what the best machine is for permanent removal and it looks as though the Boots one is one of the best for most permanent solution. However, have any of you used Tria?? Although twice the price of Boots looks really interesting as the same type of laser the Dr’s use and no gels etc needed. It claims permanent results too. Does anyone know much about the Tria or is the Boots one just as good?

    I am pale skinned with light – mid brown hair on armpits and legs = I am hoping it will work as I do have a fair bit of contrast between skin and hair. Problem will be giving up fake tan!!!
    C x

  41. Hi, thanks for all the information. I was wondering about the Philips Lumea-It says that it has a lifetime of 40,000 flashes, and this should last you for the lifetime of the product. Does this mean after 40,000 flashes you can’t use the product anymore? I’ve searched and you can’t buy replacement bulbs for it.

  42. @Anonymous: Fab that you get to use your mum’s Boots discount! The product is on offer at the moment too, so if you were thinking of buying it, now would be a good time! The light from IPL should still be able to target those hairs even if they are under the skin so the ingrown hairs should in theory disappear over time. The blotchiness and “spots” sound a bit like the common issue of Keratosis Pilaris though, rather than just ingrown hairs… have you looked into that? Getting more essential fatty oils in your diet can help with the bumpiness if it is KP.

    @Vaida: Good luck with your Boots Smooth Skin! There’s nothing like a big discount to sway a purchase decision!

    @Anonymous: Sorry I don’t really know too much about Tria at this moment… I hope you find the information you need!

    @Anonymous: Yeah I believe you just have to replace the entire Philips Lumea unit once the 40,000 flashes are finished.

  43. Hi. Im interested in buying the boots SmoothSkin and my skin type/hair type seems compatible. However I have never ever shaved my legs or Hollywood area- only ever waxed, and I would be really worried about shaving before treatment. I would hate to undo all my hard work of never having put a razor to my skin and for hairs to become thicker and sharper. Should I be worried at all or will the SmoothSkin eliminate all these problems even though I’m shaving?

  44. @Hannah: Hi there! Hairs don’t become thicker with shaving – they just feel thicker because compared to waxing, the shaft of the hair has been sheared straight across, giving the impression of more “width” at the hair tip. But nonetheless, Boots Smooth Skin should eradicate most of the issues with shaving (e.g. fast regrowth, stubble and ingrown hairs). I had previously always preferred to wax or epilate my underarms and bikini line, but I’ve never had a problem switching to shaving for Boots Smooth Skin. Hope that helps!

  45. Hi,
    you’re a star, this site is brilliant! Like others, I came across your review after seeing an ad for Lumea and thinking ‘is that possible???!!!’ and doing some further research.
    The real problem for me is legs and bikini line. I am obviously interested in a permanent solution but I see most people seem to be using their products on smaller parts of the body. Does Boots’ product get too hot to use on legs? Time is not too much of an issue if the result is good and if, over time, it becomes quicker and easier. At the moment I epilate and to be honest, if i don’t keep on top of it (i.e. at least once a week if not more often) it can take me almost two hours to do legs and bikini…such a drag, i hate hair so much and like others dread the summer because of it. which product do you think is best for legs? having a permanent solution is a bonus but not my priority, as long as the hair is not ingrown, re-growth becomes increasingly finer and sessions further apart (I want to be able to go on holidays for two weeks without having to worry too much about hair and/or stubble!). And my skin is kind of medium tone (not dark, but not white) and I am brunette (I’m half italian).

  46. I’d like to make 3 points regarding the Lumea in hope to help others out there.
    I have had experience with IPL treatments at proffessional salon, have spent countless hours on the internet reading all available info and was among the very first ones to buy the Lumea as soon as it became available.
    1) The Lumea is simply an electronic razor! That’s all. It does what it promises BUT it has to keep being used otherwise the hair comes back. Reccomended only for very small areas (such as underarms) which can easily be treated often. Expect NO PERMANENT removal with the Lumea!!
    2) The argument of using the Lumea (or most home-use IPL devices) in order to save money compared with treatments at professional salons – is NOT a valid one. The salon treatments are permanent-like ones!!! which is not the case with the Lumea. (Again, if you have the time to be zapping small areas every two weeks for ever, then the Lumea could serve the purpose. But keep in mind that the only thing common between Lumea and salon treatments is the name “IPL” which is very different in strength and results).
    3) The biggest breakthrough since IPL -good news- is a spray called Lipoxôme making it possible to treat white, grey, red, blond hair. Meaning that the customer data base expends drastically for these devices which hopefully will result in development of new IPL devices as well as making treatments at salons less expensive.
    I haven’t used Lipoxôme, has someone else used it who can provide us with feedback?
    Good luck with the “hair problems”.

  47. hi my dayghter is only six year old but she has got very hairy legs and lower back and even so little she is so concerned about it at school now she goes only with high knee socks and she is begging me to remove the hair because she is embaraced with her friends. Can i use the IPL boots on her very pale skin with black hair even she so young?

  48. thanks for the reply about Tria. I have decided to go ahead and order it as it looks from reviews to be an even more permanent solution than the boots. Here is hoping I am not wasting my money! I may run a blog to keep progress up-to-date on how well it works. thanks for such useful information so I could make an informed decision.

    C xx

  49. Hi Gals,

    Yesterday I tried ‘Boots Smooth Skin’ on my underarms for the first time. I set it to ‘fair’ in order to have the strongest light pulse output. It stung a tiny bit, which left me feeling a bit skeptical, as I expected a bit more pain on this setting (more so, that my underarm hair are quite thick and strong).
    I’m of opinion – ‘No pain no gain’, as pain in these treatments actually means that they are efficient (do not expect the hair follicle killing be entirely pain free). My laser/IPL treatments in the laser clinic were always painful (to the degree of me having to use an ointment with lidocaine when my upper lip was treated with the laser). Maybe because I always asked for efficient treatment as opposed to pain free treatment.

    However I will not judge the ‘Boots Smooth Skin’ device as inefficient because it stung just a little bit (at least it stung, while Rio hair removal device did not even sting :] ) without giving it a fair trial (i.e. as advertised 3 months or so). Who knows, maybe little by little it will work if not for full hair removal, but for the significant reduction at least (as it looks like that it worked for some women).


  50. @Curious: If you’re not too bothered about permanent hair removal on your legs, the Remington i-Light is meant to be quite fast to use on large areas because of the multi flash mode. But Boots Smooth Skin isn’t completely impossible to use for large areas – you just need to be patient and expect to let it cool down for around 10 minutes when it starts getting too hot. The overheating is actually not so bad when I’m using the lowest setting… only when I’m using the medium setting.

    @Anonymous: Lipoxôme sounds like a great idea for people with light, red or white hair! I wonder whether the dye goes all the way down the hair shaft under the skin…

    @Anonymous: I’m sorry to say Boots explicitly say not to use the device on children. I suggest you speak to the Boots Careline on 0845 120 1511 if you need more help.

    @Anonymous: Great, keep me posted about your results with Tria! Good luck!

    @Vaida: Hmm yeah don’t judge the product based on just one use and on the fact that it didn’t hurt enough! Good luck!

  51. Heya 🙂 Firstly, thank you so much for this blog – it’s been so helpful.
    I was wondering (of course it differs for different people, but still) if you would recommend the Boots Smooth Skin over the Lumea? I was initially very interested in buying the Lumea, but being a student it would have to be money well spent, and I’m not sure that I’d want to spend £400 on a non-permanent solution.
    I have fairly pale skin and dark curly hair, and as a result suffer from ingrown hairs mainly on my bikini area and underarms. Really undermines my self confidence, and I never feel happy wearing sleeveless tops, so I’m looking for as permanent a result as it attainable from home.
    Thanks again.

  52. @Jenna: Yeah if you’re looking for a “permanent” solution, I would suggest the Boots Smooth Skin. With your pale and dark hair, it’s likely to work well for you. Plus it’s £50 off at the moment!

  53. hi,
    thanks for all the information so far, it has been really helpful!
    I would be interested to know if you can use the boots smooth skin on skin areas with moles? I have some small and even ones on the area i’d like to treat, but i’m worried it might be dangerous? would really appreciate some advice on this – thank you!

  54. Hello there, my question is that if Boots Smooth Skin works on Arabic tanned skin with dark hair? and whether it replaces Laser hair removal?

  55. Once again, thank you very much for this blog. While still thinking about purchasing Boots device, I came across an article on E-One by E-Swin. It is much more expensive (£1,500) but looks interesting as it claims to be the only hair removal machine in the world certified with a medical grade certification for home use. Have you heard about it ? If so, what is your opinion ?

  56. FINALLY! a promising product for permanent hair removal (..no, NOT the Lumea).
    First, stop and think why would we expect real results from TOYS such as Lumea and all its cousins??!! Could it be that we are so desperate with the hair problem “willing to believe” (or justify) that they will help us? Why do we expect same results from Lumea as from professional salon treatments?… overlooking facts such as size of the machines, protective glasses, gels… etc.
    Well, finally, here comes a product that can be considered “a real home hair removal device” (see link below). Yes, it is expensive but not as expensive as profesional salon treatments. (forget Lumea, Boots, Remington, Tria, etc. – waste of money)


  57. AWESOME INFO – there is technical info on here i havent been able to find for weeks!

    good job .. keep it up – helped me make my decision

  58. great thread, I saw an ad for lumea as well but thinking choice needs to be boots now, or perhaps research the tria some more, I have fair skin and dark hair but most pressing problem is lip/chin hair, to get rid of that is a dream come true.

  59. It seems to be that my Boots Smooth Skin unit is faulty. After using it for a three or four times on different days today it stopped responding.

    When I press the button it will act as if there was a flash, though there is no flash really, and no waiting period helps. I even waited for 30 minutes before trying it again. It does not work. I checked – my skin has contact with all four contact dots, the green ready light is lit.

    I press the button… They both (the light on the handle and the ‘ready’ light) blink a few times as if there was a flash, though there is no flash or beep or anything. I feel disappointed.

    I switched it off and I will wait a bit before trying it again. If it does not work – there is no other option except return it Back to the Boots.


