Dolly Wink Dolly Sweet No.1 pack
The other day I came across the Dolly Wink brand while looking online for graduated, spiky false lash styles. I’m not usually one for cutesy stuff, but I found myself thinking “oooh dolly eyes!!” and got onto eBay quick smart to buy the top selling style, “No.1 Dolly Sweet“.

I had absolutely no idea who Tsubasa Masuwaka, the girl on the packet was, but apparently she’s some top model/singer in Japan according to this blog post on (check it out to see images of other styles in the Dolly Wink range).

Jsubasa’s philosophy, printed on the back of the packet, is:

Every girl can become a doll!
For the girl who wants to be “Otona Kawaii”,
it’s a present from Jsubasa.


The set contained two pairs of lashes and a tube of adhesive. See below for a close-up of the lashes. They’re very long, especially on the outer ends (~1.3cm). But they’re also graduated and wispy, which helps to give them a relatively natural look and feel. If you’re familiar with MAC lashes, these Dolly Sweet lashes are apparently very similar to MAC false lashes in style number 7, but just a little longer.

Dolly Wink Dolly Sweet No.1 lashes close-up
I found the strips slightly long and ended up cutting a chunk from the outer end of each strip to fit my eyes better. The strips are quite fiddly to handle because the chunks of lashes are actually free-moving and will slip off the ends of the strip if you pull at them accidentally. Similarly, you can move the chunks closer together if you want a fuller effect (I’ll be doing this next time).

The lashes are on “invisible bands”, the kind which are not invisible at all and need to be coloured in with black liner after they’ve been glued on.

I found these lashes really easy to apply and comfortable to wear. They’re ultra lightweight and seem to fall into place without going all lopsided. Or maybe I’ve just gotten better at applying false lashes over time…

Here are the Dolly Sweet lashes front on. Considering how long they are, I think they still manage to look quite natural.

Dolly Wink Dolly Sweet No.1 applied close-up
Another angle (a weird one, but it was the only photo I had that showed the lashes fully without my eyes lowered)…

Dolly Wink Dolly Sweet No.1 applied
and another…

Dolly Wink Dolly Sweet No.1 applied
And here’s how the lashes look from above. I like them. I’ve never been able to wear lashes this long before without looking like a drag queen.

Dolly Wink Dolly Sweet No.1 applied top
If you’re clicking on the photos to enlarge them, try to excuse the awful lip colour application. I was trying to create a similar look to the girl on the packet (see below) and I didn’t have a lip colour that was pale enough. So I tried to blank out my lips first using concealer and then get a pale pink colour with lipgloss, with slightly dubious results.

Dolly Wink Dolly Sweet No.1 Jsubasa Masuwaka
The other make-up I am wearing is:

Varama Cover Cream in “VC1” and “VC3” (as undereye concealer)
Urban Decay Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Finishing Powder

Boots No.7 Sun Drenched Sculpting Bronzer
Illamasqua Powder Blusher in “Tremble
NYX Mosaic Powder in “Highlighter

Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencil in “Sable
Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in “Underground
Bourjois Smoky Eyes trio in “Nude ingénu” (middle brown colour, on lower lashes)
Miss Sporty eyeshadow in “20” on inner corners
L’Oréal Lash Architect mascara in “Midnight Black”
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in “Zero

Varama Cover Cream
Estée Lauder Pure Color lipgloss in “Simply Pink

I bought this pack of lashes from a UK-based eBay seller for around £10 which I thought was a pretty reasonable price for two pairs. By the way, there are Dolly Wink fake lower lashes available too, but I thought that might just be a little OTT on me.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to read Japanese, you can check out more Jsubasa Masuwaka stuff on the Koji website.

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  1. Nice nice! Those look really sweet. I recently experimented with falsies myself, and I find so far that the western stuff I get in boots/superdrug (Ardells, Eyelure) looks really fake and obvious on me. The only asian brand I’ve tried is PA lashes ($3.50 each on, but shipping is a b*tch) which are really nice. 😀

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