Pupa Breast Enhancer Intensive Treatment
[Update (22nd November 2010):  I have posted my final review here.]

It feels like I haven’t blogged for ages, so let me start with the most interesting product in my backlog. Pupa Multivitamin AEF Breast Enhancer was Italy’s top selling body care treatment product in 2009, and it’s just arrived in the UK. What does it do, you ask? Apparently this cream is clinically proven to increase breasts by up to one cup size in just 8 weeks and to help achieve naturally fuller, firmer and more toned breasts.

This product is pitched at the same market as Rodial Boob Job which has very similar claims, but which costs a whopping £125 for 200ml. Pupa, on the other hand is much more affordable (relatively..) at £47 for 150ml (or £29.50 for 50ml). Potentially a cheaper alternative to having breast enlargement or breast lift surgery?

How does it work?

Pupa claim that from the very first application, the high concentration of Volufiline (a rare bio-extract of Asian Gardenia) works on the subcutaneous adipose cells, stimulating them to accumulate lipids (see below illustration and read more on the Pupa product page). The product works naturally, and doesn’t affect the hormonal system.

First results should be visible after just 15 days’ regular use, morning and evening… breasts should be rounder, fuller, more even and voluminous.

But that’s not all. Pupa also claim that this cream supports breasts like a natural bra, with ingredients such as Bio-Soy Complex that form an invisible, tightening film on breasts for a natural “push-up” effect. Interesting!

So who is this product for?

It’s “ideal for small or saggy breasts“. Check. Seriously though, this breast enhancer is especially suitable for women with small breasts and “sagging” breasts, particularly after sudden weight-loss, pregnancy or breast-feeding. However, please note that you shouldn’t use this while actually pregnant or breast feeding. Good job I am neither of those quite yet.

I fall into the “small” category. I’ve always been an A-cup… but it seems normal on my petite frame. Man, if I went up by one cup size, I’d feel massive and all self-conscious! Whenever I hear of people constantly fluctuating between two or more cup sizes depending on weight gain/loss or even their monthly cycle, I just can’t fathom it. That seems like such a massive difference to me!

The application instructions are to apply morning and evening, all over the surface of the breasts, with gentle, round movements from the base, moving upwards and avoiding the nipples. For a satisfactory end result, this needs to be done for at least 8 weeks, without missing any applications. After 8 weeks, the results can be maintained with just one application per day. If treatment is stopped completely, breasts will go back to their previous shape as the fatty mass will eventually reduce.

A shot of the back of the box if you’re interested (as always, just click to see a bigger image)…

PUPA Multivitamin AEF Breast Enhancer back of box
I’ve only been using this treatment cream for five days so far, but I have genuinely noticed a difference already. Not so much on the cup size yet, but I swear my boobs are rounder and more full. It was only after a couple of days that they felt kind of heavier (but more lifted at the same time). I really noticed the extra bounce and general mass when walking up and down stairs. I’d initially put this down to my hormones, but then I missed a day of applications, and the effects went away (oh no!). And now that I’m back on track, the effects have come back (yay!).

I know these results sound dubious… it’s been less than a week, right? But I swear I’m telling the truth! Even now, sitting here in my Uniqlo thermal vest with hidden bra cups (nicer than it sounds), every time my arm brushes across when I’m typing, I can feel that my left side might soon overspill the bra cup.

Anyway, I will wait for any increase in cup size and will report back in about 7 weeks’ time or whenever I see more results. Trust me, if I went up a whole cup size, I would notice! I’m not like one of my fluctuating-boobs friends who is always being told off for wearing a B-cup when she’s actually a DD and vice versa. I would know if I changed bra size.

In terms of the cream itself, it’s really nice to use. It smells soft and delicate, a mix between babies and continental pharmacies. It has just enough slip for massaging in, but at the same time is easily absorbed with no greasy after-feel.

Here are the full ingredients of Pupa Multivitamin AEF Breast Enhancer:

PUPA Multivitamin AEF Breast Enhancer full ingredients
And some quick stats from Pupa gained from a study conducted on 30 women over 8 weeks:

93% of women agreed that they had rounder breasts
90% of women confirmed their breasts were firmer
93% also agreed their skin was more compact
97% of women agreed that their skin felt more supple and nourished

So there you have it. Interesting stuff, huh? It’s come at perfect timing too, because I now have less than four weeks to my wedding… and I could do with a bit of a boost round there to fill out a sweetheart bodice. Don’t want to look like a child bride and all that.

You can read any details I’ve missed off on the Pupa website. For stockists, call 020 8398 9744. You can also buy online at www.beautique.com but it seems to be out of stock at the time of writing (not surprising, as it apparently sold 100,000 units in Italy after the first six months of launching).

This was a press sample, spotted and eagerly nabbed at a PR event.

[Update (22nd November 2010):  I have posted my final review here.]