  60. I have bought the philips lumea and have just had my third go. It seems to be working well on my under arms and legs however, i’m using it on my bikini which is taking ages, still patient. i’m a little worried however, as i’;ve used it on the whole area except, ahem inside the muscus part, if you know what i mean. is it ok to use around it? Or am I causing damage? And does the light effect your eyes as it can light up the whole room when using? Thanks 🙂

  61. hi,

    do you recommend the silk’n for permanent
    hair removal and would you happen to know
    how many joules it is capable of?

    i am about to purchase an ipl system and
    i need help to make the decision.
    i have had ipl and diode laser treatments
    in salons several times and it seems like
    i have better results with ipl. i had my legs
    treated once with ipl 6 years ago and i
    still have hairless spots whereas the lasered
    areas (bikini, arms) seem to keep growing back.

  62. @Anonymous: Boots warn not to use it over areas with moles (the dark pigment will absorb too much light). But the manual also says “Protect any moles, birthmarks etc. or patches of sensitive skin in the treatment area using white card or thick white paper to cover the marks and reflect the energy of the flash.” Hope that helps.

    @Anonymous (Arabic tanned skin): I suggest you compare your skin colour to the Boots Smooth Skin skin type chart to see if it’s suitable. Yes, Boots Smooth Skin is designed to reduce hair permanently, so if it does work for you, it could very well be a replacement for laser.

    @Anonymous (E-One): Yes I have heard of the E-One. It sounds interesting but it’s out of most people’s price range! A few other bloggers are trialling it at the moment so if you do a Google search you can see how they’re getting on.

    @Anonymous (E-One): Err, do you work for E-Swin??

    @Anonymous: Well, I try my best!

    @Anonymous (lip/chin hair): If you buy Boots Smooth Skin, good luck! I personally find that it doesn’t work so well on my upper lip but that’s probably because the hairs are too fine. It showed the most impressive results where the hair was thick and coarse e.g. underarms and bikini line.

    @Vaida: Oh no what a shame your unit has already broken! Yes, definitely return it to Boots and get an exchange!

    @Anonymous (bikini): Haha your comment made me chuckle. Well, the manual says it’s ok as long as you don’t zap the “mucous” areas, and I use my Boots Smooth Skin quite extensively down there and I’m ok so far! I just look away or close my eyes when I press the trigger. I don’t think the light is harmful to your eyes unless you’re looking directly into it, so just make sure it is pressed onto the skin as much as possible to minimise the amount of light that escapes from the sides.

    @miki: Silk’n only seems to go up to 5 joules per square cm according to their FAQs here: Silk’n FAQs

  63. Hi,

    I am confused!! How are you all keeping this up over the summer with the 30 day restrictions on tanning! Me and my mum were all set to buy a lumea but it appears the boots system works for permanent hair removal, so we are looking into that. Does the lumea have the same restrictions on tanning for 30 days following treatment. Surely over the summer nobody can now carry on their treatments or stay out of the sun! If it is the case with the lumea we will wait until after summer to buy it and start. Hopefully by then the niggling problems such as ‘overheating’ will be resolved with a better, improved product.

  64. Hi, after your fantastic reviews of all three machines, I put aside my doubts and actually used my boots smooth skin machine… 3 treatments and my legs are like they were at 15… really amazing! Worth the time and effort and the funny positions i have been in… Thanks so much for putting it into terms that make sense. Having used so many different machines in the past I did just buy it try it once and then put it in the cupboard,,, but its my new best friend……. next please could you do a trial to get rid of sudden hyperpigmentation … I have brought skin doctors creams, south beach creams and now am deciding on whether to do Fraxel or Isolaz! Thankyou for your fab reviews x

  65. This is all very interesting. I have excessive body hair which gets worse as I get older. I have to shave my upper lip and chin everyday and hair growth there is coarse. There is trouble on my legs as well, as soon as I shave they are stubbly again, I don’t wax – that causes too many ingrowing hairs for me.

    I had a course of treatment for it on the NHS, but they would only pay for my facial area and no where else.

    Will the Boots brand work?

  66. @Anonymous: You know what? It doesn’t even cross my mind to stay out of the sun after using Boots Smooth Skin! Terrible I know! But the areas I use it on are “hidden” anyway e.g. underarms and bikini line. It’s only my ‘tache that is exposed haha. But I don’t really sunbathe anyway.. and if I’m out on a sunny day, I’ll be wearing high sunscreen.

    @Clare: Ooh good luck with both the Tria and the blog!

    @Anonymous: Haha I can’t believe you tried it once and then put it away!! I think a lot of people do end up using it just a few times, getting fed up with not seeing immediate results, and then chucking it into the back of their cupboard. I’m so glad my post has encouraged you to get it back out though… just a little perseverance goes a long way! I’ve never tried any treatments for hyperpigmentation but it is something I’m interested in as I have started noticing so many more freckles on my cheeks which I’ve never had. If I start using anything to treat hyperpigmentation, I’ll be sure to post about it!

    @Anonymous: I think Boots Smooth Skin is a great place to start for home IPL. It does mean you need to invest a lot of time zapping away every week until the hairs stop growing – but it sounds like you’re pretty fed up of shaving everyday anyway! One thing I would say is that you’d need to keep the Boots Smooth Skin system after the 12 weeks just to top up every couple of months or so, because some hairs (although lesser of them) may still grow through.

  67. Another newbie here – may I ask a silly question? Just bought the Boots set – reason for buying was menopausal beard growing, but may well have a go at legs too. I know I have to do a test patch – but do you have to do one on chin and another one on legs or does one patch cover all? Also, for the chin, does it matter WHERE you test?

    Many thanks

  68. Oops – posted too soon – carried on from question above.

    Also – not currently hairy enough on chin to warrent shaving and am currently tweezing them out one by one – am I right in thinking that I can then zap them as they reappear as black dots just under the skin, or should I wait until they break through? I REALLY don’t want to shave……

    Thanks again

  69. Hi all,

    I am wondering if so called permanent results provided by Boots is really so permanent.
    Even after professional treatment hair come back (OK after a couple of years but still) how Boots can ever provide even better results. And did anybode here really tried Lumea and other products.
    SO far I did not see anything more then pure specs comparison. and experience from one product only

  70. @Anonymous: If you’re really thorough, you should probably do a test on your chin as well – just because the skin will be so different to your legs. (I personally went straight in on my upper lip though but only because I was really eager!). Oh, and yes you are right in that you can zap even if the hairs haven’t broken through the skin yet. The light should still be able to be absorbed by the dark hair that is growing below the surface. Good luck!

    @Anonymous: Well, Boots Smooth Skin has only been out in the market for about a year and a half, so it’s difficult to tell if the results are truly permanent. They do recommend that users keep the device for topups every few months if a few stray hairs do come back. Personally, I find that I do need occasional topups but the hairs that come back are barely visible because they are so sparse (like 3 per armpit) and so fine. There are a few bloggers who have tried both Philips Lumea and other products (generally Lumea + Boots Smooth Skin). British Beauty Blogger and The London Beauty Review are just two of these blogs.

  71. Hi, I just wanted to say after contacting Remington, they say their joules range from 6 at lowest setting, increasing by 0.25 joules each setting higher reaching a maximum of 7 joules – so the same as the Boots Smooth skin. Maybe they are falling short of claiming non-permanent loss to minimise expectation and hecne come back? I will be trying this one as it is so fast to do legs….

  72. Finally chose smooth skin, got it yesterday – will post when i have done a few sessions. Got it at boost for the 275 and used my mum’s over 60 health club so got 10% off ,so for 247 – here’s hoping it works!

  73. Dear Beauty Scribbler,
    I am grateful to have find this site.I have few questions I hope you will answer.
    like millions of women, I also have problems with those awful hairs growing on my legs and armpits, and I am sick and tired of them.I would like to get rid of them permanently, so I ask you for advice.I am a student and I do not work, since in my country(on the Balkan) the unemployment rate is high.Which device would be best to buy, once when I save money to do it?
    I hope I will get rid of them soon, because I am getting married next year and I do not want that my husband sees me as a sign that Darvin’s theory about humans and monkeys is true:).
    Love, Desiree.
    P.S. I have pale complexion since my skin is not exposed to the sun.

  74. @Vanessa: Yeah maybe Remington just don’t want to say their device can achieve permanent results to avoid unhappy customers. After all, the 7 joules is on the lower end of the energy scale, so the permanency won’t be as dramatic. It does sound like a good option to do the legs though, and it’s really not that much of a hassle to keep topping up the zaps every few months!

    @quest_starz: Ooh congratulations! That’s a bargain! I’m crossing my fingers for you!

    @Desiree: Well, the Boots Smooth Skin (iPulse) is the cheapest of the three here, and also the one with the most potential for reducing hair permanently, so I’d personally go for that one. It requires a lot of dedication though… because it takes a long time to do large areas and most people give up after a few sessions! Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

  75. Hello BeautyScribbler

    I am a man and I’d like to buy one of these products as I have unwanted hair on my neck, shoulders and back. I understand that iPulse by Boots can now be used on the face and neck as well. Remmington’s is marketing its product (iLight) to both men and women but Boots is not (as well as Phillips [Lumea]). What is the best option for me? I am mostly convinced with iPulse by Boots but I need some advice as well.

    Thank you

  76. Hi. If I choose Philips Lumea do I have to use it every 2 week for all my life? I mean after using it i would stop using it, will the hair grow back?
    Will it remove the hair forever or for just the time I am using it?
    Thank You for your answer

  77. Hi

    I’m looking at getting an ipl….what do you think of this one:

    Name VISS IPL
    Model No. 050110
    Current AC
    Voltage 100-240 V
    Frequency 50-60 Hz
    Energy density (Hair removal) 23J
    Light spectrum (Hair removal) 530-900 nm
    Lamp life 4000 flashes
    Interval between flashes 3.5 seconds
    Product weight 1.5 kg
    Product size 196 x 138 x 178 mm
    Country of origin (Device) Korea
    Country of origin (Lamp cartridge) Japan


  78. Hello,

    Thanks for your review & thanks to all the people who have provided useful info here too. I hope I can add some more.

    I have now done 4 sessions of Salon VPL (that’s variable pulsed light, which is not laser)over the course of 4 months (March-June). The bikini area was €123 each time for a total of €492, which is €7 euros short of what Lumea costs here in Spain. So you can imagine how duped I felt when I saw Lumea at the Corte Ingles with all its promises. I immediately wanted to buy it, but since I am not one to shell out hundreds of euros without doing some research, here I am.

