Yesterday I received my order of the ELF Hollywood Eyelashes kit which is part of their “Studio” range. I bought the kit for £3.50 purely for the lash applicator contraption, but it also comes with a lash stand, eyelash glue and a set of false lashes..

I was looking for a lash applicator clip because I am seriously rubbish at applying false lashes but I love the look of them. I’ve never got the hang of sticking on strip lashes using my fingers or tweezers – it’s just too difficult to see where I’m going, and then the lashes end up wonky and shoddily stuck down on the ends.

Here’s the lash applicator that comes in the kit. It’s appalling quality – proper cheap tat. However, it does the job. It’s basically just a curved clamp that will grip fake lashes in the shape that you need them, freeing up your other hand. The ends are rubbery to give a tighter grip and to not cause too much pain if you end up jabbing yourself in the eye.

ELF Hollywood Eyelashes lash applicator
The lash stand is another piece of tat that turns out to be quite handy. It keeps your fake lashes in an optimally curved shape, ready to be lifted out in that same shape.

The stand looks pointless but honestly, it’s quite useful! When I grasp onto the lashes with the applicator clip, they’re perfectly curved (I have slightly rugby ball shaped eyeballs so I need quite a deep curve on strip lashes).

Once the lashes are secured in the applicator clip, it’s then easy to apply glue along the spine of the lashes. However, the glue that comes in the kit is godawful – it smells rancid, is thick and clumpy and doesn’t adhere to anything. It’s literally useless as a glue so I just use my normal Eyelure lash glue.

The lash applicator makes it so much easier and faster for me to apply strip lashes… I can actually see where I’m going, and it frees up my other hand which I can then use to precisely stick the ends in place. The clip doesn’t completely eradicate the need to use fingers but it will really speed up the sticking-down process.

I also tried the false lashes that came in the kit which are really nasty but I put them on anyway for the sake of a full review. The lashes look ultra cheap and have visible adhesive all over them from where they’ve been secured down in the packaging. They also have that drag queen sheen to them when you look at them from above. I don’t think anyone could actually leave the house wearing them.

Anyway, here’s a before photo:

And here’s the after photo (“styled with lash inserts” haha):

ELF Hollywood Eyelashes
I recommend this lash applicator clip and lash stand for anyone who struggles to apply strip lashes using just their fingers. There are a few other brands that sell similar lash applicator tools, including Ardell, Sally’s and Japonesque, but this ELF kit was the easiest to get hold of at the time. There are also loads of generic-branded lash applicators on eBay which cost virtually nothing and are shipped from Asia if you are patient enough (I wasn’t!).

8 comments on “A very handy false lash applicator from ELF

  1. ooo interesting. hehe. ive heard about these at least they were cheap! i find applying lashes quite easy =P. probably coz ive been wearing them everyday for monthss =P. X

  2. Fabulous post! I love falsies, and though I don’t have problem putting them on with tweezers, this tool and the lashes stand do look very handy! Thank you for sharing, I shall get myself one of these kits. Gotta love ELF! 🙂

  3. I fin it almost impossible to apply lashes no matter how many tutorials I read or watch! I’ve got pretty much this kit from some brand I forget the name of now, but the clamp really didn’t seem to help me much :S I couldn’t even figure out how on earth the lash stand worked! At least I know that now! 🙂

  4. @Linda Phuong Tran: Aww I’m jealous you can apply false lashes so easily – I’m so rubbish at it! I think I’m getting better though… and it also depends on the lashes. Some of them are easier to put on than others because of the bend they come with.

    @Fifi: Oh, if you already find it easy putting on falsies, don’t bother with the tool, I’m not sure it’ll help you that much! I’ve seen your photos on your blog and it doesn’t look like you have a problem with applying false lashes at all!

    @Lucy: When I’m just using my fingers to apply false lashes, I just feel like I have fingers and thumbs all over the place and I can’t actually see where I’m going. With this tool, I can hold the lashes from end to end using just one hand, and it keeps my fingers and thumbs out of my eyes.

    @Hannah: The lashes do actually look alright in the photo – but they looked awful in real life! So cheap and nasty! They had glue all over them from the way they were stuck onto the packaging!

    @Little Miss H: Oh no, that’s a shame you didn’t get on with the clamp you tried! Maybe try again using just your fingers? I always find it really hard to apply false lashes too – so you’re not alone!

  5. Oh I always wanted to try this out from ELF,among other things. So I think I have to check this out now 🙂

  6. you can these eyelash applicators in poundland now as well ever better price, i bought some today and am going to try them cos i can’t put falsey’s on either but desperately want to wear some.


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