For my hen night yesterday, I ended up wearing these Eylure Naturalites false lashes in style 116 (long but not too thick). BUT it was only after I had stuck them on that I realised that they were the wrong way round. After an obligatory “Oh maaaaaaan!!”, I decided to just leave them as they were, seeing as it always takes me so long to get these things on. One day, I will be competent at putting on false lashes, one day.

I also considered trimming the longer lashes but actually the wrongness wasn’t that noticeable… not unless you looked really closely!

Eylure Naturalites 116 false lashes
Eylure Naturalites 116 false lashes
Above, the lashes would have been perfect if I had just checked them before applying! It’s only after seeing these photos and taking the lashes off that I realise how obvious it should have been that there’s one strip per eye… DUH!

Eylure Naturalites 116 false lashes
My sister and I were cracking up at the above photo earlier today. She kept asking, “How did you not notice there was one per eye???”

Despite my stupidity, these lashes were the most comfortable lashes I’ve ever worn. I completely forgot I was wearing them. I’m looking forward to seeing what these look like when they’re the right way round.

If you were wondering, my hen do was very civilised! We went out for a very nice dinner and then to a club, with lots of cocktails throughout. I made a special request to my chief bridesmaid for no L-plates, sashes, furry handcuffs etc. And definitely NO STRIPPERS. Actually, I was watching that episode of Friends today (watching TV was the only activity I could muster today) where it’s Phoebe’s bachelorette party and Danny DeVito turns up as the stripper. Oh man, so funny!!

Hope you all had a good weekend!

I bought these Eylure lashes for around £5 from Boots.

15 comments on “Eylure Naturalites 116 false lashes: Worn on hen night the wrong way round!

  1. Looking beautiful Helen! I love whatever you’re wearing on your lips, very nice sheen.

    Oh god, I know what you mean about hen parties. Every time I see a group of girls all draped in fluorescent pink, covered in L plates, glitter and angel/devil headbands, I let out a long sigh. There’s no way I will ever do anything like this, no way in hell…

  2. Haha, its just one of those mistakes most of us have probably made hunny. You will get better at applying them, it just takes practice. They do look like lovely natural lashes though, think I’ll pick myself up a pair.


  3. You might start a new trend 😛
    I’m sure it was obvious for you and your sist but I guess other people didn’t even notice.
    You’re one more step closer to become part of the “married” club now! 🙂

  4. LOL at the falsies mistake. But still looks nice tho. These eyelure ones are alot nicer/ natural looking than the ardell ones I tried. 🙂

  5. Your skin looks FABULOUS! If this is a consequence of your super-luxe facial, I am even more tempted than I was before!

    Glad you had a great night 🙂

  6. I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and I really enjoy your posts! They’re always easy to read and very informative.

    I must say you still look gorgeous despite the hiccup!Your skin is glowing too! May I ask what brown eyeshadow were you using? 🙂

  7. You look so pretty!
    –and might I say rather sober looking for your hen night? Lol I’m glad to hear that you guys had a great time, I love Friends and the ep with Danny devito was classic!!
    Heheh I probably wouldn’t have noticed the lashes unless you pointed them out lol

  8. @*~ JuLiAnnE ~*: Do you fiddle around with the lashes a lot after you’ve applied the glue? Because I find that if I’m struggling to get the lashes in the right place, there’s actually very little glue left on the spine of the lashes once they’re in the right place. So sometimes I just start all over again, removing the remaining glue, and applying fresh glue. Also, make sure you gently press all along the spine with a fingertip once they’re in place.

    @Ola: Thank you! The lip gloss is Estée Lauder Pure Color in “Simply Pink”. Hey, you never know, one day you might be one of those hens with the L-plates – all depends on how kind your friends are!

    @Nicoletta: Welcome! Aww thanks. It’s the camera flash that makes my hair look extra shiny though!

    @Jo: Yeah they’re great lashes… just need an occasion to wear them again now (the right way round!).

    @Mercedes: God yeah, having that hen do made me realise how close the wedding is!!

    @Nooberella: Thank you!

    @Faye: I like Ardell for the wide variety but Eylure seems much easier to apply and wear.

    @Sally: Haha thanks!

    @Rachel: Hahaha yeah I want that facial again too!

    @Reg: Aww thanks, that’s really nice to hear! In the photo, I’m wearing Urban Decay “Underground” eyeshadow (which is the one you can mostly see). But I am also wearing the Body Shop” Chocolate” eyeshadow on my actual lids (which you can’t really see). And I have lined under my eyes using Estée Lauder Pure Color eyeshadow in “Ivy Envy”. And I am wearing Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in “Espresso Ink”. But what you can mostly see in the photo is the Urban Decay colour! When worn over Urban Decay Primer Potion, the shimmer is really intense. Otherwise it’s a nice everyday browny taupe colour!

    @Lipglossiping: Hahahaha thank you! I know!! Not long left now ARGH!!

    @Tammy: Thank you! Hahaha yes I was quite sober! I never really get drunk because I always have too much food in my belly to soak it all up! I always cringe and laugh out loud at that Friends episode… poor Danny DeVito!

    @Peonies and lilies: Thank you!!

    @Helen: Thank you! For the eyeshadow, see a little above where I’ve answered the same question from Reg.

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