    I have done so much reading online now I feel like an expert, and indeed I went back to my salon to complain because they were advertising their service as “medical laser,” which that machine is just not. This is not to say it is not good, indeed for some skin/hair types it may be better. But laser is typically more expensive than pulsed light (which is why Tria is more expensive), and so I wanted to make sure I was getting what I was paying for. The cool thing I discovered about the VPL salon machine is that it also works on unsightly veins (& even acne), so I thought, wow, I could use the Lumea on the unsightly veins on my legs too! I wonder, though, since it does not seem to remove hair permanently from what you say.

    From what I have read, laser is best for very fair skin with very dark hair. The greater the contrast, the better the results.

    Pulsed light is more flexible & so works on a lesser skin/hair contrast. That is why the Boots/iPulse and the Lumea systems can advertise that they work on darker skins. But even they will not work on very dark skins or on fair hair, because the light still needs to latch on to something, preferably not your dark skin if that is what you have.

    My salon results have been excellent, although some hair is still growing back, especially in the hidden part of the bikini area (in between your legs, but not in your vulva–yes there’s a name for it, people). My hair there is coarser & I think the salon lady might have missed some spots. I used to suffer from serious ingrown hairs in my bikini area, and that is almost all gone now. I was told I would need some 6 treatments, and that any treatment after 8 sessions would be free.

    But imagine the amount of money you would need to spend to do your whole body. Here are my Barcelona salon’s prices:

    underarm: €80 x 8 = €640
    bikini: €123 x 8 = €984
    1/2 leg: €250 x 8 = €2000

    We are now at €3,624 (£2,994, $4,554) and we haven’t even covered the full leg.

    So I was SO hopeful about the Lumea providing permanent, or close to permanent, hair removal. I wonder why they did not make their machine as powerful as the Boots one — only one joule… why not?? That would have been so great, because the Lumea looks like it is much better in other respects–no gel, cordless… But at least the iPulse is cheaper, at €329 here.

    BUT: I wonder if even the Lumea will provide permanent hair removal after some time–say a year of consistent, by-the-book use, for some people (those with whatever the ideal skin/hair contrast is for the Lumea light). The product just has not been around long enough for people to report on that in reviews such as this one. Also, a problem I see with reviewers of such products (no offense) is that often they have been using a similar product before (iPulse before Lumea), so my guess is that eventually they have run out of untreated areas on their bodies on which to do their research.

    I also wonder if either the iPulse or the Lumea would do anything to unsightly veins. That would be such a great side effect!

  79. Sorry, I meant to give you the Salon machine info:

    I should also note that this treatment hurts, at least for the first couple of times when you still have lots of hair, and also if you have taken any sun (which I had once too few days before one of the treatments–I’m in Spain & summer is here!).

    By contrast, the Lumea sales lady at the Corte Ingles tried it on my arm at level 4 and I barely felt a thing. So perhaps that tells us something about the relative efficacy of these treatments… no pain, no gain? She also said I could use it on tanned skin, but again, this would seem to confirm that the Lumea treatment is just not that powerful.

  80. Hello, have you ever heard about the same treatment but to shred fat ?


  81. I was told by an in-store sales person at Boots that their product won’t work for men, yet i keep hearing otherwise, any thoughts?

  82. Heyy,

    Just like to know if anyone has actually tried the Viss IPL as mentioned above because it seems so much better than the others and stronger but has hardly any reviews.

  83. It seems like Boots have quality control issues with their Smooth Skin devices. I already posted here about the fact that my first Smooth Skin device died (stopped flashing) after short usage.

    Well… the second device appears to be working although not without issues.
    Firstly in about 2-3 treatments somehow it developed small brown spot on the mirror which is behind the lamp. I suppose now this part reflect light a bit less.
    Secondly – it does not work when the handle is held in certain positions (it either switches to standby mode, or the handle vents stop pumping the air.). So far I could not track down what exactly causes this. Bending the cord and adjusting the position of the handle seems to fix it (for how long though?).

    Some results:
    After about 4-5 treatments on my hands and underarms it seems to me that now there is less hair and they seem to grow slower. I’m not sure how permanent it is though.

    Note, that I do not use any other setting, except the strongest one (i.e. ‘fair’). As a result of this the device gets very hot that it is almost impossible to use it after first 25 flashes or so without cooling down. Because of this it is very slow process. For some reason, when device is hotter flashes hurt a lot more (Does it charge better after a few flashes?).
    Because device gets very hot, it seems that I developed some small burns on my hands after one of the treatments, as I used too little gel, I suppose (as it may cool down the device and the skin as well).

    Treatment of thicker hair hurts, but I think this is a good thing, as salon treatments hurt even more.


  84. @Anonymous (man): Hi there, if you’re looking for permanent (or at least the longest lasting) results from any of these systems, I’d recommend the iPulse.

    @Csilla: Yeah, Philips market their Lumea product as a photo epilator, not as a system to achieve “permanent hair reduction”. So yes, they expect their customers to use it every 2 weeks for as long as they want to stay hair-free.

    @Ruth: Sorry, I hadn’t heard of the Viss IPL system until your comment because it’s such a new product. To be honest, I’d personally want to wait a bit longer until it has had proven reviews before buying it. I’d be a bit more trusting of it if it had the backing of a major brand like Boots, Philips or Remington but it is just a bit of an unknown at the moment.

    @Anna: Philips Lumea does seem very low powered. I wonder whether they just didn’t want to disappoint users so decided to go down the “photo epilation” route instead of “permanent hair reduction”. I am still surprised at how many people assume the Lumea is meant to achieve permanent results… their marketing is so unclear! I don’t think the Lumea can ever achieve permanent results even with prolonged usage. I found that when I used Boots Smooth Skin on the lowest setting, a fair bit of hair would grow back after a couple of months (but it was very fine hair). But now that I’ve started using it on the higher settings, I am having much more long-lasting results. Unfortunately I don’t think the IPL on these hair removal devices does anything for unsightly veins! I wish they did! I think different types of lights are used for different purposes even if they are all classed as “IPL”.

    @Veronique: No, sorry I haven’t tried IPL to shred fat! Sounds like a miracle treatment though haha!

    @Anonymous: Strange that the sales assistant in Boots told you that Boots Smooth Skin can’t be used by men! They’re obviously not very well trained!

    @Vaida: Oh no, you’ve had such terrible luck with your purchase! It shouldn’t just stop working like that.. it doesn’t matter what position it’s in, it should still allow you to zap as long as all four touch points are in contact with your skin. I think you should return or exchange this one too… it doesn’t sound right? I don’t think the device charges better after a few flashes, the bulk just heats up really quickly and ends up too hot to use until it’s left to cool for a few minutes.

  85. Hi there,

    Having read most of your posts, I’m really impressed by the sound of the Boots Smooth Skin, but it seems as though I should wait for the 2nd generation once they have addressed the heating issues and how long it takes between flashes/charges (er, I think this is the main problem!). Does anyone have any idea how long this might be ? No doubt it will be pricier but may be worth it..

    Thanks, Sabina

    p.s. many thanks for your blogs!

  86. @Anonymous: Thank you for reading my posts – hopefully they’ve been interesting! Unfortunately I have no idea whether a new generation iPulse is coming out any time soon! I’m not sure they would bring one out any time soon as they seem to be marketing the current model quite a lot at the moment (probably in response to the abundant Lumea advertising).

  87. Loving this blog and seems like a solution to all my hairy problems!! Have searched through it all to find the answer to my question….is it safe to use on nipple hairs? I currently pluck them out, but obviously they are getting thicker. Thank you

  88. @Anonymous: Thank you for dropping in! The Boots Smooth Skin manual which you can download here gives the following instructions for using the system around the nipple area:

    “Cover up all of the areola and nipple area using a shield. White adhesive labels may be cut to shape and used for this job.

    DO NOT treat any of the dark skin.

    With the nipple safely protected, the whole area may be treated in rows placing the handset over the protected area to ensure that all the hairs are effectively treated.”

    Hope that helps!

  89. Hello there and thank you SO MUCH for the reviews. I had come across some Lumea ads and they make it appear as gift from heavens. However I just saw on your site that it cannot be used on my face!!!!

    That is well lame to be honest. Sorry to our male friends for the mental image but lots of women epilate this area (and if you are as insane as I am you do the whole face).

    I m inclined towards Boots (I didnt even know they sell it and i m in London tsk tsk tsk shame on me).

    Did they get a new model out yet, one that works through the heating problems or have they made an announcement? At the moment I am in Greece sunbathing and having my vacations so I think I ll purchase it on September.
    What do you guys think? I ve spent a lifetime waxing and shaving, freedom here I come!!!

    p.s. I ve just read you should not use it if you have Polycystic Ovaries. Why is that? I have polycystic ovaries but have used IPL before with very good results.. Would you know anything about that?

  90. OK, I have just noticed that PCOS refers to Polycistic Ovaries! Please excuse me, I just woke up *sips coffee* I got my answers now ty 🙂

  91. @Eve Giannoulidou: Hahaha @ “gift from heavens”! Nope unfortunately I haven’t heard anything about Boots/CyDen bringing out a new model of iPulse. I don’t think it’s coming any time soon though because of all the marketing they’re doing for their current model. But I could be wrong!

    I’m not sure why they say not to use it if you suffer from PCOS, as many women seem to be using despite this warning… Boots have a hotline if you want to try asking them directly, the number is 0845 120 1511. Good luck if you decide to go ahead!

  92. Having seen an advert for the Lumea, I thought I would trawl the net to get some advise before I splurged £400 and I am so glad I came across your blog!

    The ad is not very clear about it not being permanent and as I am looking for something longer lasting than epilating I don’t think it will be for me.

    I am just going to Boots.com to buy the smooth skin as it is definitely worth a try (being the cheapest and the best claims/reviews o the market).

    I also suffer from PCOS but from what I have read from other users (see Boots.com reviews) they only say that you shouldn’t use it because it might take longer to see results (I guess they don’t want users to be disappointed).

    Many thanks for your excellent advise!

  93. Hello there!
    Thanks for all the great advice.
    I have just purchased the Remington model. I decided on this one because of the multi flash option. Carried out the skin test yesterday and don’t seem to have any reaction so far so hopefully will get zapping tomorrow! Can’t wait to get started!
    I wanted to ask if you’ve heard of anyone using it on their upper lip and chin, and if they have had any bad reactions? I know it says in the instructions not to use above the neck, but I see the first Boots “smooth skin” unit was the same, and it can now be used in these areas…

  94. HI there, I have PCOS and initially bought the Tria laser mainly for my face, and later for my underarms and bikini (front and sides). It’s working really well so far, even for my face, but still early to say anything about permanency.

