Last week, I picked up this Soap & Glory Face Massage Mini Mitt from Boots for £4.  I’ve been really into massaging my face ever since I started using Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish.  A little massage makes me feel like I’m improving circulation in my face and giving my skin a helping hand in ridding toxins and puffiness.  Soap & Glory recommend using this mini mitt if your skin looks tired and sallow.

This mini mitt is not really a glove-style mitt… it’s a flexible silicone oval disc with a handle on the back.  It looks a lot like the “Scrublet” that comes with the L’Oréal’s Perfect Clean face wash.  In fact, it looks almost identical to the Scrublet that comes with the American version of that product: L’Oréal Go 360 Clean.  The disc is made from 100% silicone, which makes it very soft and bendy.  Most of the disc area is covered in tiny little rubbery spikes, with one end covered in stumpier round nodules.

Soap and Glory Face Massage Mini Mitt
Soap and Glory Face Massage Mini Mitt handle
I use this mini mitt most mornings and nights.  I use my fingers to spread Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish over my entire face as normal, and still using my fingers, work the cleanser into the more crevice-y areas like around my nose.  Then I continue massaging using the mini mitt.  Yep, my cleansing routine seems to take longer and longer these days!  But I haven’t adjusted the time I get out of bed accordingly, meaning I’m at least half an hour late for work every day.

I haven’t noticed any “wow” results yet, but it does feel really invigorating to use the mini mitt.  It doesn’t feel at all harsh on the skin because the spikes are so soft.  In fact, I’m not sure whether it even counts as exfoliation because it’s not scrubbing the skin… just massaging it.

If you flip the mini mitt upside down, the little round nodules give a deeper massage because they’re stiffer than the spikes.  They can feel quite tickly!

If you end up trying one of these funny-looking massage discs, one tip I would give is to dry your hands before picking it up, because it becomes seriously slippery and unmanageable when the handle gets wet… a bit like trying to rub a sardine on your face.

9 comments on “Soap & Glory Face Massage Mini Mitt: Review

  1. Lol about the sardine. This product looks very interesting though, keep us updated for any ‘wow’ results! 🙂

  2. Haha, good post! I want to try this, i really need to get into a good cleansing routine! 🙂 xx

  3. hahaha! Was there a time when Sardines are used on face? lol I wish they have that scrubber here. Well they have the Loreal face wash but I already have a cleanser… Anywho, let us know when you do get amazing results!!!

  4. I am so disapointed with this brand i won’t buy anything else from them,mmm …well maybe i’ll give a try if you keep us posted and the outcome is ok!x

  5. just wondering, have you tried LPG massager for face? it’s obviously a complicated system, retails for around GBP 1000 for use at home version (otherwise, it’s offered in beauty salons for about 50 a session). supposed to be great. would be really nice to have your opinion on that one…

  6. I love Soap & Glory! I have one of these massage mitts too. It is easier to massage your face if you have a little moisturiser on. I like to use the bumpy part without the spikes gently on the bags under my eyes to make them less puffy.
    I am following you now. I hope you can pay me a little visit at my blog 🙂 xx

  7. Was seriously dissapointed when I bought this and got home only to discover it wasn’t actually a mitt! It also brought me out in a major breakout the first time I used it… But now I never wash my face without it! It always rids my face of any nasty oils or misbehaving make-up. No matter how deep they’ve sunk into my skin, this little mitt always prevails! I use it mainly with (my all-time favourite face wash) Soap and Glorys’ FACE SOAP and CLARITY™, it never fails to leave my skin feeling bright and refreshed, and it always has a good crack at minimising the terrible loose pores that manage to build up on my nose. Definately worth a fiver! 🙂

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