Natural-looking false lashes
A couple of weeks ago, I ended up cruising online for natural-looking, fluttery false lashes (which is also how I ended up with my Dolly Wink lashes). Having survived much trial and error over the last year with different styles (hardly any made it onto the blog), I had already concluded that my favourite strip lashes were the graduated and spiky kind. My strip lash foes, on the other hand, were the types which were too uniform and/or too long at the outer ends. They just looked cheap on me.

I ended up buying seven pairs of lashes (see above photo): Ardell Demi Pixies, Babies, Luckies and Fairies; Gypsy Lashes #92 and #94; Andrea Modlash #53 and Duo Eyelash Adhesive in “dark“. I ordered from where all pairs were between £2.99 and £3.99, and the Duo adhesive was £5.98.

I thought it would be useful to show how each of these lashes look when applied. Sometimes false lashes surprise me and look much better (or worse) on my eyes than in the packaging.

All lash styles were soft and easy to apply and didn’t need trimming (saves time). All the Ardell and Andrea lashes state that they are “100% European human hair“. I personally don’t ask for that as a requirement in false lashes but some people might.

Before I go on, here is how my eyes look with just a single coat of mascara… blah…

Lashes with just mascara

Ardell Demi Pixies

From the Ardell Invisiband natural range

Ardell Demi Pixies (natural)
Ardell Demi Pixies look a bit scary in the packaging because they’re so “stripy” as well as quite long and curly at the ends. But they are much nicer on, with the gaps not so apparent once on top of natural lashes. Out of all the lashes, these were the ones that made me say “wow” when I looked in the mirror. Although they do have a bit of that spidery “pap shot of Cheryl Cole looking tired/stressed/teary” look about them. I don’t know why this style is in Ardell’s “natural” range as I would say they’re more for full-on glamour than a natural look. Maybe because they’re “demi” (3/4 length) and not full length.

Ardell Luckies

From the Ardell Invisiband natural range

Ardell Luckies (natural)
Ardell Luckies are my favourite for a true natural look. They’re much shorter than the others and taper down at the ends, and they’re perfectly arranged for a plush, full look. They give me the lashes that I’ve always dreamed of achieving with mascara but never quite managed. I reckon you could wear these without people knowing they’re fake. In fact, they’re so easy to wear that I wonder why I bother with mascara at all… I might as well just slap these on every morning (if I wasn’t so worried about my eyelashes falling out due to overuse of false ones).

Ardell Babies

From the Ardell Invisiband natural range

Ardell Babies (natural)
Ardell Babies are three quarter length strip lashes which are longer at the outer end. They’re identical to the Andrea Modlash #53 also in my order. They’re so natural-looking, you could almost miss them. This style doesn’t excite me much… they’re just a bit meek, like false lashes for beginners. I prefer the full and voluminous look of Ardell Luckies on my eyes. Plus I’ve never really suited that feline extended-outer-corner look.

Ardell Fairies

From the Ardell Invisiband glamour range

Ardell Fairies (glamour)
Ardell Fairies are similar to Ardell Luckies but much longer, a tiny bit less densely-packed, and with more variation in length between the short and long strands. The strands are slightly criss-crossed at the base. They achieve long, wispy lashes without being overly-dramatic and I like the way they’re shorter at the sides.

Gypsy Lashes #92

Gypsy Lashes 92
Gypsy Lashes style #92 are really pretty lashes. They’re full length, longer in the middle and shorter at the ends. They achieve a full look despite not being densely-packed. They have the same lash length as Ardell Fairies but I find them less interesting to look at.

Gypsy Lashes #94

Gypsy Lashes 94
Gyspy Lashes style #94 are different to all the other styles because they’re really dark and dense (almost opaque) at the base and not on “invisiband” spines. If there wasn’t the random variation in length, these could look really cheap. But instead, they give a striking, fluttery look which would really make the eyes stand out in photos. Like my other favourites from the bunch, these are longer in the middle and shorter at the ends. Andrea Modlash #81 is an identical style which I didn’t manage to get hold of this time.

Andrea Modlash #53

Andrea Modlash 53
Andrea Modlash style #53 are identical to Ardell Babies (further up the page) as far as I can tell!