    After getting it, my lovely husband bought me the Remington iLight by surprise for bigger areas, as I mentioned that the Tria was impossible to use in legs, for instance (1cm2 and you would need at least 10 charges per full leg, taking 2.5 hours per charge… I have a life!!!)
    It’s only 3 sessions so far, but I’m already getting hairy islands in the middle of a hair-free sea (well, it´s really more like the other way round, but I try to see the glass half full! 😉
    The iLight results are not permanent, it only promises up to 12 weeks hair free, so I’m going to follow this blog and if the iPulse offers permanent results I think I’ll resell the Remington and get the iPulse.

    … too many options… I just want the ones that work!


  95. Hi

    I just wanna learn that nowadays I am planning to buy remington i-light and I have very white skin. However I have got black hair on my legs.If I buy this product, can it be suitable for me. If you answer this, I would be glad. Thanks.

  96. Hi there, i have a question about the Remington bulb life; The review says that a bulb is good for 1,500 flashes. How long would this last? I am considering buying this one, and would want to use it on legs and bikini line. How many times would I be able to treat these areas before needing to replace the bulb? Any suggestions gratefully recieved. Also, I have seen another IPL on the shopping channel Ideal world. It claims to be permanent but I can’t find any information about the joules rating it uses. Does anyone know anything about this system?

  97. Wanting to buy – on tight budget – home IPL system for permanent hair removal. I have naturally pale-ish skin and very coarse dark hair, with constant ingrowing & rash problems especially in bikini area. Would appreciate recommendations, but can anyone also say whether there is one that also has an effect (safely) on thread veins?

  98. Very interesting all this, thank you, but does it work on my hairy face to? (Im a man and i hate my beard) 🙂

  99. i am pakistani but v pale skined and have dark black hair. Do u think the boots ipl will work? Should i buy it?

  100. Hi, thank you for the clear comparisons between the models. I just wondered, I’m trying to decide between the Boots ipulse and the VISS ipl, and can’t work out if they are comparable for hair removal effectiveness from the specs… I would really appreciate your thoughts if you get a moment, seeing as you are a bit of an expert now!

    Technical specifications

    Name VISS IPL
    Model No. 050110
    Current AC
    Voltage 100-240 V
    Frequency 50-60 Hz
    Energy density (Hair removal) 23J
    Light spectrum (Hair removal) 530-930 nm
    Lamp life 4000 flashes
    Interval between flashes 3.5 seconds
    Product weight 1.5 kg
    Product size 196 x 138 x 178 mm
    Country of origin (Device) Korea
    Country of origin (Lamp cartridge) Japan


  101. Hiya, thanks for looking at the specs in detail, they’re a bit mind boggling to me! re the spec comparisons, was wondering what you thought of how the VISS ipl compares to the ipulse:
    VISS spec:

    Technical specifications

    Name VISS IPL
    Model No. 050110
    Current AC
    Voltage 100-240 V
    Frequency 50-60 Hz
    Energy density (Hair removal) 23J
    Light spectrum (Hair removal) 530-930 nm
    Lamp life 4000 flashes
    Interval between flashes 3.5 seconds
    Product weight 1.5 kg
    Product size 196 x 138 x 178 mm
    Country of origin (Device) Korea
    Country of origin (Lamp cartridge) Japan

    Any thoughts appreciated!!!

  102. Hi!

    I want to buy Boots Smooth Skin really bad because I have problems with ingrown hair and I’m saving money for it. The only problem is that I live in Croatia and it is possible to buy this product only in UK. Even on ebay postage of new items is only to UK. Do you have any idea how could I buy this device?? :/ i have done all possible research on Internet but nothing..I can’t believe that you cannot buy something in 21st century because of limited delivery… 🙁

  103. Hey,

    First of all thanks so much for your reviews they’re so helpful! I’m really considering saving up for the Boots Smooth Skin one. I’m a guy (I don’t know why the Philips one doesn’t work on men?)and would like to use this on my chest area. The thing is I am pale skinned and naturally blonde but after years of shaving my chest the hairs grow back black and thick so would it still work?

    My other query is about fake tan. I don’t sunbathe or use sunbeds but I use fake tan but if I exfoliate it off do you think it would be ok instead of waiting 30 days?

    Oh and my last thing is, does it hurt at all? I’ve had waxing done for a long time but I’m fed up with it and it gives me red spots for a few days after. Does this give you red spots or anything?

    Sorry about all the questions – it would just be a big investment for me so I want to make sure I’m doing the right thing!

    Many thanks 🙂

  104. Hi,

    another “will this work on my skin tone” question so apologies if this has been asked already … I was in the Boots store on saturday and asked the lumea “expert” wether it would be fine for my skin (i have pakistani heritage so olive skin, jet black hair) and was told it would be “perfect” for my skin due to the contrast … however after reading this blog and another blog someone said they had used the boots system on the same advice and ended up with blisters on their arms (eek) … so the lumea expert has said the boots one wouldnt be suitable due to higher energy however lumea would be fine .. (but shes going to say that right?) … anyone with darker skin actually used the lumea one? thanks!

  105. Hi,
    I’ve read the post only recently, when looking for some advice, and found it very useful.
    Finally, I’ve bought the Remington (I would have opted for the iPulse actually, but it is not yet sold here in Italy).
    By the way, I’d just like to give my contribution by suggesting to apply a body cream after every treatment. In fact, I’ve had the IPL treatment in a medical structure, very few times though, because of the high price, and they use to apply a greasy cream over the treated parts. They also used to give me a small size of the same cream to be applied the following day. I don’t know the scientific reasons, but the IPL should be a little stress for our skin.

    Hope this will be useful.

  106. just a quick note – you don’t need to buy a new handset for the Boots Smooth Skin after the 10,000 shots are up. Instead you pay £99 pounds and get your machine completely refurbished by Boots, including a new bulb which gives a further 10,000 shots.

  107. boots states that u cannot use the system if u r of indian origin beacause ur parents r grandparents may have darker skin even tho u may be lighter skinned. i’m indian and i’m light to medium skinned and my parents and grandparents are also light skinned so am i able to use the boots system or not. please reply

  108. There’s another laser machine out there called TRIA. It’s more expensive than boots and Lumea but they say it’s more effective. has anyone used it??

  109. Whoops I’ve just seen that there are so many questions from you all that I haven’t replied to yet.. sorry!

    @Eadie: Sorry, I don’t know of anyone using the Remington i-Light from the neck up so don’t have any stories for you! But I hope your sessions with the product have been successful!

    @Martina: Try contacting Cyden (the people behind iPulse) for advice on how to purchase the system in Croatia.

    @j-rhys: If the hairs on your chest are dark and coarse, I’d say they’re suitable for IPL treatments. There is a slight “pang” when each shot is fired but it’s less painful than waxing! The discomfort is worse when the bulb has overheated so it’s good to take a break whenever it gets too hot. Nope there shouldn’t be any red spots after the treatments. Hope that helps.

    @Pheno Yeah it’s true that Lumea settings are less strong than on iPulse and thus it can be used on slightly darker skin than the iPulse system.

    @Sara: Thanks for the tip! I’ll remember it when I finally run out of flashes!

    @Mary: Sorry I’ve never tried TRIA! I think there’s quite a lot of reviews for it online if you search though.

    For those of you asking about whether iPulse is suitable for your pale skin and dark hair, yes it is suitable. If you have pale skin but also have Indian or Pakistani heritage, Boots do not recommend that you use it, but it’s up to you. I can’t tell you what to do I’m afraid! If you’re concerned, I recommend you call the Boots Smooth Skin hotline.

    For those wanting to know about VISS, I don’t have any personal experience with the machine, sorry! I would say though that I’d rather go with a more established brand (like Boots/Philips/Remington) if I’m going to spend that much money and use such a powerful system.

    For those asking whether any of these IPL systems would have an effect on thread veins, they won’t as far as I know.

  110. hi i purchased product from boots wolverhampton and was advised the product was safe for my use having spoken to a so called ‘trained smooth skin professional’. I am asian with medium skintone and was a little concerned about whether the product was safe for my use, i was assured the product had been sold to many people with my skin tone. I have had IPL professionally at a salon and had no problems. I did patch test and a week later decided to use product on my arms. whilst carrying out the treatment it felt quite hot, but presumed this was normal, twenty mins after tx my arms started to burn up and blister badly, it left me scarred all over my arms. have photo evidence. for over 4 weeks I had to keep my arms covered it was so bad, finally healing but left with what i suspect will be permanent scars all over my lower arms. I dread to think what would have happened if i had used it on my face. Boots are denying having said product was safe even though my receipt was issued by their so called trained proffesional. They gave refund but thats no consolation to the distress i have had to go through. please DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT if you have asian skin!!!

  111. Hi I’m a man with quite a hairy back would the boots I-pulse work for me?

  112. @Anonymous: I’m sorry to hear of your experience – it sounds very painful!! I hope you managed to sort it out with Boots in the end.

    @Anonymous: If you have pale skin and dark, thick hair on your back, the iPulse would probably be fine for you to use there. The only issue would be whether you have someone who can help you with the “zapping” because it’s going to be impossible to do yourself. Also, if there is quite a large area of hair on your back, it will take a lot of time and effort to do the sessions – so perseverance is required!

  113. Can I just ask if it’s safe for 16 year olds to use Philips Lumea IPL?
    Thanks, Leda.

  114. heya, i have really bad dark hairs, its horrible, my teenage years were so unhappy and i have such a hatred for myself due to unwanted hair and not feeling ‘normal.’ reading about these has just filled me with such excitement at the prospect of being able to reduce the amount of hairs on my body and maybe for the first time ever wear a bikini and actually be able to look at myself without wanting to cry. im 23 now and wish to god they had brought these out earlier. i was previoualy diagnosed with PCOS and then 2 years later told that i dont have it, even though both ovaries are covered in cysts, so now i need to find my own way of getting rid of these hairs. my main question is could i use a hair removal cream instead of shaving? would this affect the effectiveness? and also, im torn between the phillips and the boots one, which would you recommended. i want to be able to do lower leg, bikini, small patch on my tummy, and maybe underarm and lower arm, i am also a single mother so obviously time and money are limited lol. i just want to, for once, actually feel happy about myself so any help and recommendations would be really greatly appreciated. thanks alot =))

  115. have just checked out the TRIA and viss ones the viss seems to need using every 2 weeks to maintain hair-free skin and the TRIA really does look amazing… and then i came across this one:


    reviwes can be found here, however i did find it hard to find alot of reviews as i guess it hasnt been around very long or i am just rubbish at this lol:


    it seems to out-perform all other forms of IPL or VPL however it does seem to be very costly, but it can be used on darker skin tones.

    if only money were no object….

