After completely trashing my favourite Pied a Terre tan riding boots through two rainy, sludgy winters, I found myself with no shoes to wear once the weather turned cold. No “smart” shoes, no practical, clumping around boots, nothing… I literally had to resort to wearing plastic bags on my feet tied around my ankles. Just kidding. My wellies don’t count because I always feel so dorky when I wear them, despite me thinking they would be “OK” because they’re biker-style. Would it help if they were Hunter Jimmy Choo crocodile print ones? Or are they just naff? Probably.

Anyway… after a fruitful Friday night shopping trip at Westfield, London (the best time to shop because it’s empty), I ended up with a pair of shoe boots from Massimo Dutti and fold-over cuff boots from Marta Jonsson.

Shoe boots from Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti shoe boots
These are the almond-toe shoe boots from Massimo Dutti. They’re really comfortable considering the heel height (famous last words). It’s always hard for me to find comfortable high heeled shoes because I’m a size UK 3 (EUR 35.5 – 36) and I find that shoe makers don’t bother to check that shoes are still well-balanced for small-footed people. I tried on an almost identical style in Kurt Geiger and they felt like they were breaking my ankles as soon as I put my feet in them. These were £95 which I thought was pretty reasonable for the quality.

By the way, when did Kurt Geiger hike up their prices? Some of their shoes are £300+. If I was going to spend £300 on a pair of shoes, I wouldn’t be looking for them in Kurt Geiger.

Massimo Dutti shoe boots
Massimo Dutti shoe boots

Fold-over cuff boots from Marta Jonsson

Marta Jonsson wool-lined foldover cuff boots boots
These are the sheepskin-lined, fold-over cuff boots from Marta Jonsson (£95). They’re nicely filling the gap for when it doesn’t feel quite right for knee-high (or over-the-knee for the brave!) boots. Sadly, the sheepskin doesn’t go all the way inside the shoe – so they’re not as cosy as they look! I might get some old man fleecy insoles to make them into the outdoor slippers I wish they were.

These boots can be worn with the cuff up or down but I can’t work out which way I prefer.

Marta Jonsson wool-lined foldover cuff boots
With the cuff folded over, I feel like one of those poodles with the fluffy ankles. Maybe if I was taller…?

Marta Jonsson wool-lined foldover cuff boots boots

What shoes are getting you through the inbetweeny weather of Autumn?

14 comments on “New boots from Massimo Dutti and Marta Jonsson: Getting me through Autumn

  1. The Massimo ones are the perfect ones I’ve been looking for to wear with tights! I just haven’t been able to find anything similar even though you’d think they’d be pretty easy to find. The MJ ones look like they’d be good for everyday wear, really nice! Some height but looking quite robust and nice to look at, at the same time.

  2. Oh I love both of these shoes. I am in the same boat as you were. I need a pair of booties for work, and a pair of warm walking shoes. Those two fit the bill so well!!! I haven’t been this lucky. 🙂

  3. First time to comment but just wanted to say that I love both these pairs of boots! I haven’t sorted my own winter boots yet, am heading to London this weekend though so will hopefully rectify that 😉

    And you’re dead right about high smaller sized shoes feeling unbalanced, I’m also a size 3 and have the same issue.

  4. Well done on NOT getting the KG ones – they do break your ankles even if you’re size 7! you can only walk in them for about 100 meters… i was so naive thinking i’d get used to them.

  5. Thank you for all your comments! I wasn’t sure whether anyone would be interested in seeing the shoes I bought, so I’m really happy to see these nice comments!

    Also, it’s good to know I’m not the only one with size 3 feet that finds heeled shoes unbalanced! We should start a campaign!

  6. I love shoes – so a post about shoes will always get my attention 🙂 The fold-over cuff boots are amazing – soooo want my own pair! By the way, I’m really enjoying your blog 🙂

  7. you are sooo pretty:), great post (booties)…and I am loving the blog!

    can you look/follow mine at:

    Shelly 🙂

  8. I love your blog but live in the U.S.
    Do you know of any U.S. brands that make boots that are comparable to your fold over boots?

    Thank you!

  9. @ifoundpablo @Vyile: Aww thanks to you both!

    @Marcella: I haven’t seen the exact style anywhere else.. but I have seen loads of shearling/sheepskin lined boots everywhere since buying mine! There are a few similar but not the same at Aldo and Nine West, but I’m sure you have a million more brands to choose from in the U.S. than we have in the UK! Failing that, Marta Jonsson do have an international delivery option if you can’t find a similar style elsewhere…

  10. First time commenting on your blog, recently discovered it and I am loving it! I wish I lived in New York, sounds so exciting. Those boots are gorgeous, both of them, i want now haha

    I really liked your posts on your laser eye surgery I have been thinking about it but still not sure if I can get up the courage to go through with it. I am hoping they invent a new way of doing it in the next few years where they don’t have to cut the lense off…eeek haha good to see yours went well though xo

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