I realised I’ve been away from the blog for well over a month with no explanation, and even my posts just before “the holidays” were a bit lacklustre. Everything is going great in New York and I’ve settled in much faster than I’d imagined. But my day job is more of a “day + night” job at the moment, giving me literally zero life outside of the office.

I really miss the blogging, the community and responding to all your comments and emails (I’ve had such a sweet bunch of them lately!). I know I have a load of comments I still need to reply to. I’m sorry to everyone who has commented over the last couple of months and have given up coming back to see if I’ve answered. If it’s any consolation, this plays on my mind constantly!

I moved into a new apartment last week, with no furniture except an airbed I bought to tide me over until some furniture arrives from the UK. So it’s kind of difficult to blog at the moment… the effort involved to get the camera out, find decent lighting and edit my thoughts into something presentable is just a bit too overwhelming!

BUT I will be back soon!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and new year / “holiday”! (I totally got used to saying “happy holidays” by the way. I quite liked it too.)

One comment on “Back on air shortly!

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