  116. @Leda: It’s safe to use on under 16’s but the results may not be as effective because the body is still changing, with hormones all over the place. When hormones are unstable, hair can stop and start growing in places where hair has never been before! But saying that, Philips Lumea isn’t designed to be permanent hair reduction, so as long as it is used every 2 weeks as advised by Philips, the hair should never get a chance to show above the skin’s surface.

    @Jessica: I am really sorry to hear of your plight with unwanted hair 🙁 but hopefully you’re feeling more positive now that you know there are some ways of reducing it at home. I personally wouldn’t recommend using a hair removal cream instead of shaving before an IPL session because it may cut the hairs off below the surface of the skin, reducing the chance of the hairs absorbing the light from the flashes. Also, from my experience, hair removal creams sometimes irritate the skin, and you wouldn’t really want to use IPL on sensitised skin! If you’re worried about ingrown hairs from shaving or hair growing back too quickly, I’ve found that the problem of ingrowing hairs went away completely when I started using Boots Smooth Skin. And hopefully you’ll find that after a few weeks of use, hair that has been treated doesn’t seem to grow above the point they’ve been shaved… they’ll just sit there for days like flat black dots. But these eventually drop out by themselves (or with a bit of nudging with a fingernail). The problem of bristly stubble doesn’t last very long, trust me! It just requires a bit of patience in the first few weeks.

    The TRIA isn’t IPL, it’s actually laser. It’s meant to be good but it is a little more expensive for the same overall results.

    I’m a bit dubious about the VISS product… I won’t really trust it until I’ve seen real people review it. I’d personally rather pay for and use a product from an established company.

    the E-One machine sounds good but the price tag is just so much higher than other “permanent hair reduction” products which are just as effective (or so it seems from reviews so far).

    Are you able to wait until the end of December to buy a home IPL system? I have recently found out that a new product is coming out which addresses some of the issues people have had with the current systems. I can’t give any details yet, but I suggest you wait until this new product comes out before you make a decision! I’ll put the details up on my blog as soon as I can.

  117. thanks so much for the reply, all this has been quite mind boggling and i really have had enough of feeling this depressed now, i am just so desperate for a solution and i have tried many stuid things in the past to try n make me ‘normal’ n of course, none of them have worked. i have been prescribed a cream called vaniqua, but must be applied morning and night, which obviously isnt convenient for someone in my position. but my mom is gonna give me a bit of money towards one of these products for christmas so i will defo be waiting, fingers crossed the problems are sorted and hopefully i shall have one of these systems on its way soon *jumps for joy* thanks again, i really did find your blog very helpful and its a help knowing that im not the only one feeling like this and that there are cheaper home solutions! this has practically started to change my life! x

  118. Hey ladies

    Have found this site very interesting and helpful and am now convinced i will be buying the Boots smooth skin asap- also an added bonus is that it is currently reduced by £50! result!

    sarah x

  119. Dear Beauty Scribbler,
    Thank you so much for your post! Very detailed and informative!

    And a final tip for those planning to buy the Lumea, I’ve just saw it reduced at £309.99 on Amazon.

  120. Hi Beauty Scribbler!

    After reading your post I’m feel more inclined to buying the Boot’s smooth skin. But I’ll wait a bit longer to see if something new comes out during December!

    Just one question, how are you getting on with your upper lip hair and the IPL system, any difference since your last update? I’d love to try the machine on mine as well, but I’m afraid the results will be the same due to very fine hair. Also, do you have to SHAVE the upper lip before using the machine?! I’d be very scared if I have to do it, what if I don’t get any results and I shaved!!


  121. @Jessica: No problem! Wow aI hadn’t heard of that cream you mentioned. I’m a bit dubious as to how a cream would reduce hair though! Not long to go till Christmas now… hold tight!

    @Anonymous @cl@cam: Ooh looks like the prices are being dropped in time for Christmas presents. If you can hold off until towards the end of December, I’ve heard something new is coming out in the market… you might want to make your purchase decision then.

    @Anonymous: There’s no real difference since my last update on the upper lip hair, although I have been told by the iPulse team that facial hair isn’t as easy to treat with any IPL or laser due to the fact that it is “sexual hair” which is affected by fluctuations in hormones (i.e. previously dormant hair could just sprout at any time). So using IPL/laser is always going to be a maintenance program with occasional top-up sessions (like I have been doing) rather than truly permanent results. Still longer lasting and easier than using an epilator which is what I used to do though! And yes, you do have to shave the hair before using the machine, but if you have fine hair, you’ll be surprised at how it doesn’t grow back like men’s stubble.. no-one would notice it!

  122. I was just wondering how close a shave you’d recommend before using the iPulse? Does the machine work better when you can see the start of hair regrowth?

  123. I would soooo like to buy a Boots Smooth Skin iPulse IPL, but unfortunately Boots doesn’t ship abroad, and it is not sold in Belgium. Who can help (i.e. set it on ebay????) Thank you! tinties

  124. hey,i just read your blog about ipulse…Estimated lamp lifetime is 10,000 flashes. if i use it on my whole body how long will it last?…my legs,arms and also belly…almost every part of my body lol.

  125. An update – i have had a boots smooth skin since the summer – i have used it under arms over the summer (no suntan there) on wk 15 now – works sooooo well! i have a few stray hairs in the middle of armpit – just keep at them – the rest all gone and don’t grow back!

    Now starting on my top lip area and legs (now there is no sun!) am on week 3 and can already see that the hair is growing back slower! – heres hoping for being hair free by next summer! Its a bit wierd shaving top lip but its working so better than having to wax it every week!

    Also am going to do my arms (dark hairs on them that i hate!)

    I have PCOS so all the hair on my body is dark and seems to grow back fast – i am soooo impressed with boots smooth skin and its the best money i’ve ever spent – it does take ages to do my legs – about 1hr each leg (up to the knee only) -as you have to wait while it cools down – but will be worth it not to have to shave them next summer.

    The real test will be if it works when i stop using it – will update next year! Go BOOTS SMOOTH SKIN!

  126. tinties – if you go on facebook and add the boots smooth skin – the boots team on there seem to be organsing shipping from abroad!

  127. Why can’t the Boots Smooth skin be used if you have thyrois problem?

  128. Whoops! That should be thyroid problems. As there are over-active and under-active thyroid problems, how can the machine damage both, or is it that the manufacturer is being ulta -cautious?

  129. Hello! I read your review and decided to buy Boots smooth skin, I bought it today :D…I want to do on my face, because I have hair on my chin and upper lip! However, I tried a bit today, and I do not feel anything when using it, it doesnt feel like its removing the hair, because I do not even feel a sting. I read that you have to use the dark-tone for the face, but Im thinking of using the medium one. I was just wondering which setting you use on your upper lip? Is it the dark one? 🙂

  130. @Anonymous: iPulse recommend a close shave so that the hair is short enough to carry the energy down to the follicle. But they say that you can just “trim” using an electric shaver or similar if you don’t want a razor close shave. It should be fine either way.

    @tinties: Have you tried contacting CyDen? I don’t know whether they might be able to let you know of any suppliers. Oh, and check out Tinties’ suggestion too of contacting iPulse through Facebook.

    @Anonymous: I wouldn’t worry too much about how long 10,000 flashes will last, even if you’re using it on that many body parts! It’s loads! I haven’t really heard of anyone actually having to get the bulb replaced yet… it’s quite rare to get it to that stage.

    @quest_starz: I’m really glad you’re having such great results! Yes, it definitely works amazingly on underarms. Bikini line too.

    @Anonymous: I’m not actually sure why they say not to use Boots Smooth Skin if you have thyroid problems. It’s not because it can damage anything in the body or affect hormones (the light from the system is literally just bright light and can’t penetrate deeper than the skin – but even if it does, it’s harmless). If they do suggest not using iPulse if you have thyroid problems, it’s probably a caution that the permanent hair reduction might not be as effective. If your hormones are prone to fluctuating (e.g. due to hormonal issues, changing your contraceptive pill, pregnancy, menopause etc), hairs could sprout on your body at any time from previously dormant follicles, so it might *look* as if the IPL isn’t working, when it’s actually completely new, untreated hairs that have grown through. If you do find this, it might just mean that you need to use IPL as a maintenance system (occasional top-ups to catch any new hairs) which most people do anyway. You could also try asking the team on the iPulse Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/iPulseSmoothSkin

    @Anonymous: You might not be feeling the “sting” as much on your face because the hairs are finer. It’s areas like underarms and bikini line where the hairs are dense, dark, thick and coarse that it stings more. The sting is the follicles being killed. I’ve definitely found that as the hair that grew back became more and more sparse, the sting went away. There may still be a pang even if the hairs are not dense but that’s more from heat from the bulb (and you should let it cool down if the heat gets too much to handle). I use the strongest setting on my face (for fair skin). I would suggest using the strongest setting you can handle because that’s how you’ll get the fastest results. Just don’t go too strong that it is too hot on your skin because you’ll risk burning the skin.

  131. I can’t believe you haven’t heard of anyone needing to replace the bulb in their Boots Smooth Skin! I’m already half way through my third bulb! I have PCOs so I suppose I need to use it more often than most people in order to get results. The results have still been pretty amazing for me. I don’t think I will ever be permanently completely hair free, but the hairs now take a very long time to grow back (3 months or so) and when they do they are very fine (easy to shave – don’t get a rash, etc, like I used to when the hairs were thick) and just need 2 or 3 more zapping sessions to clear them again for a while. It’s a wonderful feeling to be hair free for the first time in my life!

  132. I wonder if you can get a friend to test My Elos from Syneron …?

  133. hey, i have a question about the gel, idont want to order it all the time to germany….i asked at the ILP studios what they use…and they all told me ,they use the same gel, like the doctors for the ultrasound scanner.
    can i use that too, for the i pulse boots smooth?

  134. Hello,
    Do you have any update for the new product to be launced at the end of December in the market?
    I cannot wait…

  135. I just wanted to say thank you – I bought the iPulse before discovering your site and am five weeks into treatment on my bikini line now. I am starting to lose patches of hair and reading all the reviews on your blog fill me with the confidence to keep going with it (-:
    Thank you!


