I was talking to a nice lady from Restylane recently (a PR-related, not personal event). I think she was actually meant to be promoting the new Restylane skin care range, but I was far too consumed with the abundant before and after photos of Restylane filler patients to be paying attention to skin care!

The treatment I was most intrigued about and for which I asked the most head-bobbingly excitable questions was the non-surgical nose reshaping treatment. I’d read about this non-invasive “lunch break nose job” earlier in the year from an article in the Guardian and was curious back then, but didn’t at the time have someone sitting in front of me to fire questions at.

So most people know that Restylane is an injectable dermal filler containing hyaluronic acid (a substance we already naturally have in our bodies). It’s most widely known for enhancing lips and plumping out wrinkles, but I was fascinated to learn about the more extreme “reshaping” that can be achieved with Restylane, for example to give a more prominent chin or to straighten a bumpy nose.

I didn’t know this, but there are actually seven different products in the Restylane dermal filler range with varying viscosities, designed to work at different levels in the skin (basically, it’s not the same stuff used for the lips as other parts of the face).

In the case of nose-reshaping, the gel is injected deep under the numbed skin then moulded and sculpted by the surgeon’s fingers. Apparently this is much more precise than a surgical nose job, and within 15 minutes the job is done. Plus the patient is awake the whole time so they can guide the shape (“maybe a little more to the right… no sorry too much, a little to the left again”).

With just a bit of filler, bumps and hooks can be straightened out by building out the surrounding recessed areas, and rounded or droopy nasal tips can be lifted and defined. It can supposedly even make large noses appear smaller by straightening their profile.

Unlike injections around the swelling-prone lip area, any initial redness, swelling or tenderness around the nose diminishes within hours or days at the most, which is why patients can be back at work immediately after their “nose job”.

The cost of nose-reshaping starts around £400. Results last around a year to a year and a half, after which time the hyaluronic acid gel is broken down and absorbed safely into the body. Apparently Restylane topups are required more frequently in areas which are constantly moving, like our lips, but the nose is relatively stationary. Each subsequent treatment lasts longer than the previous one.

I must admit, during the conversation, she made Restylane sound so everyday, so normal… as if having a Restylane filler treatment is just like having a facial. I came away thinking “ooh I could have that done, and that, and that….” I mean, Restylane is temporary after all. Isn’t it just like going to the salon and getting highlights? Plus hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the body and not derived from animals, meaning a very low chance of an allergic reaction (Can you tell I’m trying to convince myself?).

I don’t know… my nose tilts to one side and I’ve always wished the tip (which I can barely call a “tip” because it’s more like a rounded ball) was more raised and defined. I’d love to know what I’d look like with a more symmetrical, straighter nose. But do I have the guts to make an appointment with the supposed nose-reshaping specialist? I’m not sure! (Although I went as far as to get his contact details.) And more importantly, would I admit to anyone that I’d had it done? I’m not sure on that either!

3 comments on “Restylane nose reshaping: Lunch break nose job anyone?

  1. I think it’s a good thing that treatments such as these are available to those that feel that they need them, although I personally dislike that ‘nose job’ nose look. Every person is not meant to have the same default nose. Unique characteristics are what give individual faces their charm. Once you start to fiddle about with one element, it alters the overall balance and composition of the features. Look at Jennifer Grey – she had her nose ‘fixed’ and lost her special thing – and her career – in the process.

    Also, even if this filler lasts for a year or so and then longer over time, at FROM £400 a pop that’s still thousands and thousands over a lifetime if you want to keep it up. A nose job would be cheaper, if you could get the same result.

    Finally, don’t you dare get this done Helen! You’re a gorgeous girl just as you are and you need nothing altering!

  2. I agree with La on that you are absolutely beautiful and do not need anything done, please stay as you are!

    It is an interesting topic and the fact that you can guide the surgeon on what you want may appeal to many. It is good that there are less invasive options available for those who need them but personally I do not like needles, I can tolerate a trip to the dentist but injecting anything else makes me shudder at the thought!

    – Athena

  3. @La: Aww bless you for your kind words! But what about my wonky nose that bends to one side? I’d be happy except for that haha!

    @Anonymous: Aww thank you! Yeah I never think that I have a needle phobia but I freak out as soon as one comes nears me!

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