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[Update (4th Jan 2015):  Read my latest post on the new SmoothSkin Gold, SmoothSkin Gold: The only IPL device worth buying]

It’s finally here! A new, improved Boots Smooth Skin PLUS is now available to buy in-store or from here on the Boots website! As you know, I’m a huge fan of home IPL hair removal, having bought the original Boots Smooth Skin exactly two years ago.

However, as much as I loved the hair-free results, the original Boots Smooth Skin wasn’t without its issues – overheating and the long wait between zaps were my major complaints. Then in November last year, I was really excited to hear that the iPulse team had taken on customer feedback to develop a more user-friendly model. I was sworn to secrecy until launch, but can now give all the details as well as some answers to frequently asked questions.

Make yourself comfortable… it’s going to be a long one!

Quick recap on Boots Smooth Skin iPulse

The Boots Smooth Skin brand (or just “iPulse” as it’s called in other countries) is an IPL (intense pulsed light) system that offers clinically proven, permanent hair reduction. It uses flashes of light to target the pigment (melanin) in hair, to disable follicles and stop new growth. The suggested usage is once a week for 6-12 weeks, at which point hair growth should be significantly reduced, and a quick top-up session is then only required every three months or so to keep the strays away.

Note that once results are achieved after 12 weeks, you still need to keep hold of the unit for top-up treatments every few months (more frequently at first) to stop new hairs from appearing. Don’t be disappointed if hairs do start growing back at first. The regrowth becomes less over time until the point that it’s barely visible, even up to six months from the last treatment. Trust me, the perseverance is worth it!

What’s the difference between Boots Smooth Skin PLUS and the old model?

The new model has 20,000 shots of power (compared to 10,000 from the original Boots Smooth Skin). This is more than enough to treat the whole body for the entire course of use, and for subsequent top-up treatments. I’ve personally never had to replace the handset on my old model.

There is now significantly less waiting time required between shots, meaning a much faster treatment time. The pulse repetition rate is 3-6 seconds as opposed to 6 seconds on the old model.

The internal cooling system has been improved, which means less overheating.

There is a new, ergonomically-designed handset which will feel more familiar to using an electric shaver or epilator. Treating the underarms will require much less awkward positions!

The iPulse PLUS now comes with an “Electronic Skin Tone Sensor” device which takes the guess work out of choosing the appropriate skin type setting for each part of your body.

There are now four skin type settings instead of just three.

The new model looks infinitely better and more streamlined than the original Boots Smooth Skin. Gone are the foot spa resemblance and lilac trimmings.

The new model boasts a longer handset cord, which means more flexibility on the physical location you can have your zapping sessions. No more sitting right next to the power socket. The cord can now also wrap around the base for tidier storage.

The Boots Smooth Skin PLUS is a little more expensive than the original model at £399.99 vs the current price of the original model at £281.90. The old model will still be available to buy, so the new model is more of a “deluxe” model rather than a complete replacement.

Why can I not use Boots Smooth Skin on my tanned or dark skin?

Darker skin tones absorb too much light during treatment which can cause serious skin injury (or a painful burning sensation at the very least) and will mean that the IPL is ineffective on the hair. The same is true if a tan is achieved from fake tanning products (so give the fake tan a break before using Boots Smooth Skin!).

See below for a photo I took of the skin tone chart from the product box (the colours will look different on different screens so I’d recommend checking against the box in-store).

Boots Smooth Skin PLUS skin tone chart

Why does IPL work better on some areas of hair than others?

The hairs on our body, face and head are completely different types of hair and will respond differently to IPL or laser treatment.

The hair that most of us generally want to remove is “terminal” hair, the visible, pigmented hair, as opposed to “peach fuzz” hair. There are different types of terminal hair – asexual hair (e.g. eyebrows), ambisexual hair that appears from puberty (e.g. armpit, pubic and lower leg hair) and sexual hair (e.g. facial hair).

IPL will achieve the best results on ambisexual hair which is why women find that it works so well on underarms and the bikini line. I can personally vouch for this!