    I went through THREE new units in the space of three months. They just kept breaking down on me!

    The sad thing is that the Smooth Skin system really does do what it says on the tin… but it’s no use if the unit fails after a few weeks!!!

    When I went back to Boots the final time, the girl who served me admitted that they’d had quite a few returns recently and I ended up opting for a Philips Lumea instead.

    This is a big shame, because the Lumea isn’t as effective. If the Boots technology was reliable, I’d definitely get another of their machines. As it stands, it’s just too much money to spend on a product that breaks down every five minutes!

    Lesley, Leeds

  137. I just wanted to say thanks everyone for posting so much. I guess it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one out there who suffers from this problem, but now I know that I’m not alone, and I’m going to get the Boots product and start straight away!

  138. Hi,

    Just doing a bit of internet research on the boots smooth skin as Xmas purchase for my GF!
    I’ve heard about a new model coming in December, can you tell me when?


  139. a big thank you for raising issues that many girls seem to have. I am definitely buying a boots- smooth skin machine.

  140. Definitely recommend the Boots Smooth Skin iPulse, despite the first two units I got from Boots being defective! (both had a poor connection where the lead goes into the unit… kept switching off with the slightest wiggle of the lead). Asked a Boots sales assistant to open the third unit to check it worked ok, and it did. I’m really happy that I can maintain my facial IPL at home with the iPulse; I’ve had treatments at a salon that were effective but I need to maintain it due to PCOS so the iPulse is a very convenient and cost effective solution for me. The technology behind the iPulse is well worth the money despite the iffy build quality of some of the units. If you are unfortunate to get a defective unit, definitely take it back to Boots and ask the sales assistant to test the unit in front of you and also test the unit you exchange it for until you are satisfied it works!

  141. Dear Beauty scribbler!
    I am one of those who would like to know about the new product (boots smooth skin model???).
    If its possible for you to answer before 2011 it would be great, bcs unfortunately I do not live in UK and I will only go to London for a mini vacation over new years and i’d like to know what to buy. (current model of boots smooth skin or another/newer one)
    Merry xmas!!!

  142. hi, i wanted to ask that when using the boots smooth skin on your face….do you have to shave beforehand? or can you use it directly on the hair?

  143. Hi, I was just about to buy the Boots IPL machine but it is currently out of stock, so I’m now looking at the Tria. I appreciate the Boots one is IPL and the Tria is laser. Does anyone have any knowledge as to what is better for soft dark hairs around bikini and underarm? Boots or Tria (I’m not worried about cost, just effectiveness). My hairs are although dark, very fine and soft, and not at all coarse.
    I would also like to use on lower legs, but some hairs are blonde and some are much darker, can I still use and just hope to reduce the darker hairs or will I damage my skin because of the presence of fair hairs?
    Sorry if this is a silly question!
    Many thanks….

  144. hey there, hope u had an awesome christmas and a new year!

    the anticipation is killing me lol! looking forward to hearing about the new product ^.^


  145. i emailed boots customer service about the rumours of a new model, this is the response i received:

    “i have certainly investigated this further for you and I can confirm that we have no current plans to introduce a new model of our Smooth Skin. I do apologise for any disappointment this may cause.

    However, you might like to know that our Smooth Skin unit is now available to order from our website: http://www.boots.com and for a limited time has ?50 off.”

  146. I have had laser treatment in a salon for over two years,i get a good price now lol.
    I have only done my face as i was very hairy,ladies there is hope,i use to shave every day,chin,moustache, 5 o’clock shadow,my beauty therapist,admitted,i was one of the worse she had ever seen(she said this,after i saw results)

    At the start i went every month,banned from using tweezers,still allowed to shave,no waxing ,after 5 sessions,things at last started to show,10 sessions and nearly all gone,now i go every few months for the new stray hairs,that appeared because of age(45)and if they appear before i’m ready a simply snip with scissors.

    Moustache,just fluffy thin hair around lips.
    Chin i can now count them on one hand:)

    Sun worshippers.i live in Greece,so no escape from the sun ,so i advice you do all major laser treatments,salon or home,during the winter,leave your summers free,or avoid the sun,i wasn’t careful and now have patches of darker pigment and last year when i asked about prices for my bikini line,she also told me,not to bother till the winter.

    I found this blog,while looking for reviews on the boots machine and found it very handy,as i’m thinking of buying one for home,just for the convenience of doing it when i want too.

  147. I just purchased the philips lumea as it turns out that the boots ipl can only be used to on ur bikini line, and can not do a hollywood or a brazilian.
    This I think makes philips lumea better, as it doesn’t hurt (waxing is extremely painful for me even after years of it) and it just seems a little safer then the boots one.

  148. Hi, im in need of a bit of advice – im an asian male with coarse black hair, what would be the best device for me to use? Chest waxing is very painful so im searching for an alternative! Thanks

  149. Thank you very much for this blog. I got so many useful info out if it.
    I just bought the Boot Smooth Skin and have a further question: I use tweezers to get rid of my facial hair every day and have often read now that you shouldnt remove the hair while using the IPL system. i cant image just to shave. does anyone have any experience if it still works if you keep removing the hair? thank you for your answers

  150. Any infomation for the new product? Still waiting information…

  151. I wonder whether the new product in question is the VISS ipl machine?? It seems to me it has 4 advantages over the Boots Smooth Skin:
    1. No messy gel needed;
    2. Only 3.5 secs between flashes instead of 6 secs;
    3. 23 joules of power instead of 10 joules.
    4. You can also attach special lamps for facial acne and skin rejuvenation

    The downside seems to be that:
    1. It’s a bit more expensive($545);
    2. It can only be bought online from America;
    3. It’s a bit new and unproven and hasn’t been endorsed so far by any big names like Boots, Philips, etc.
    4. Also, lamp only lasts 4,000 flashes.

    I might be tempted if I hadn’t already got the Smooth Skin, which is giving great results by the way, albeit rather time consuming.

  152. @ Sara

    Viss offers 23Joules as mentioned in the specifications. The problem is that this values is the total amount of energy the Viss has over the total covered area window which is 6cm^2.
    All the other mentioned home ipl deviced refer to the amount of energy they achieve per 1cm^2.
    So with simple maths the relative value for Viss comes after performing a division
    23/6 to get the energy per cm^2 which is only 3 J/cm^2 (very low).
    Is it clear now? If not let me know, but trust me and don’t buy Viss…
    Hope it helps.

  153. Wow, thanks, that makes sense now. But I’d never have realised unless you’d pointed it out, so thanks again!

  154. i purchased this 2 weeks ago and have used it only once. The hair has grown back very very slowly and very patchy. Just so you know i am of south east asian origin with black hair…quite hairy to say the least. this product does work!

  155. Great blog. I am so curious about IPL. I have the lumea home for a try out. Have tried it once and have to return it shortly if I don`t buy it. So I have to make p my mind fast 🙂 They sell it for about £260, almost half of the price. When I read your blog i learned that the one from Boots is permanent. they do not sell that one in Norway. I checked the internet site. I am going to Poland in the mid og February. Do you know if they sell it there? I have some hair at my cheak and upper lip and learned that I can not use Lumea in the face. I don`t understand why since you can with other IPL. What would you do if you were me? I have light skin and black hair so IPL is ok for me. They also have silkn sensepil in Norway. Have you heard about that one?

    Therese 🙂

  156. Your blog rocks! i just found it today, and i will be referring to it from now on!

    i want to have hair removal in the underarm area, and a Brazilian.

    i have those questions:

    – Where i live (Poland), i can Remington for a reduced price of 150 GBP or Boots Smooth Skin for around 250 GBP. I know you tried Cyden and not Remington, but given your expertise, do you think Cyden is worth the price difference?

    – Cyden can be used on the face, does it make it safer to use in the bikini area?

    – do you think they will be releasing a newer version of those products any time soon?

    Thanks a million 🙂

  157. I bought the Lumea just before Christmas and have used it exactly as instructed. Absolutely by the user manual and only up to level 4 intensity. I have fair skin and mid-brown hair, so cannot understand the bad reaction on my legs – lots of very itchy bumps and reddish lumps, not trapped hair, more like an allergic reaction? It takes at least a week to go away, so I don’t think I’ll be using Lumea again unless anyone can tell me how to avoid this reaction, especially if they’ve had a similar experience? Many thanks.

  158. Hi I am Asian and I was wondering if the Remington ipl would work on asain skin tones? The product states not to be used on very dark or black skin tones do you know if this applies to asains as I am light medium toned. Can you recommend any ipls for asains?please can you help thanx

  159. Dear Beauty Scribbler,
    Thanks a million for your tips.I know you’ve answered some of these questions, but I hope you’ll do it again:). I am from Pakistan, and I’m covered for about 8 years, so my skin is quite pale. I have problems with hairs, on same places they are darker, and on same quite pale. I was wondering which of the devices is the best option for removing hairs on my legs and armpits, but permanently? I was thinking about buying the Boots Smooth skin, but I want to know does it only work on dark hairs?


  160. Hi,

    I have a mole on my chin which has hair growing on and around it.Ive been thinkin to get the smooth skin,i know i cant use it on the mole and that i have to cover it up.My question is can i still use the ipl around the mole?

    Your doin a great job.well done!x

  161. Hi,

    I just have few questions to ask. On the official website of philips which said can not use for face is that true? and also not use for men?

  162. Hi,

    Since it’s stated there, it’s true. But I think it will have less efect on men. It will work tough.

  163. Wow – your blog is amazing, I have been reading reviews online for the past week and yet only just managed to stumble across yours. I think it goes without saying the majority of people here are leaning towards the boots ipl, I have just put a bid in on ebay on the remington before I read this so now I’m thinking I hope I dont win lol def will be going for boots – got 6 weeks left before my amazing man returns from Afghanistan and whisks me off for a couple of weeks in the sun – is it poss to be hair free by then……C’mon the ipl systems – there is hope for me yet! x

  164. I have been reading reviews for afew months now… I seem to going round in circles with what system is best
    The e>one system, altho pricey sounds pretty reliable and effective…can anyone advise between boots, e one and viss? I live in Kenya so reliability is essential as cant keep popping back to uk for replacements or exchanges.