Duo eyelash adhesive in dark tone

Duo eyelash adhesive dark tone
I hesitated before buying this tube of Duo eyelash adhesive because I’ve never had a problem with those tubes of Eylure glue that come with lash packs. But I now know why it’s the best-selling eyelash adhesive brand – you only need the tiniest amount for it to secure lashes onto the eyelid and it’s waterproof. Plus the dark tone is great because any visible blobs will much less noticeable. I don’t agree with the thirty seconds they advise waiting before placing the lashes though. The glue would be dry in patches by then, risking the lashes peeling off later.

The full ingredients of Duo eyelash adhesive are:

Water, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate, Rubber Latex, Fragrance (Parfum), Formalin Solution, Ammonium Hydroxide.

Application tips if you’re as bad at applying strip lashes as I used to be

I used to be the worst person ever at applying strip lashes but now it takes me just seconds. One thing I’ve found really helpful is to always use mascara on curled lashes before attempting to position the strip lashes. I used to think I could skip that step of the process, but I realised it’s essential because the mascara stiffens and neatens up my real lashes, rather than them being all wispy (frizzy?) and hindering my view of the base of my lashes. It also gives the false lashes more structure to rest on top of so that they’re less likely to be droopy or wonky.

When I’m ready to place the lashes, I find it easiest to hold the strip (on both ends) above my eye and behind my real lashes. Then when I think the outer end lines up with the outer corner of my eye, I lower the strip down until the outer end is stuck down in the correct position. I then adjust the rest of the strip by handling the lashes with a finger and thumb until the spine is in place along the whole length (but not fully stuck down). Finally, I use either my ring finger or little finger to press the spine/band down securely from the outer to the inner end.

Some people use tweezers for the adjusting and then the blunt end of the tweezers to press along the spine, but I find I have my control with my fingers.

Don’t try to stick the spine on in one go… Start with the outer end first and move inwards.

The glue seems to make a massive difference too. I recommend Duo eyelash adhesive if you’ve struggled in the past with the standard white, gummy glue that comes in false eyelash packs.


I hope this post has been useful (seriously, I really hope so because it took me flippin’ ages to compile). Do you find you stick to certain styles of false lashes too once you’ve found one you like?

By the way, I don’t wear false lashes that often in case you’re wondering. Just on the occasional evening out when I can’t be bothered to fight with mascara on my stubbornly short and straight lashes. Oh, and when I wrote “natural-looking” in the title, I meant relatively natural-looking… more like… less fake-looking if you know what I mean.

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  1. I really like the Gypsy lashes on you. Even though it’s quite dense it looks pretty and not in a clumpy-mascara way^^ I use to use dark lash glue too but I”m a bit too clumsy with my application so the dark glue ends up going all over my lids lol
    How do you like Ardell’s lashes compared to the Dollywink ones?

  2. @NikkiAnneM: Yeah I really like the Demi Pixies and Luckies! Both are very wearable!

    @Tammy: Yeah I love false lashes because if I tried to get the same effect with mascara, I would only end up with clumpy lashes that smudge everywhere anyway. Ooh I think I like some of these lashes more than my Dolly Wink lashes, but only because the Dolly Wink ones go really long at the ends which can look a bit funny on me face-on. I think I prefer the way lashes look when they’re longer in the middle… a bit more subtle!

  3. Love this post! I can understand the amount of work that went into this. Bravo! 🙂

    The Luckies are my favourite of the bunch. Super natural but definitely enough oomph. Thanks for the super useful post.

  4. This is SO helpful – thank you lovely lady. I find certain types of lashes abhorrent and also dislike the too-long-at-outer-edge ones. I have the Duo clear version. I’ve not tried to do my own lashes with it yet but my friend used it to apply my lashes for the (infamous) Minnie Mouse outfit I did a while ago and she said it was ace. It needs to be because I’ve yet to successfully apply a single set of lashes with the glue that comes in the packet!

  5. Love this post! It’s very helpful. I’ve wanted to use false eyelashes for a while but just haven’t taken the leap because they seem labor intensive. do you wear them everyday?

  6. The DUO glue are really good – I have the blue one which drys clear.
    If you love your lashes you must try the “princess lee” hand made super soft lashes from Taiwan. They are incredibly popular right now around asia and you can pick up a box of 10 for around £10-£13 and the postage is only a few squids! I brought a box a while back and they are so easy to apply and excellent quality.

