Soz for the lack of posts recently – I believe it’s been a month since my last! But I’m back from a loooong honeymoon and am finally getting back on the blogging treadmill.

I had the most perfect day. It was everything we could have hoped for. I know every bride says that, but somehow weddings always seem to turn out that way. I was never a “wedding” type… I always thought I’d elope one day to avoid all the attention and hoopla if a man ever had the cheek to propose (“Don’t you know me at all??”). But actually, it was really special having our family and friends there to celebrate our marriage with us… many of whom hadn’t seen each other for years. It was an utterly joyful day.

Lots of you wanted to see some wedding photos (aww I’m very flattered by the interest! Just don’t give me a “Four Weddings”-style score, ok?), so here are a handful (or two) of the official photos. As always, you can click on the photos to enlarge.

Above, the finishing touch from Sam Sham, my hair and make-up artist. A diamante and pearl hair vine which I bought at the last minute after deciding I needed some glitz (given that my ear piercings have healed up and I can’t wear earrings). I love this vine!

Above, all done!

Above, leaving the Langham hotel with my gorgeous bridesmaids. I was laughing at the photographer, Douglas, trying to take a nice photo of us, but we’re all laden down with bags like bag ladies, especially my sister (couldn’t it have been something more stylish than M&S, Smello??).

Above, the ceremony and reception were both at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)… a really interesting-looking art deco (slash Egyptian) public building in Portland Place, London.

Above, walking down the aisle. It’s all real now!

Above, the ring is on, hurrah!

Above, after the ceremony we walked down the road to Park Crescent, a private garden of Regents Park, for champagne and canapés.

Above, but it’s not a British wedding without a spot of rain. Oh dear. Good job we decided the day before to get a marquee as backup, eh?

Above, it’s still raining. But smiling through the thoughts of muddy shoes and dress hem.

Above, it’s back to RIBA for dinner and jazz…

… and dancing!

Our photographer was Douglas Fry, who managed to produce over 500 amazing photos from the day. We love every single one. We chose him for his “reportage” style. I’m rubbish at posing for photos (cue involuntary gurning and double thumbs up) so we kept the formal photos down to fifteen minutes of post-ceremony “bridal party” group photos and everything else on the day was natural. We have so many memorable photos of our friends and family laughing, with every emotion perfectly captured. I just wish I could jump into the photos and be with everyone again!

51 comments on “I’m baaack! A few wedding photos for ya

  1. Congratulations!
    I’m glad to hear that you had a great honeymoon. The wedding photos are lovely.

  2. The photographs are lovely, congrats. I very much prefer candid photographs especially of couples, not to be overtly sentimental bout it all; but there’s much more to be said/captured in a candid photograph. You get a clearer sense of the emotions of the day. So again, congrats and all the best.

  3. Helen you look so gorgeous! Your wedding dress looks amazing on you, I hope you had a fantastic honeymoon and glad to see you back on blogger^^

  4. Congratulations! Your smile just lights up every picture, and you dress is absolutely divine!

  5. Congratulations! You are such a beautiful bride. Love the red bridesmaid dresses. The photographer did a great job with the pictures.

  6. Your makeup and hair are perfect, but you look absolutely gorgeous purely because you look so glowingly, radiantly happy. Congratulations! xx

  7. Awww you look LOVELY. Dress is awesome, and agreed that Sam Sham does AWESOME work. 😀

    I’m still waiting for my photos to arrive from the various people taking them. XD

  8. Have really enjoyed looking at these photos, looks like a marvelous day and your dress looks tremendous! Glad to have you back after a month away!

  9. Congratulations! You look like you had a fab day and you truly look like a radiant! A most beautiful bride and you were captured elegantly by an amazing photographer by the look of these pictures!

  10. you look absolutely beautiful! such amazing photographs 🙂 so so pretty these photos did make me smile xxx

  11. hey i heard its good luck when it rains on your wedding day!!! lol
    it also rained on my wedding day but only in the morning

    great pictures, thank you for sharing

  12. You look every bit the ravishing bride! I love your amazing photos.They’re so emotive that I can practically feel your joy!

    Here’s wishing you a lifetime of bliss and happiness!

  13. Congratulations! You look utterly perfect, and so happy. Fantastic – thanks for posting the pictures.

  14. Wow – stunning photos, stunning bride, stunning dress! You look beautiful. Congratulations and hope you are enjoying married life 🙂

  15. your hair and makeup looked so pretty on your wedding day!!! you looked absoulutely amazing!

  16. I’m curious which foundation did you end up using on your big day?

  17. I love your wedding dress so much! What designer is it from, or did you just pick up a dress at a bridal shop? Please let me know. Thanks!

  18. @Mary – Hi! The dress is a style called Gabriela by Pronovias. I saw it on the Pronovias website and loved it but I couldn’t find any bridal store that had a sample of it (I literally called about 10 or more in London and surrounding areas)… so I ended up ordering it from a shop without ever trying on a sample! It was very risky but I couldn’t find any other dress like it and I knew the shape and the chiffon would be more flattering on my body shape than the standard silk ones I kept seeing around!

  19. Hi, Could you please tell me where you got your gorgeous hair vine from?


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