  165. Great blog- thank you for all your feedback here. I have recently been gifted Lumea on my bday so before starting to use it I wanted to ask if its ok to use Hair removal cream rather than shaving (as I have never used a razor in my life and I am quite scared to do so, plus my skin is quite sensitive and i sometimes get rashes with even cream so I want to avoid the razor. I suppose waxing or epilator is not suggested cz they want the hair to be present in the roots so that the laser can work on it, but i supposed razor and creams only remove the hair from the skin surface so therefore creams should be OK to use as well. Please let me know if using cream would be fine.
    Thanks alot.

  166. Hi i would like to buy the boots smooths skin ipulse. But i do not live in England. I live in Holland, does anyone now how I can get it?

  167. Hey! The new IPL everyone’s talking about – is it the Boots Smooth Skin PLUS? Due to be launched online on May 9th – £399. I’m trying to work out if it’s worth ditching my old Smooth Skin for this one – how much better is it? The technical specs mention a double pulse and only 3-6 seconds between flashes. Has anyone used it yet and is it much quicker than the old one?

  168. Can you get the Boots Smooth Skin iPulse PLUS in the US? And if so, where from?

    I’m travelling there in a couple of weeks and thought with the £/$ exchange rate it might work out cheaper to purchase in the US and bring back to the UK.

  169. Hi,

    thanks for the info. I’m looking into getting something for my daughter who is 17 – she has just been sent to the local PCOS clinic, but with no firm diagnosis. She’d like to get rid of the hairs on her tummy, and would really like to use home IPL. I know there are some question marks for her because of her possible diagnosis and her age. Would the Lumea be better because it only reduces hair growth and so would be unlikely to stimulate additional hair from different follicles?

  170. @Anonymous: It’s not the IPL that stimulates hair growth from different follicles, it’s hormones. So anyone can get new hair growing whether they’re using Boots Smooth Skin, Philips Lumea or nothing at all! So in answer to your question, if your daughter is looking for the most permanent hair reduction, I’d recommend Boots Smooth Skin.

  171. I would advise you all to DO NOT BUY THE I-PULSE MACHINE FROM BOOTS. I’m really disappointed with everything about this machine. First of all the 12 weeks effectiveness it’s unreal. It might be real for hairless woman but for thick hair it probably takes way longer. My point is: The 10.000 flashes lasted only 5 months, I don’t know how some people managed to use for one year without replacement, I have to say I was really surprised when the bulb was finished. I was doing my bikini line,underarm, half legs and upper lip it was bad enough that it lasted so little, but my nightmare started when I tried to get the replacement handset that costs more than half price of the whole machine or just the bulb that is also very expensive a 100 pounds. In store they’ve got no information about it, and they also gave me 3 weeks to get replaced wich means I would have to stop the treatment for 3 weeks. Before you buy it any of this machines reserch a lot ( not only boots website ).Is just a piece of advice from someone that really needs hair removal and had a bad experience after spending more than 300 pounds in one machine that doesn’t really do what it says. Thanks

  172. @ane: Did you manage to get any reduction in hair growth in the time you’ve used Boots Smooth Skin? I found that for me it worked really fast on areas where hair is the thickest and darkest (where there’s more pigment in the hair), so if you do have thick hair, I’m sorry to hear if you didn’t get the results you wanted. I guess it’s like most products – works for some and not others. That is quite a long time to wait for the bulb to get replaced! As I haven’t had to replace mine yet, I had no idea. I guess once you get to the stage where the bulb needs to be replaced, iPulse/Boots assume you should be at the “top-up” stage rather than still doing the weekly sessions.

  173. @ane – so sad your experience of the Boots IPL hasn’t been good. I agree it takes longer than they say (for me about twice as long – 20-25 weeks I reckon) but if you can hang on and persevere the results are amazing. I have PCOS and for me it’s been life-changing to be hair free for the first time in my life….so worth the time and effort. Also, if you phone your local Boots before taking the handset in after 10,000 zaps, they will be ready for you when you take it in (it’s usually 2 weeks for repair when I take mine in – I’m on my third one now. I know it’s expensive (but nothing like salon prices)and time consuming (but at least you don’t have to travel to a salon every time)but the results are SO worth it!!!!

  174. Hi Girls, i noticed some diference to be fair, but the bulb lasted only 5 months and wasn’t enough for me and now they are saying that I will have to wait 6 weeks instead of 3, that’s inacceptable SORRY. I left to my fiance who speaks English as a first language because the firts time I called them the guy at the store was laughing at me, I took as he was probably laughing at my accent. But it didn’t bother me as much as I have to wait for 6 weeks, and I’m getting married in 8 weeks. How nice is that?

  175. Hello! like everyone here said, very useful and interesting information!! I’ve been reluctant about the idea of going to a salon that performs IPL services because i haven’t been able to find anyone i knew or at least any information about people that have been using IPL epilation at least 4-5 years ago and know for sure there are no health risks involved!! I don’t know when the technology started to be used frequently, but just to make me decide to use i’d like to have some opinions from people that used it not recently and that can really confirm the hair is really gone or at least for a couple of years gone!! Even the Phlips Lumea device sounds interesting if it can help get rid of the hair for 3-4 months or more!! Thank you! Maddie

  176. Hi there, I’m a guy, can I use the Boots Smooth Skin on my moustache area and achieve permanent removal of the hair?

  177. Hello

    Your reviews were very helpful

    What do you think of rating the 3 types of IPL systems from 1 to 5 stars based on permanent hair removal?


  178. Just seen the new Homedics ‘Me My Elos’ machine on the Boots website – it sounds amazing as it requires no gel and is so incredibly quick (10 mins for each leg!!)and it’s 9 joules/cm2 so almost as powerful as Smooth skin. I use the Smooth Skin at the moment and results are great, but it takes SO LONG! Am I missing something, or is this machine much better than Smooth Skin and all the others?? Please help!

  179. I was just about to post the same as sara, the homedics one is quite expensice but how much more effective is it against the boots ipulse?

  180. @Sarah – it’s so great to hear IPL has been life-changing for you! I sometimes forget what it used to be like to have to use hot waxes and epilators, and comments like yours remind me how amazing it is to not have to do any of that anymore!

    @Ane – It doesn’t sound like you’ve had a good time with the bulbs at all. I hope you manage to get the bulb replaced quicker than 6 weeks – that does sound like a very long time! Have an amazing wedding – I’m sure hair removal will be the last thing on your mind on the day!

    @Maddie – Glad you found the post useful. Apparently IPL technology has been around for at at least 10 years. Well, I bought the original Boots Smooth Skin model as soon as it came out over 2 years ago (the thought of permanent hair removal from the comfort of my own home was too tempting!!), and now I can leave my bikini line and underarms for up to 6 months before the tiniest, barely visible strays appear. For anything up to a year, I found that I needed much more frequent top-ups (even month) because I’d get regrowth but I seem to have caught 99.99% of the hair now and the skin I’ve treated honestly looks like pre-puberty, “never had hair” skin. I had my doubts before buying the original Boots Smooth Skin model but I reasoned to myself that if it *did* work, the earlier I started using it, the earlier I would be hair-free.. and it paid off!

    @Anonymous – You can use Boots Smooth Skin on your moustache area but Boots advise not to… mostly because male facial hair adds masculinity to the male face… and you might miss it when it’s gone!

    @Anonymous – Well, of these 3 products on this post, Boots Smooth Skin is the only one which claims permanent hair reduction. Lumea and iLight are more like electric shavers but with longer lasting results, so I never really recommend them because they take the same amount of cost and effort as Boots Smooth Skin but without the permanent results!

    @Sara and Jessica – I haven’t tried the Me My Elos yet – but have heard about it. It uses. It uses a combination of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and RF (Radio Frequency) to attract the energy down to the follicle. The max energy is 9J/cm2 (4J/cm2 IPL + 5J/cm2 RF). Apparently it’s fast to use because using a combination of both IPL and RF means that the flashes can be pretty much continuous (up to 2 pulses per second) with less down time, and it’s suitable for use on some darker skin types. So it sounds very interesting. The only problem I see with the My My Elos is that the cartridge pulse life is only 3000 pulses so it’ll need frequent replacement at £40 a pop.

  181. Hi, Im wanting to buy an (IPL) Intense Pulsed Light machine ether the Boots smooth skin PLUS or the Homedisc-me my elos, Ive read that the me my elos machine use’s radio frequency (RF) as well as IPL and is a lot Faster to use with less treatments need and you don’t need to put the Gel on like the boots smooth skin PLUS, But does anyone know which machine is better for Permanent lasting hair reduction results between the Boots smooth skin PLUS and the Homedics-me my elos.

  182. Thanks for the info re HoMedics Me My Elos, Beautyscribbler. Didn’t realise only 4 joules of power was IPL (Boots Smooth Skin is 10 Joules). The other 5 joules is the radio frequency thingy which I know nothing about. Think I’ll stick to my Smooth Skin since I know it works, until there are some decent reviews of the HoMedics one – it’s too new at the moment so I can’t find any reviews from people who have been using it for a long time.

  183. Hello

    Thank you very much for your review, it is very very helpful

    I am from United Arab Emirates, and after I read your post, I made up my mind to order from Boots website the Smooth Skin iPulse PLUS. But now I’m confused, after the 20,000 flashes are up, how can I send it back to the factory ! I think the shipping charges and the factory cost will be very high.

    I feel kind of sad because I dont know what to do and what to chose. I really need a hair removal system

    Maybe you can help me and give me some advise ?


  184. hi random question, is there a reason why you cant use IPL when your on your period?

  185. I consider to boy Boot Smooth Skin iPulse PLUS, SensEpil or Rio Salon Pwerl IPL hair removal,which one is good?

  186. i consdier to get Boots Smooth Skin iPulse PLUS, SensEpil or Rio Salon Power IPL hair remover, cna you let me know which one is good?

  187. hi, since you have good knowledge in this area i wanted to know if u think the rio laser hair remover is better than the philips ipl one, as the philips one is obviously not laser it is not as effective as a laser treatment or at least this is what i found out thro my research.. now ive got the philips ipl one on layby and it does cost more than the rio. i think the sales person said i should get that jus coz it costs more than the rio. i read that the ipl treatment will only stop the growth for mostly 3-4 yrs and then the hair is back bt nt the same with a laser treatment. or maybe if the boots smooth best?

    my hair is blck andi got light skin
    sorry to bombard with all these questions… i really appreciate ur help 🙂

  188. i recently bought remington IPL 4000. i used for the first time and i have a question. when i press the flash button i don’t see the flash as i used to see when i went to a salon.is it normal or my machine is malfunctioning

  189. hii i live in australia and the boots smooth skin is not available here only the philips and rio scan which do u think is better

  190. btw the philips cost abt $1200 aus dollar which is abt 907 eur and the rio is abt $800 being 604 eur :/

  191. I spent ages looking to but this product having read about how good it was, but could not find it here is Australia, got it from http://www.philips-lumea.com in the end and have been really pleased.

