I feel guilty about the lateness of this updated review because loads of people have been asking how it’s going. You can read my initial review here if you missed it. It took me this long to write the review because I had a three weeks off from it when I forgot to take the tube with me on honeymoon, and thus had to start the 8-week trial again (luckily the tube was still going strong!).

I can now say I’ve given the Pupa Breast Enhancer a fair trial. But sadly, if there has been any significant increase in the size of my bust, it’s certainly not noticeable!

I still think there is something to be said for the firming and “roundening” effect, but I guess the price will put most people off (£47 for a tube that will last about four months of twice daily use) especially when the effects only last as long as you keep the applications going.

I’m sure there must be success stories out there otherwise the product wouldn’t be selling as well as it is. But personally I’ve given up on it! And I’m actually glad because it means one less product I have to apply during my morning and evening beauty regime.

Oh well, I’m still glad I got to try it!

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7 comments on “Pupa Multivitamin AEF Breast Enhancer Treatment Cream: Final review

  1. I think these treatments just make the bust firmer but in terms of increasing the size I think only intravenous methods are more effective

  2. Have you heard of triactol. im still looking for a cream that will get the job done, ive also read good things about breast actives. dont want to be buying creams for the rest of my life so would like one that doesnt reverse its effects immediately

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    @texlish – No I haven’t heard of that. To be honest, I’m sceptical of any product that claims to achieve a noticeable difference!

  4. I disagree. Have used this cream for about 6 weeks and absolutely delighted with the results. Firmer, rounder – bouncier. I have to say that I will continue to use this cream, its fabulous!

  5. I now wish i would have read your blog earlyer as i have just payed £49 for a tube, I had previously used Nip+Fab bust enhancing cream and that did the same (firm but no size increase)im a size A and desperate to find a product that actually works!

  6. For me it worked very well for first 2 weeks applying, after that it seem unactive. However I feel so happy as my breast was really soft and small before i used it, now it has good size, firmed…so thank you. I still unsure how to order it from Vietnam though. I wanna buy it for my friend, any one could help please? Thankss…email me at dalylinh05@yahoo.com

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