Cat Deeley Pantene Pro-V ambassador
My boyfriend just glanced over at my screen and said “You’ve turned into a giant Pantene bottle!” to which I responded plainly, “Yes. There’s no way I can be in the same photo as Cat Deeley. She’s too pretty.”

Today, Cat Deeley was unveiled in the UK as the new ambassador for Pantene Pro-V. Specifically, she’s promoting the new Pantene Aqua Light range (see my recent experience with Pantene Aqua Light here).

Cat Deeley looked gorgeous at the Dorchester hotel this evening in London. You know how some celebs look craggy and overly made-up in real life? Well, Cat doesn’t. Annoyingly, she looks even better in real life… a true, natural beauty, with bone structure and hair I would kill for. Not to mention the tiniest, most delicate ankles I’ve ever seen. Who is this woman?? Bambi???

Here are a few photos I took of Cat while she answered questions about life in LA, her beauty regime etc. She seemed very sweet.

Cat Deeley Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light
Cat Deeley Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light

Cat Deeley Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light
Pantene Aqua Light is now out in the usual places you find Pantene (Boots, Superdrug, supermarkets etc) with prices around the £3 mark. I actually really, really like the Lightweight Nourishing Conditioner. I honestly never thought I’d ever say I liked a Pantene product but this range actually does what it says on the tin. If detangles and lightly conditions my long hair without weighing it down (but still smoothes down those sticky-up bits around my parting). It rinses out clean and doesn’t seem to leave any residue on my hair or scalp, meaning that I can go even longer without washing it (I can regularly leave it for 3 days before washing).

This is not a silicone-free range, but the silicones have been formulated to be as water-soluble as possible in order to give that clean-rinsed feeling. I usually avoid silicone-laden hair products because they make my scalp (and the top of my back) itchy and bumpy, but I don’t get this problem with the Aqua Light range.

There are a couple of other products which I haven’t tried yet which are the Lightweight Nourishing Mist and the Lightweight Nourishment Treatment (a weekly rinse-out treatment conditioner). I’m still not sure what benefits the leave-in spray will give me (I’m a rinse-out girl), but I am looking forward to trying the treatment conditioner.

By the way, I was discussing whether Cat Deeley does actually use Pantene Aqua Light… I mean, does she really have bottles of it in her bathroom that she reaches for in the mornings? But then I realised that I am probably even more of a haircare snob than she is, and I’m currently willingly choosing to use Pantene Aqua Light over my old favourites. Call me naïve, but I like to think that she does genuinely like the range.

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  1. i loled at the first pictures. so funny. ps: i borrowed the ingredients of your review on L’oreal Matte Morphose Foundation and linked it back. Hope it’s all right. And thank you!

  2. Hey! You looked perfectly gorgeous in that first photo, put yourself back in!

    The level of energy and glow coming from Ms Deeley made me feel incredibly jealous – it’s clear she doesn’t need lashings of makeup to look fresh, beautiful and healthy – she just is.

  3. She’s a Brummy, of course she’s awesome 🙂 I am not a haircare snob, I love my pantene – I use the ice shine stuff (I won’t pretend to myself that you’re not pulling a face at that) x

  4. hehe she looks tiny sitting in that massive chair and table! i too avoid the pantene range because of the silicon. not sure if this range has come out in australia yet.

  5. @Jojoba: No problems on the ingredients – they can be publicly found on the packaging so I don’t mind at all! I wish more people would list ingredients online!

    @Ms Bubu: I hope the range works for you!

    @Gemma: Haha I would’ve looked *ok* in the photo if Cat hadn’t been standing next to me. She makes me look like the hunchback of Notre Dame’s sister in comparison.

    @Joanna: Oh yeah I completely forgot she’s a Brummie! She’s definitely got rid of her accent! Hahahahaha @ pulling a face at Ice Shine stuff!

    @Beautyjunkielondon: It doesn’t help that she’s so tall as well… *sigh*

    @Sami: Yeah that chair and table were massive come to think of it! When the range comes out in Australia (if it does), give the conditioners a go… they’re nothing like the original Pantene ranges. They’re brilliant!

  6. Haha! Helen, I love your blog and some of your pics make me laugh out loud!
    I wanna know if you’re still using this line of shampoos or if you’ve gone back to your other favorites?

  7. @Anonymous: Thank you!! I am still using the Aqua Light conditioner (the normal one, not the “treatment” one) and I still love it! The shampoo I am using at the moment is Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo.

  8. hi honey,
    Love the blog!
    I have been using this range for the past two months and find it to do exactly what it claims to do!
    However me being me (bored easily) i have just ordered the s factor range and am so looking forward to reviewing them as ive heard fantastic things 🙂
    please check out my blog i think you might like it 🙂 (its only 3 weeks old) xxx

  9. I lol-ed at the first picture!!!! hahah
    and she looks so glowy indeed!!! and wow now I think I’m definitely getting this conditioner..I never payed any attention to this range ..! hmm but I generally dislike Pantene because they’re so creamy and I feel that I have buildup in my hair lol, like you mentioned. 🙂

  10. I’m sure that Cat Deeley really DOES use the Pantene haircare range in her bathroom as beauty editors in the know swear by Pantene and L’Oreal shampoos as they know that these work just as well as more expensive salon brands. The reason is that companies like Procter & Gamble and L’Oreal pour billions into product research and development and when you buy products from these companies you are paying for that level of investment, expertise and quality. Yes, it’s true! Pantene and L’Oreal work just as well as luxury salon shampoos for a fraction of the designer price tag (something that hairdressers don’t want you to know as they are paid to endorse and promote pricey salon product lines).

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