Precision Cuticle Oil
I can’t stop applying this Précision Cuticle Oil at the moment… I carry it around with me everywhere. From memory (threw away the box long ago), the ingredients are just safflower oil, Vitamin E and kiwi fruit extract.. and it smells really fruity.

My cuticles sometimes get a bit dry and sore for no reason (perhaps times of sluggish immune system?) so I’m using this to keep my cuticles and the base of my nails healthy. It comes with a standard nail polish style brush, so it literally takes seconds to apply (which is why it’s so addictive).

This was a PR sample I got ages ago, but it’s available to buy online from for £5.99.

4 comments on “Current obsession: Précision Cuticle Oil

  1. Love this! I use the jessica one but it comes with a dropper and you end up with tons on your nails and cuticle making your fingers all greasy it smells weird too!
    definitely need to give this a try! xoxo

  2. I’m addicted to putting the Lush Lemony Butter cream on my cuticles when they’re dry/cracking but this looks a lot easier to use on the go!

  3. Ive heard about this product and would love to try it out, thanks for the link =) x

  4. Now this is embarrassing, I’ve never come across this brand before, or this product! I have been using Creative Solar Oil on clients, which contains a good dose of Vitamin E.

    Will give this a try once my current supply of Solar Oil has finished, and let you know my thoughts.

    Time Of Life

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