However, “sexual” hair, the hair that is stimulated by the male hormone, androgen, is the hardest to treat and the slowest to respond to IPL. This includes facial hair, which on women is caused by hormonal imbalance. Women using IPL on facial hair are likely to find that hairs grow back, even after 12 weeks of treatment. This is not because IPL was unsuccessful on those treated follicles, but instead due to brand new hairs growing from previously inactive follicles (i.e. hair that hasn’t been treated by IPL).

Unfortunately, as we’re completely covered in dormant hair follicles, and our hormones mean that these follicles can start sprouting hair at any point, we can only really use IPL as a “maintenance programme” on facial hair, rather than a truly permanent solution. Having said this, women find that facial hair becomes finer, lighter and less visible once they start using Boots Smooth Skin, and can go months between top-up treatments.

Note that IPL only works on pigmented hair – not blonde, red or grey hair. The light energy needs to be attracted by pigment and carried down the hair shaft to the follicle to disable it.

Why does facial hair keep growing back even after 12 weeks of treatment?

See above.

Can I use Boots Smooth Skin if I have PCOS?

In the past, there was confusion over whether Boots Smooth Skin could be used by women with PCOS (Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome) as the Boots website said it shouldn’t be used, yet scores of women with PCOS were leaving rave reviews about Boots Smooth Skin changing their lives.

To put it simply, Boots were just more zealous than CyDen (the company behind iPulse technology) with their usage advice. Boots have loosened up their advice to reflect the real situation and now say “The Boots Smooth Skin PLUS system may be less effective if you suffer from Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome (PCOS)”, instead of forbidding usage outright.

The reason why IPL may be less effective if you do have PCOS is again because of “sexual” hair growing from previously dormant follicles. This is not to say that IPL doesn’t offer help for women with PCOS – any regrowth should be softer, finer and lighter in colour.

I should mention that some drugs and thyroid issues make the user more sensitive to light, so if you are using any drugs, check the list in the manual before using Boots Smooth Skin.

Can I use Boots Smooth Skin for a full “hollywood” / “brazilian”?

I can never remember which is which.. or whether they’re the same thing, but yes it is possible to achieve the completely bald look if that’s your thing. But I quote from the manual:

“DO NOT treat the delicate, highly sensitive areas such as the inner area of the vagina (known as the Labia Minora) as this is a mucous membrane and treatment will cause a serious adverse reaction.
DO NOT treat directly on the anus as this is also a mucous membrane and treatment to this area can cause a serious adverse reaction.”

Just remember that results are permanent! You’ll probably be grateful for some “coverage” when you’re 90 years old and everything’s wrinkly and saggy. Think about it.

How short should the hair be prior to treatment?

Hair needs to be shaved before treatment to get the hair shaft short enough for the light to reach the follicle. However, don’t epilate, wax or treat the area with hair removing creams because this may remove too much hair and stop the Boots Smooth Skin system from working effectively.

Note that Boots Smooth Skin may still work on hairs that haven’t quite reached the surface of the skin yet. So make sure you treat entire areas even if it looks like hair hasn’t grown through yet.

[Update 12th June 2011: I saw that the people at iPulse posted this very useful guide in reply to a question on their Facebook page about shaving prior to treatment: “IPL uses the hair to travel to the base of the follicle and disable it. Hair should be just visible above the skin. Depending on the razor used, you may need to shave the day before to allow the hair to regrow a little so that it is just visible on the skin’s surface. We recommend using a single blade razor of clippers to trim the hair down to the skin. In both cases the hair should not be more than 1mm. Be aware that some of the more complex razors can actually pull the hair out. This is not what we want with IPL as the hair is needed to act as a conduit for the light, hence recommending simple single blade razors.”]

Can I use Boots Smooth Skin on my eyebrows

Use of Boots Smooth Skin (original or PLUS model) on eyebrows or around the orbital bone is not approved. The reason being that eyebrow hairs grow erratically under the skin you might quickly end up with no eyebrows (not a good look).