    I will do a post soon on them so keep an eye out on my blog.

  7. The demi pixies are ace, quite similar to Mac 7’s which are my faves! Like you I like graduated spiky lashes too, Mister Mascara do a good one, you get a set of 2 for about £8 in Boots.

  8. @Arianne: Thank you for the appreciation of the time it took to do this post haha!

    @La: I love your Minnie Mouse picture on Twitter – your facial express is priceless! Don’t give up on trying to apply false lashes by yourself.. they’re really fun to wear when you get the hang of them. Bit too addictive maybe though….

    @Ava: False lashes aren’t labour intensive once you’ve got the knack of applying them. I only wear them on the occasional evening out… I’d feel a bit self conscious wearing them for everyday situations!

    @Pink Dolly: Ooh I’ll definitely check out the lashes from Taiwan you mention. The make-up artist who did my wedding make-up also bulk buys her lashes from Taiwan because she found that most Western lashes were too long at the outer edge.

    @Lucy: Yeah I thought they would be similar to the MAC 7 lashes! One day I will try those and the Mister Mascara ones!

    @shuddict: I love Fairies too… very feminine and wispy.

  9. Great post. I like the Shu Uemura false lash applicator, takes a bit of getting used to, but fairly fail proof when you’ve got the hang of it.

  10. I love the way the Ardell Fairies look! I’m rubbish with false lashes but after reading this post I might give them another go 🙂

  11. Fantastic post really appreciate this! I have often found that lashes I love in the packet look different when they are on and I don’t like them as much – also I probably wouldn’t look twice at the ones like Pixie as I thought they would be too stripy but they look lush on! It helps that you have beautiful eyes of course! Can I also ask what eyeshadow you are wearing in these pics? I think I might need it in my collection! Lots of love

  12. @Georgie: I’m glad you the post useful The eyeshadow is from an Avon palette from the Luxe Lace collection that is coming out at the end of October. I’ll be sure to write about it soon!

  13. Thanks for this awesome post! I was having such a hard time choosing which lashes to get. I settled for the fairies and luckies!

  14. Wow thanks for the helpful post! I was looking for natural false lashes that would look good with my eye shape and I found them!! 🙂 & You look gorgeous!! 🙂 I looked through your others posts and wow you look a lot like Rachel Bilson!!

  15. Thank you thank youu!!! This is JUST what i was looking for! I was looking into buying my first pair of fake eyelashes. I LOVE the Ardell Luckies on you. I wanted something natural/fulller looking that I could wear when i went out. So definitely going with the Ardell Luckies 🙂

  16. This is an incredibly helpful post. Thank you so, so much. Your photos and varying angles are fantastic. Thank you.

  17. Love this! Beautiful pictures and oh so helpful. Thank you!!

  18. Wow – great article. I’m currently addicted to the Katy Perry range from Eylure! The “Oh, My!” and the “Sweetie Pie” lashes are my favs – I love them. Usually it’s cheaper to buy them Boots, but if you’re feeling a bit lazy or don’t have one of those stores local, buying online is pretty convenient.

  19. Loving your work!- so useful to see the different ones you have tried side by side. The Ardell Luckies are the ones for me to try next I think. Thank you.

  20. This is really great. Thank you so much. I’m going through chemo right now and my eyelashes are nearly gone so I thought I’d try some false ones. Since I feel pretty crappy most days, taking the time to figure out what it is that I like or dislike about the different styles seemed more than I’m up to tackling at the moment. Thanks to you however, that wasn’t necessary. Your article was absolutely perfect! I showed my man and he was off to the store knowing exactly what I wanted. So thank you for that. You are a life saver…. well… an energy saver in this case. 🙂

    1. Hi Tina, I’m really glad you found this useful. Sorry to hear you are feeling crappy from the chemo 🙁 Sounds like you’ve got a keeper there with your man though! Wishing you all the best and I hope you get better soon.

  21. This is precisely the information I was looking for. Very useful, personally interesting, attractive format, well done. I wish I could find this sort of review on everything I research!

  22. Im glad I found you blog!!! I have the hardest time finding lashes!!!

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