  192. @Sam @Sara – My sister is just about to test out the Homedics Me My Elos. I’ve asked her to feed back as much information as possible! I’m looking forward to seeing how effective it is!

    @Lovely Favors – I’m sorry, I’m not sure of the best way you’d go about getting the handset replaced. You should speak to the Boots Smooth Skin customer care team about that (try their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/iPulseSmoothSkin).

    @Anonymous – I think it might be because the body is more sensitive to pain during periods..!

    @Panny – I’ve only used Boots Smooth Skin (and have had amazing results) so I can only personally vouch for that at the moment!

    @Anonymous – Philips isn’t designed for permanent hair removal (as stated in my post) while Boots Smooth Skin is (and I can certainly personally recommend it from my own experience!). I haven’t used the Rio machine but to be honest, I’m much more trusting of the Boots brand!

    @Rabia – I’m not sure – you should definitely get in touch with Remington customer care on that one!

  193. @Anonymous – Well, Philips Lumea isn’t designed for permanent hair reduction so I’d always advise looking for alternatives that are designed to destroy the hair follicle and not just disable it. If you’re going to spend that much time and money, it might as well be for permanent results! I’m not sure about the Rio Scanning product but it is marketed as a permanent hair removal system… although I have no personal experience of it.

    @Anonymous – I’m glad you’re getting the results you wanted!

  194. Thanks for this brilliant review.

    I’m going to have to bookmark this page to see how your sister gets on with the HoMedics Me My Elos as I’m still unsure whether or not to get that or the Boots Smooth Skin Plus.

    I have a lot to cover as well as top up treatments, so I think perhaps I’ll need a replacement handset with plus, and god knows how many cartridges i’d go through if I get the HoMedics, I just really want to know which is best in the long term so any new info would be very useful! 🙂

  195. Do you know which one is more poweful in permanent hair reduction – Smooth Skin PLUS, or HoMedics Me My Elos?

  196. Hi,
    I’ve had experience by IPL in beauty salons and I’ve found it painful. Could you tell me if the boots smooth has less pain or not?

  197. I’m an Indian girl – medium toned skin, and I have experienced really wonderful results using Philips Lumea!

    I’ve used it twice so far and cant wait to cntinue.

    I’m going to be doing reviews on my blog if any one’s interested.

    Thanks beauty scribbler, i read about it first on here and that convinced me to get it!

  198. Hi there
    I love your blog. I’m just wondering which machine is recommended for Brazilian. There are contradicting comments where one person said the Boots can do it, and one other commend said Boots is not recommended for brazillian but the Phillips Lumea is. Do you know where can I find more information on this?
    Best regards 😉

  199. Hi, I’m a bit confused about whether or not I can use IPL as I’m pakistani, but my skin tone is sort of medium. I’m really sorry if this question has already been asked.

  200. Hi,

    I have read through most of the blog and I have found a lot of the information very useful. So thanks to all.

    I was considering buying the Philips Lumea sc2002. Does anyone know if it is more powerful than their first model. Is the hair removal permanent or is it still temporary? After reading some of the comments I am starting to wonder about the Boots product although having to use gel and replace expensive light bulbs that does not sound great, also worried about the overheating issues. My skin is prone to prickle heat in summer, so I am wondering if the Boots product could cause the same effect.

    Is the new Boots model out yet?

    PS: Also slightly worried about moles and freckles, its going to be hard to cover all of them up. Can these products cause skin cancer?

    Ideally I would like to use the machine for hair removal on face, underarms, bikini area and legs… If permanent removal can not be achieved at least long lasting (i.e. two to three months) would be nice.

    I am having real trouble deciding which product to choose. Any help would be welcome.

  201. Hi i am a male to female transgendered person and have a hairy situation on my upper lip and chin. It is a bit corsed and some in growns due to overplucking. What home machine will give me best results? I would appreciate if you can advice me on this. I also paid for crotex cream but i think it is a scam. Can you blog about this product ?you can google their site crotexcream.com. Thanks in advance and thanks you for your informative blogs. Really a big help!

  202. Hi Beauty Scribbler,

    Any info on how your sister is getting on with the Me Elos? Although the replacement heads are not cheap it seems that you can just use it in one fluent motion (rather than do patches)which sounds easier and faster. Also do you know how good it is on removing facial hair?


  203. Sorry for only joining this thread so late, but we noticed that you mentioned our product (VISS IPL). We have made some significant developments this year and I believe we are the only product on the market which has interchangeable lamps for hair removal and acne treatment.

    We have just launched in the UK and would be more than happy to answer any questions.

    Please feel free to email cs@vissbeauty.co.uk

    Many thanks!

    Viss Beauty UK

  204. The iPulse Team says on Facebook that they cannot ship to the US (or anywhere else outside of the UK). You might want to update your info.

    Also, Remington is selling an updated version: i-light 6000, this new model has 7-8 joules and is fairly cheap: $250 on remingtonproducts.com with free shipping (use coupon code NE25 for 25% off until the end of 2011).

  205. Found your reviews enlightening. So the decision was made to purchase the iPulse. Unfortunately I cannot seem to find it for sale in the USA! Boots does not export them and the iPulse website is not very helpful.

    The competing products available here are not as powerful. I am wondering if the Food and Drug Administration has not authorized the iPulse.

  206. Hiya Beauty Scribbler,

    I just had a couple of quick questions, not sure if you’ll be able to help or any of the other readers/bloggers will, but yesterday i had some IPL treatment at a salon, and at the time (because the lighting was quite bad) it all seemed okay, when i got home though i found that there still seemed to be some hair follicles showing (that were shaved just prior to the treatment in the salon), and i can feel quite a bit of stubbly bits too, so now i’m wondering is this normal? I mean has the lady just missed spots or is it the hair shedding? Is the feeling of stubble supposed to be there straight after the treatment? I have read soooo many articles since yesterday my brain is frazzled and before i go into panic mode and call the salon on Monday i just wanted to check.

    Appreciate any insight, Thank you xx

  207. I see that this a relatively old thread, so I hope that I’m not too late with my question. I see that you are out of New York, and I am wondering if you ordered the Boots hair removal systemm online because it doesn’t appear to be available in the US. Do you know of a retailer that sells it? Thanks so much for the thorough review, as well; it really helps nervous beauty buyers like me in committing to a purchase!

  208. Hello, Does the Philips Lumea can achieve the result of the Brazilian wax on the genital area ??

    Like totally no hair down there ?? painlessly ??

  209. Just thought I’d let you guys know my thoughts on Boots Smooth Skin v HomeMedics Me My Elos. I used Smooth Skin for about 18 months on lower legs, underarms and bikini line. Results were AMAZING!! A year and a half later I am still absolutely delighted with the results – quick top up every 6 months on underarms only, occasionally use an epilater on lower legs every 3 months or so because a few tiny thin whispy hairs grow, but come out easily with epilation (no pain at all!). I’m SO pleased with results (and I have PCOs so I never thought it would work for me). The only downside to this machine is that it is very time consuming and messy with the gel.

    So I got the Me My Elos for upper legs (so much easier to use) but am not finding it very effective yet (after 7 months). It’s less powerful than Smooth Skin. But I’ll persevere a bit longer.

    Quick tip re freckles/moles. With Smooth Skin I cover mine with small discs of white paper cut out with a hole punch – they stick easily to the gel. With Me My Elos I use a white eyeliner pencil to conceal the freckles or sticky-backed white discs (available in stationery shops) for larger moles. Hope this helps.

  210. Hi, thanks for this reveiw. Very helpful . Just to say I brought the Philips Lumea precision a few months ago. I’ve been using it on my face, arms, legs and underarms and I must say that it is working well. The hair has completely gone from my face (2 months hair free) I am an Indian lady with medium brown hair and this has been a godsend for me as I was unsuitable for the Boots one.

  211. I think I must be doing something wrong with my Boots ipulse. I’ve been using it every week for 4 weeks now but I have seen absolutely no results! I know it says that full treatment takes 6 – 12 weeks but I thought should the hair not start to fall out or be thinner during this time? I have been using it on my chin where I have course, dark hair. I thought that the hair might fall out after treatment and then grow back a bit less each time but for me, no hair falls out. I am still having to use a hair removing mitt every day – I have not had one day with less hair than when I started! The machine seems to be working – there is a flash and I feel a slight prickle of heat but then the hair just stays there, the same as it was. Is this right? Does it just take longer for some people? I am wondering if I should be using a stronger setting – I have been using the “dark” (gentlest) setting as that is what was recommended for the face. Can anyone advise?

  212. I was wondering if any guys had any experience using a remington ilight on pubic region and sack.

  213. Hi, I can testify that the Philips Lumea DOES NOT WORK. I’m heart broken; it was a dream come true to get rid of black body hair. I wish I’d read reviews before I bought it; now it’s too late. I’m trying to get a refund. It just renders the hair dormant for 3 mths, then it ALL comes back. It also left an unbearably itchy rash wherever I used it. I’m going to try the Boots one

  214. Hi,
    I would like to know what’s the difference between the i-light and i-light pro from remington. And what about the new Derma Perfect from Rowenta?

  215. Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know why Remington doesn’t export to Australia or other countries. If a friend of mine in USA buys this product, is she allowed to post it to Australia or would it be stopped at customs???
    does anyone know??
    Any help would be apperciated

  216. Hello i just brought the IPL phillips lumea and was wondering when you on it does the fan make noise?
    Kind Regards


  217. Hi There, can you use the lumea for red veins on the face??

  218. Hello 🙂
    is it possibly that the boots is not available anymore or is it just currently sold out?

  219. hey i am from an Indian origin….very pale skin n black hair…..but i need something which can be used on face as well.since i have a lot of facial hair..and that is my main concern…..what do u suggest? i am open to all options, ie Laser, Electrolysis, IPL…which is the best option? and which device should i buy for the same

  220. I have boots smooth skin machine and it doesnt work on face mainly because hair on the face is light colored, works well on bikini line and underarms on legs its not brill if you have little beaty spots bevcause the flash tends to zap the dark spots

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