Can I use Boots Smooth Skin during pregnancy

If you are pregnant, it’s advised that you avoid using any electrical device due to changes in body temperature. It’s recommended that women start or resume usage of Boots Smooth Skin after breastfeeding. Again, the reason being that hormonal changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding can lead to body hair coming back with a vengeance from dormant follicles, and any IPL treatment before stopping breastfeeding may be less effective.

Why do I need to use the Activator Gel?

Don’t skimp on the Activator Gel – it serves a few important purposes. One purpose is simply to cool the skin down during sessions. I personally keep the gel in the fridge to get it even cooler. Just remember the fridge is good, the freezer is a no-no. Ice particles in the gel will reflect light and render the IPL less effective.

The Activator Gel also acts as a “light coupler” which basically means that it helps trap and guide the light the right way. It is similar to the gel used in ultrasounds, but has been specifically designed for use with Boots Smooth Skin iPulse, so don’t be tempted to use any other gel!

Another purpose of the gel is just to help the user see the areas they’ve already treated (i.e. through the flattened areas of gel).

If you’re treating large areas like the legs, it’s better to apply the gel in patches as you go along rather than slathering it all over at the beginning. This will minimise mess and drying out.

Do the shots get less powerful over time?

No, the last shot (right up to the point that the handset needs to be replaced) is the same strength as the first.

Is there a risk of cancer when using Boots Smooth Skin?

Not at all. The light used in IPL is visible light that is physically incapable of penetrating the lower levels of skin.

Will the light from Boots Smooth Skin damage my eyes?

The Boots Smooth Skin device has the British Kitemark which means that it has been independently tested and exposure to this level of light is not expected to cause adverse health effects. However, it is still not advised to look at the light directly. It should be quite difficult to look directly at the light anyway, as the trigger only will fire a shot if all contact points of the handset are in contact with the skin.

Note that epilepsy sufferers should not use Boots Smooth Skin. You should also avoid using Boots Smooth Skin if there are children or pets in the room.

Is Boots Smooth Skin really as effective as IPL in a salon?

The only differences between Boots Smooth Skin and salon IPL treatments are the cost, convenience and the range of skin types that can be treated (a salon may be able to treat darker skin types).

There has been a lot of comparison of “joules” (power) of different products, but the truth is that the joules from different machines will act differently. So “30 joules” from a salon device may actually be the same as “10 joules” from a home IPL device. iPulse just makes IPL more accessible. Not everyone wants to make recurring appointments at the salon or wants to have a therapist prodding at their hairy areas.

What is the difference between IPL and laser hair removal?

Laser is monochromatic which means it’s a single beam. IPL (intense pulsed light) means multiple beams. They are both effective at permanent hair reduction but IPL is often reported to be more safer for a wider range of skin tones, less painful, and easier to use on large areas.

Most products on the market (at the time of writing) use IPL technology (the main exception being TRIA which is meant to be pretty good too). Beware – I’ve been told that some other home “laser” devices have as much power as laser pointer pens and as such are completely ineffective for hair removal.

Can Boots Smooth Skin be used on children or teenagers?

Using Boots Smooth Skin on children or teenagers under the age of 16 is not recommended. There are too many changes going on with young girls’ skin and hormones which will mean new hairs may grow back and IPL just won’t be as effective on them as on adults.

Why isn’t the treatment window bigger than it is?

Ahh, if only the treatment window was 3x the size, it’d be so much faster to treat large areas like the legs! Alas, the size of the window is as big as it can be to direct the light energy at the required concentration to disable hair follicles. If it were any bigger, the light would be diluted and thus less effective. Unfortunately, even just a slightly bigger window would require a huge step up in energy, which just isn’t physically possible at the moment. The treatment window is currently 12mm x 25mm (see below photo).

Boots Smooth Skin PLUS treatment window

Can I share Boots Smooth Skin with a friend?

There’s no technical problem with sharing Boots Smooth Skin with a friend and splitting the cost. But you might find that he or she ends up hogging it all the time. If you do decide to go halves on the device, at least think about getting your own handset so that you each have 20,000 shots and there’s no chance of either party using more than their fair share of shots. An additional handset will be around £160.

