Estée Lauder Pure Color eyeshadows and lipgloss
A couple of weeks ago, I previewed the 24 new eyeshadows and 24 (yes, 24!) new lip glosses that debut the next generation of Estée Lauder Pure Color make-up. This exciting refresh of the Pure Color line  showcases the recent arrival of French make-up artist, Tom Pecheux (notably credited with transforming Shiseido into a modern beauty empire by 2006), as Estée Lauder’s new Creative Make-up Director. And boy, did he get it right.

I took away a few shades to try out, and having finally got round to testing them out properly, I can safely say that I love the new Pure Color collection!

The three eyeshadows I chose were “Tempting Mocha” (shimmer), “Ivy Envy” (satin) and “Midnight Star” (metallic). The swatches are below.

Estée Lauder Pure Color eyeshadows swatches
Each eyeshadow comes in a chic, gold, mirrored compact which looks like something from a Bond Street jeweller’s window (and makes me feel like a proper woman when I’m holding one). But aside from the sophisticated packaging, the first thing I noticed about these eyeshadows was how smooth and velvety they were to touch. The second observation was how evenly they applied and how buildable the shades were. Each shade is easily switched from being a wash of colour, to a bold foil of colour, with just another one or two swipes.

Tempting Mocha” is a light, bruised-toned taupe, with subtle shimmer. I’d say it’s quite cool-toned.

Ivy Envy” is a luminous forest green colour. It’s one of the “satin” shades which means it has a low lustre texture to create a soft sheen. The satin finish is perfect for this colour because it lets the colour come through more than if it was a shimmer.

“Midnight Star” is a dramatic dark blue. It’s from the “metallic” range, but I’d describe it more as a high shimmer shade. This shade feels less silky that the other two I have, because the shimmer is actually quite gritty (careful with fall-out!).

For the last two days, I have worn “Tempting Mocha” over my entire eyelid to just above the crease, with “Ivy Envy” as a shadow liner (see photo below). I’ve been pairing this look with a brown eyeliner on my waterline in the form of Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Eye Pencil in “Coffee” (my long-standing, favourite eyeliner).

Ever since meeting Ivan Castro from Le Métier de Beauté, I’ve realised what a difference a bit of complementary colour can make to my eyes. I find that this green (like the emerald shade that Ivan demonstrated), makes my brown eyes stand out more. I tried this look on my similar-looking sister at the weekend, and with one eye lined in green and one in brown, the difference is astounding. The “green-rimmed” eye actually calls out for an audience.

Estée Lauder Pure Color eyeshadow
The staying power of these shadows is immense. After photographing the swatches, it actually hurt when I tried to rub them off the skin on the back of my hand – the shadows are that hardy! I ended up having to use a full-on eye make-up remover to shift the colour. Applied in the morning, the colour still looks pretty much perfect at the end of the day, even under my eyes where I would normally have noticeable smudging and creasing due to the many strange facial contortions I create when I’m talking, laughing or just concentrating.

And finally, the lip gloss. The shade I took away was “Simply Pink” which is an innocent, soft, nude pink colour. The new Pure Color range has three types of lip glosses, “shine”, “shimmer” and “sparkle”. “Simply Pink” is of the “shine” variety which means it’s juicy-looking without any shimmer. It’s medium opacity – not so sheer that it just looks like I have licked my lips, but not so completely opaque that I look washed out.

This is the BEST LIP GLOSS EVER!! EVER!! This gloss is hydrating, non-sticky, non-tacky, non-smelly and long lasting. But Estée Lauder have also managed to do something with the pigment that actually makes my lips look fuller and less “bleh” than usual. I’ve decided that this is the lipgloss I will be wearing on my wedding day later this summer… so it must be good!

Here is the full look I have been sporting.

Estée Lauder Pure Color eyeshadows and lipgloss face
I really, really recommend that you take a look at these new products next time you’re passing an Estée Lauder counter. With 24 eyeshadows and 24 lip glosses, I can’t imagine there not being something for everyone. The lip glosses are out now, and the eyeshadows will be out in July. The lip glosses are priced at £16 and the eyeshadows will be £15.50, which suddenly seems quite cheap compared to the Le Métier de Beauté products I’ve been eyeing up lately!

Disclosure: These eyeshadows and lip gloss were provided to me free of charge as PR samples. The eye pencil is my own. All opinions are as always unbiased and my own (I just talk a lot when I like something)…

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  1. Wow the colors look so gorgeous! I might have to pick up a few of them.

    BTW, can you post up something about your diet/exercise and how you keep in shape? 🙂

  2. @Mary: Yes, definitely check out the colours… the new products are gorgeous. Regarding diet/exercise and keeping in shape, I’m not a very sporty person but I do find myself walking a lot… that’s what you get when you live in London! And on the diet front, I’m famous for my big appetite and for my love of proper food. But being lactose intolerant and sadly also allergic to chocolate, my choice of treats is limited (I always say I’d be obese if I could eat anything I wanted!). Apart from that, I never try to restrict my calories… I’d only end up craving all the foods I didn’t eat and eating more of them later. It’s much more important to eat a balanced, proper meal which satisfies you so you don’t end up gorging on junk later.

    @Mercedes: Hmm you may find the colours elsewhere if you looked, but it’s the high performance of the products that have really impressed me in the new collection. You should try them to see what I mean!

  3. @Anonymous: Ooh let me think… It looks quite pink so it’s probably Illamasqua Powder Blusher in “Tremble” which is what I wear every day! It looks quite bright in the pan but it’s a very wearable pink blusher!

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