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  1. Interesting, very interesting, my boobs are large enough thanks, but who wouldn’t sign up for firmer and rounder? I know is weird for you to do a before and after photo for obvious reasons!! But maybe if you could do a photo using same bra and same top somewhere down the road that could be very useful I think….i’m not a perv i promise!! Even if you keep the photos to yourself…you’d probably be able to compare a lot better. Don’t go growing too much now so you don’t fit your wedding dress….that would be a mare!! Thanks for this post, like I said, very interesting!! x

  2. Very interesting. I’m a B-cup, always have been, and would love to go up a cup size. Might well give this one a go!

  3. I’m surprised this is actually working! I thought these things are always gimmicks. I’ve long come to terms with my body, but there was a time when I would’ve been ecstatic to gain a cup size and finally be in the A-B range. It’d be interesting to see how this turns out!

  4. LOL at “it’s ideal for small and saggy breasts”. I looked at mine when reading that line! 😛

    I had no idea Pupa has such a product. Interesting post. Thank you!

  5. Oooo… very interesting read. If its helped your boobies (ha.. love that word) after 5 days, then I think you’ll have a nice firm pert set just in time for your wedding. If Rodial works for me, I might look into purchasing thuis afterwards as an alternative, theres no way I could afford £125 for another Rodial.


  6. Thanks for the review. Wow. I’m very very interested to hear from you after 7 weeks. Yeah, a picture of before and after would be nice, with a bra on of course. 🙂

  7. I’m sooo interested to know whether it works. Not that I need bigger boobs, but firming ’em up would nice. Great post 🙂

  8. You said that the results would go away if you missed an application. Does this mean after the seven weeks of constant use, eventually your boobs would go back to normal size anyway?

  9. @Eemas: I’m far too much of a prude to take before and after photos! But having been an A-cup for my entire life, I will definitely notice if I suddenly start spilling out of all my bras! Don’t worry, I received the wedding dress yesterday and it’s huge on the bodice… so I’ll need to get it taken in… no chance of me growing too big for it haha!

    @Gemma: B-cup sounds massive to me!

    @Mybutterfly63: Yeah I’m interested in whether it works too… would be amazing if it did!

    @PetiteXXS: I’m crossing my fingers!

    @Jojoba: Hahaha yeah they get straight to the point on the box don’t they??

    @Shri: I really hope it works.. would be a miracle if it does.

    @Jo: Hahaha @ “boobies”! Yeah if it’s similar to Rodial, it’s bargainous in comparison.

    @Vicky: Hahaha @ “with a bra on of course” as if that would make me or my readers any less uncomfortable with pictures of my chest online! My male colleague went onto my blog yesterday and was totally embarrassed at that the fact that I had written about breast enhancement. I don’t think I can risk freaking him out any more with actual photos too!

    @Georgia: I think you’ve got a better chance of firming up than I have of increasing in actual size… but let’s wait and see!

    @Khadija: Yeah as mentioned in the usage instructions in the post, you’d unfortunately have to carry on using the cream every day to maintain any results. The fat cells would just deflate again otherwise!

  10. can u tell me where i can find this in london?i am trying for 2 months to find somewhere product from PUPA but i don’t find:(

  11. i bought this breast enhancer for about a month already. i have a small breast and i constantly apply this cream following to their procedure. as a result, my breast are much more rounder and firmer but however it has yet to increase the breasts size. it’s devastating because i have longing to have a bigger breast. :'(

  12. @tinpail: I had to start my 8 weeks again from scratch because I forgot to take the tube with my on my 3-week honeymoon!! I will do a follow-up review when I get to the end of this 8 weeks which will be in a few weeks’ time!

    @Anonymous: It should be available from Harrods Urban Retreat.

    @Anonymous: Hmm I’m having similar results to you I think – I’ve still got a few weeks left but I very much doubt it will increase my bust size by a cup!

  13. im so into this but then again ..if u miss an application ur boobs will go back to its normal size..? dissapointed to some though 🙁 its not that cheap hehe bt hey i love it just had a try n gosh one time in an instant ur boobs will be fuller n tighter try it .. im sure to have this for myself bt then again the thought of u have to keep on using n never skip it sounds scary tho what if the counter runs out of stock hmmm i wonder

  14. where i find this product i live in ee uu thank you i want to buy

  15. hey ladiea!i went from a cup D to B due to weightloss, and my breasts are super saggy they’re gross!! so I’ve tried this out, currently on my second week, and my breasts are firmer and fuller! so i guess in my forth week i’ll actually be seeing even better results! this is a great temporary work around for breast augmentation… which i’m still unsure whether to go ahead with or no… but this is actually working! my pharmacist said that the way this works is that it sucks the water retention in your body to your breasts. thats just about it. so when you stop using it everything will go back to how it was.. so i just wanted to let you all know IT WORKS 🙂

  16. IT ISN’T WORKING!!! I was so distraught about my little brest so I inversioned the internet to find magical cream or medicine.. I found this.. I was so excited and happy that there is a chance.. untill I tryed, I was so stupid.. I throw out more than 60$ for nothing. My boyfriend warned me, that what God hasn’t gaven no stupid commercial will. DON’T GET ON THE HOOK!!

  17. IT ISN’T WORKING!!! I was so distraught about my little brest so I inversioned the internet to find magical cream or medicine.. I found this.. I was so excited and happy that there is a chance.. untill I tryed, I was so stupid.. I throw out more than 60$ for nothing. My boyfriend warned me, that what God hasn’t gaven no stupid commercial will. DON’T GET ON THE HOOK!!

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