I spent most of today moping around feeling sorry for myself after my husband flew back to London last night. However, having decided I should really leave the apartment at least once before going back to bed, I did some late night shopping. Onwards and upwards! The shops in New York don’t close early on a Sunday… nope, that would be politically incorrect.

I’m not usually a comfort shopper but the shops here are so conducive to spending money. The stores are spacious and well laid out, with not-in-an-annoying-way friendly shop assistants who are seem to genuinely want to help (and not just because their manager might be watching them).

I’ve been buying lots of things in preparation for the bitterly cold winter that everyone keeps telling me I’m going to experience here. I’ve even ordered my first knee length puffer/down coat. I’m looking forward to wearing it and walking around the city feeling like I’m wrapped in a duvet with a belt around the middle.

I’ve also bought more boots. I love boots. Unlike “shoes”, boots stay on my feet even if they don’t fit perfectly and they make me feel all cosy and protected from the elements. I love the smell of nice leather boots too.

These are the boots I’ve bought this week (all images are from the online stores as I still don’t have my camera!)…

Marc Fisher “Afoot” boots

Marc Fisher Afoot Boots
Marc Fisher Afoot Boots
I got these from Macy’s where they were on sale from $169 to $118. The leather is really soft and flexible so the boots hug my legs snugly (I usually get weird gaps at the top with most boots I try on). The cuffs lie flat so don’t add too much bulk.

More detail on the Macy’s website.

Banana Republic equestrian rain boots

Banana Republic Roman esquestrian rain boots
I kept having to double check with myself that these are actually rubber wellies and not leather because they don’t feel like normal wellies. I have a pair of “biker-style” wellies which are really thick and clumpy and actually a little uncomfortable to walk in because of that. But these look and wear just like normal leather boots but with the benefit of being waterproof (except the brown trim at the top which is fake leather).

I thought they’d be great because I always feel so frumpy and out-of-place in my old wellies.

The soles don’t have a deep tread so they’re probably not the best wellies for when it starts to snow and get icy, but they’re perfect for when it’s raining heavily and I don’t want to ruin my other boots. And they really do look like normal boots, not like farmer wellies.

These boots are $98 from Banana Republic but they had 25% off everything in store today.

More detail on the Banana Republic website.

By the way, people here seem to refer to boots in the singular sense… e.g. “that’s a great looking boot”. It’s funny and quite infectious.

6 comments on “Comfort shopping and more boots

  1. I found your blog as I was looking for an honest review of laser hair removal machines and finally bought the Boots one last week! I am glad I discovered Beauty Scribbler and look forward to hearing more updates from NYC!

  2. I need to invest in some boots, preferbly to keep me dry in the UK rain! I’m trying to find some ankle wellies since i’m too lazy walk in normal wellies because i find them heavy.
    Do they really say boot? It sounds so strange to me!


  3. @All things: Aww thank you! I’m glad you’re finding my blog useful. Good luck with the Boots Smooth Skin – I’m really pleased with the results I’ve had!

    @HeyMookie: I’m glad is isn’t just me who finds normal wellies too heavy to walk in… they require so much effort! Yeah they really do say “boot” instead of “boots”! It’s really funny!

    @gyc: Me too!

  4. Comfort shopping! Way better than comfort eating… Maybe that should be the plan for next month 😉 love the boots with the zip, and hope you’re settling in ok x

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