Bourjois Smoky Eyes nude ingénu
This Bourjois Smoky Eyes set in “nude ingénu (04)” was part of a birthday gift from my friend a few months ago and I completely forgot I had it. But when I finally retrieved it from its hiding place the other day, I was surprised to find a very useful trio of eyeshadow shades, complete in a handy compact case.

Bourjois describe this product as “Silky, easy-to-blend texture, 8-hour wear”, and I would agree. The eyeshadows don’t have the melty softness of say, Urban Decay eyeshadows, but they’re really not bad at all. You might need to swipe your eyeshadow brush once more on the domes to pick up more colour, but the shadows stretch surprisingly far when applied. I also find they last all day with no problem whatsoever.

Here are the shades in this particular set. In cute Bourjois style, the individual shadows are domed and come with a double-ended applicator.

Bourjois Smoky Eyes nude ingénu
And below are the swatches. We have a pale, creamy highlighter shade (shimmer), a slightly red-toned mid brown (non-glittery shimmer) and a neutral, smoky dark brown (matte).

Bourjois Smoky Eyes nude ingénu swatches
On the bottom of the compact, there are instructions for a “classic smoky” look. Nothing new here – they’re the same instructions that have been on these kinds of sets for decades.

Bourjois Smoky Eyes nude ingénu instructions
Here are the shadows applied with a very thin line of black eyeliner (over Urban Decay Primer Potion as always). I still haven’t mastered a full-on “smoky eye” look (and probably never will!) but this is just an everyday look I’ve been wearing.

Beauty Scribbler Bourjois Smoky Eyes nude ingénu applied
I really like this product from Bourjois… and these brown shades in particular. The friend who gave it to me knows me too well!

The Bourjois Smoky Eyes trio costs £7.99 and comes in 6 different colour combinations which you can see on the Bourjois product page. There are combos to suit most tastes, with greys, blues, pinks, purples and golds all covered. I’d definitely recommend taking a look.

13 comments on “Bourjois Smoky Eyes trio in nude ingénu: Review

  1. Sold! I love something quick and easy like that, actually been eyeing this up for a while. I’ll definitely purchase it now.


  2. This looks lovely, a really gorgeous looking set, and you’ve blended them really well. Thanks for the tip, these are exactly the colours i’m looking for!

  3. I love the colours. Are they a bit shimmery though? I’m after some matte shadows in these sort of shades and it’s surprisingly hard to find matte shadows! x

  4. @Little Miss H: Yeah the only shade that is matte is the dark brown shadow, the other two are shimmery. For matte eyeshadows, have you tried MAC, Illamasqua, Revlon and Max Factor?

  5. Looks good – I’ve always found bourjois eyeshadows to be pretty good (and really good value!). My smoky eyes now come courtesy of the benefit smokin eyes kit (which I LOVE), but I’m probably a little heavy handed with it 😉

  6. I’m quite surprised by their decent pigmentation. I have about 4 of the old style Bourjois trios and the pigmentation is useless. Very pretty colours – the mid brown colour is fab.

  7. oooh delicious!
    I love the earth tones and natural shades. They always seem so sophisticated to me, like you’re pretty but you’re not trying too hard.

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