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I finally had my twice-yearly haircut today (although “trim” is probably the right word here, seeing as no-one will actually notice I’ve had anything done). I always know when I desperately need a cut because the chore of washing and blowdrying my hair starts feeling even more so arduous due to the weight of my hair. Not to mention the tangly split ends.

I’d been to B:Zar (Berwick Street, Soho) before and was really pleased with the cut. My stylist, Miz (next to me in the photos!), is guaranteed to put a smile on your face if she ever cuts your hair – she’s very funny! All the stylists are from Japan, so they know how to deal with my thick, non-bendy, straight hair. I don’t even have to describe my hair… Miz knows exactly how to thin it out so that it sits and moves nicely, rather than just hanging there like a heavy curtain.

Miz enlisted the help of another stylist to help her blow dry my hair (haha do I have that much hair that I need two people to blow dry it at the same time??). They blow dried my hair around round brushes to add loose curls to the ends. I love having hair like this – it makes me feel like the girls in Japan with the impeccably coloured and curled hair that I can never do myself. Shame I’ll have to wash it at some point.

I really like the B:Zar salon. It feels urban and a little gritty – you don’t get fancy drinks or annoying stylists who ask you whether you’re going on holiday (why do they always ask that??). I don’t feel like I’m on a conveyor belt there. Everyone clearly cares about their handiwork and they won’t rest until they’ve perfected every single strand of hair.

I paid £38 for my wash, cut and blow dry… which seems pretty bargainous for the amount of care they put into my hair. It includes some “interesting” head and shoulder massages too!

Now that I’ve had my hair cut, I can rest for another six months. I’m having my hair highlighted at Aveda again next week too… I’m planning to go a bit lighter. I just hope it doesn’t go orange!

If you’re interested in having your hair cut at B:Zar, they have a website at And don’t feel like you need to be of Asian ethinicity or a girl to go there by the way! I’ve sent loads of friends there, including my boyfriend, and they’ve all been very happy with their experiences.

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  1. Nice haircut. I’ve always wanted to try an Asian hairdresser (maybe they know how to cut asian hair better? XD) but never had the guts. Nice price too. Maybe I should try them out!

  2. @Roshas: Haha thank you!

    @Faye: Yes definitely try an Asian hairdresser – I can’t believe you haven’t already?? I gave up on non-Asian salons about 10 years ago haha! I used to have such bad hair cuts from Caucasian stylists… they just didn’t know how to deal with my hair. One guy from an expensive salon left me with a really frumpy curled-under long bob… no layers or anything. It was so, so bad. Try B:Zar and let me know how you get on!

  3. Beautiful! I especially love the way they curled your hair, it looks so natural – sometimes curls can look so perfect and stiff it aches.
    I wonder how they’d cope with my fine, long hair that always lacks volume 😉 I wish I had “too much” hair like you! 🙂

  4. You are like me… I hate hair cuts I’m always scared to let a hairdresser loose! It’s once or twice a year for me too!

    follow me if you like :~)

  5. Is this the one you recommended to me? Booking it baby, well will do once this horrendous mop that is currently my hair begins to grow back. Loved you Pantene revew too, I “lol’d” at the superimposed Pantene bottle! I bet you looked fine as well xx

  6. Ahh you are so pretty! I have a feeling you are my hair soul sister. LOL We totally have the same hair, and I also like my hair styled as you had it in the photos. My stylist said this can be done with a really large barrel curling iron (2+ inches) if you can’t do a proper blow dry.

  7. @Ola: Thank you! I’m sure they’d find a way to cut fine hair to give it more volume.. they must see a lot of hair types and they seem really skilled.

    @Mythology20: Yeah any more than twice a year seems so much to me!

    @Lina: Yep this is the salon I keep recommending to you. I think your current hair looks great anyway though! But definitely when it grows, give B:Zar a go…. they’re really good for sticking to what you ask for as well. I never ask for much length to be cut off, and I’ve never left the salon thinking “omg they cut so much off”.

    @Arianne: Aww thanks! Hahahah @ hair soul sister. That’s what I thought when I saw photos of your new highlights – the colour and effect look exactly the same as mine – although you took a much better picture of yours than I did of mine! I have a large barrel curling tong which I rarely take out of the cupboard.. I always feel so bad using that much heat on my hair. But I do love those loose curls..

  8. I love your haircut! It looks so natural and pretty.

    I have to know, where is your dress from. It’s too cute!

  9. @Natasha: Haha that’s funny that you ask about the dress because every single time I’ve worn it, I’ve had at least one person telling me they love the dress! I think I’ve had at least 20 separate people complimenting it so far. It’s just from Mango! I’ve seen in the sale recently though so I’m not sure if it’ll still be in stock! I’ve also seen an almost identical dress in Marks & Spencer but without the brown belt.

    @Kei Kei: Most Asian/Japanese salons I’ve used have managed to do a decent job with thinning out my hair… B:Zar is just my current favourite! Ooh thank you for the tag – I’ll check it out!

  10. Heyhey! Nice hair!! I want to go there and get my hair cut too after reading this!!

    Do you have to book an appointment or you can just walk in and ask for hair cut, and also do they do the hair style layered cut for you or do you have to ask?

  11. @Ellievl: Aww thank you!

    @Identityego: Oooh hello Miz! What a surprise to see as comment from you!!

    @Anonymous: Hi there! I always book an appointment just to avoid the disappointment and wasted trip in case they can’t fit me in when I arrive. They do get full up during peak times e.g. evenings and weekends. I’ve always just ask for “just the same as usual please” and they know what to do haha. But if this is the first time you’re going, you should be a bit clearer about what you want! You should definitely mention that you’d like layers put in just to be clear, but if you forget to ask, I’m sure they will check with you first. Good luck!!! I go to B:Zar all the time and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

  12. @Anonymous: Forgot to say that I am usually able to make a last minute appointment on the day… you don’t have to book weeks in advance or anything!

  13. First of all: Your blog is awesome! Secondly: I love your dress!!!

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