[Update 23 May 2011: I just found out that the handset is not detachable from the Boots Smooth Skin PLUS unit so it won’t be possible to purchase an additional or replacement handset. Once the 20,000 shots are used up, the whole unit needs to be taken in-store for re-servicing where it will take 3-4 weeks. I think this costs around £100.]

Also, remember that after you’ve achieved hair-free results after 12 weeks or so, you still need to have top-up treatments every 3 months (more frequently at first), so you can’t hand down or sell the unit once you’re “done” with it.

Will I get faster results I use it more than once a week on the same area?

No, using Boots Smooth Skin (or any IPL device) more than once a week is just a waste of your time and lamp shots. The reason you need to treat areas once a week is because IPL is only effective on hairs that are in their “anagen” (active growth) phase. As only a proportion (up to 90%) of hairs will be in the anagen phase at any one time, you need regular treatments to catch them all. Once a week is more than enough to keep up with them.

My tips for getting the fastest results is to use the highest strength that you can manage that isn’t too painful, and to make sure you don’t miss too many patches on each treatment. If you find it difficult to keep track of your progress on large areas, try using a white eyeliner to mark out a grid to follow before you start.

Why are there different levels of power if the minimum setting is enough for permanent results?

While all levels have been designed to achieve permanent hair reduction, the lower settings may just take longer to achieve desired results. Which means that if you are on the darker side of the skin type scale, you may find that you will need more treatments than someone with very pale skin. I recommend using the highest setting you can manage (obviously don’t use a setting if it really hurts).

Is Boots Smooth Skin suitable for use by men?

Yes, although using it on the beard is not advised. Hairy cheeks, back (you’ll need someone to help you), chest etc are fine.

Is it worth paying the extra £120 for Boots Smooth Skin PLUS over the original model?

I say it’s definitely worth paying extra for. The original model has been out for two years now – which is a lot of time to take on customer feedback and improve the product. It would be crazy to buy the old model now!

How can I buy the iPulse outside of the UK?

Get in touch with the iPulse team using their international sales email address which you can find on the iPulse Facebook page.

The iPulse device is dual voltage so is also usable in the U.S.

Useful links

Buy Boots Smooth Skin PLUS from here on the Boots website (free delivery or collect from store)

Download the Boots Smooth Skin PLUS instruction manual here (large PDF file)

iPulse website:
iPulse on Twitter:
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Ok, I think I’m finished now… that was a looong post!

Disclosure: Original Boots Smooth Skin unit bought by self, Boots Smooth Skin PLUS unit was provided for review.

92 comments on “Boots Smooth Skin iPulse PLUS: New and improved!

  1. Thanks for posting this! It was really useful 🙂 I was going to ask for the original iPulse for my birthday, but I’m glad I waited now! xx

  2. Hi Helen,
    I had been looking forward to this post, so thanks! I bought the smooth skin back in February and had just finished my 12-week treatment in legs and armpits. I have to say the results are amazing, but I’m a bit worried that this will only be temporal and a in a few weeks or months all the hair will be back 🙁
    I still need some work on the armpits, but believe me that whatever is left is nothing compared to what I had before.
    The changes on the new machine sound VERY good, but I’d advise people who can’t afford it right now not to discard the option of buying the OLD one as I can asure you that it makes wonders.
    Finally, I wanted to say a big THANK YOU because it was after reading your post and the comments you received on the Smooth Skin that I decided to give it a try, and it’s been the best ever purchase of my life!

  3. I have had hair removal at a salon on my bikini line and underarms and it worked very well. I think both the Phillips Lumea and Boots smooth skin would work well on those areas as I have light olive skin and dark brown hair, but I would like to treat the hair on my arms and legs too, which is dark but not very thick. I also have red bumps on my upper arms and scars on my legs from picking at ingrown hairs :s
    Do you think the Phillips Lumea or Boots smooth skin would work on my arms and legs and smooth the skin there as well?

  4. @Joy: Glad you found the post useful!

    @cl@cam: I’m really glad you’re seeing results! Just make sure you top-up and the hairs should stay away! As you’re just coming out of the 12 week period, I’d suggest topping up every 4 weeks or so at first. Then as time goes on, you’ll be able to stretch out time between top-ups longer and longer. I can now go about 6 months on my armpits and bikini line without seeing any regrowth! After that point, it’s just barely visible stragglers if anything at all. I agree, if people’s budgets don’t quite stretch to $399.99, the original Boots Smooth Skin gets exactly the same results… so still worth a purchase.

    @Samantha: If you want permanent results, I’d go got Boots Smooth Skin over Philips Lumea – the Lumea isn’t designed to be permanent – just “long-lasting” hair removal. And yes I don’t think you’d be disappointed with the results of Boots Smooth Skin on your arms and legs compared the results you’ve already seen from the salon treatments. Good luck!

  5. I am Indian and wondering whether this can be used on my skin?

  6. @Anonymous: It depends how light or dark your skin is! I’d advise you to compare your skin tone to the Boots Smooth Skin skin type chart which you’ll find on the box in-store.

  7. This post and the review you wrote on the old model were so helpful to me. I was thinking of buying the Philips Lumea before I read your pieces and now I’ve decided to go for the Boots iPulse Plus. Thanks so much, keep up the good work!

  8. I was also thinking of buying boots smooth skin and being a 54 year old have suffered long and painful hair removal. I shall now invest my pennies in the new iPulse Plus, so i don’t look like I’ve been snogging a hedgehogg. Keep up the good work.
    Great review

  9. hi, I’m not sure what device to buy, having seen mixed reviews on the ipulse, what is the difference between the ipulse plus and the Tria which one is safer? I heard that the Tria is the only one with the proper tech of the salon hair removal systems??? confused:-$

  10. @Danielle @Anonymous – I’m glad you found my post useful!

    @Anonymous – The TRIA uses laser, while Boots Smooth Skin uses IPL technology. Neither is better or worse, just different technologies. Salon permanent hair reduction can be either laser or IPL.

  11. Hey! I got a q….
    With the old one u can buy a new handset, but whats up with the new one? Do i have to throw it away after 20.000 flashes??

  12. @Anonymous – I just realised that the handset is not detachable from the iPulse PLUS unit. once the 20,000 shots are up, the whole unit needs to be taken in-store to be re-serviced and the bulb replaced. I believe this will cost around £100 and Boots say it takes about 3-4 weeks to get it back.

  13. hi,
    i was wondering, would you recomend buying the product ONLY from boots or would it be the same thing if i buy from amazon? just because its cheaper from amazon however is there any benefits n things from buying directly from boots themselves?

    thanks so much for your posts!!!


  14. hi im jade,
    i have a question, i have very light skin and very dark hair, and for almost a year i recieved IPL treatment at the salon on under arms and bikini line, although it was ok at first the hairs especialy on the bikini line never permanently went away…and after a few months of no treatments it is almost like it was before my treatments.

    i know i should have gone back for top ups but i spent so much money and to see theyre all back lol

    knowing this, do you think it is still worth me trying the impuls IPL purchase? im thinking if a £10,000 machine didnt work fully, will a £400 one??

    sorry i just wanted your intake on it.
    would soo appreiciate it 🙂

    also i noticed here u said the instructions on the bikini area, isit not advisable to use near the buttox area? not directly on the anus but very close just slightly to its side practicly on the cheeks? sorry for the alll the questions i just realy wanted an informed opinion on it.

  15. @Anonymous – Boots Smooth Skin is only sold by Boots in the UK… it’s sold as iPulse in other countries but I’m not sure if it’s sold on Amazon. Are you sure you’re looking at the same product?

  16. @Jade – Aww that’s a shame your hair came back after a year of salon treatments! I’m sure top-ups would have helped but as you say, they get expensive. Just from my own experience with Boots Smooth Skin, I would recommend it to you! It sounds like you understand that top-ups are needed (even after a year), so put it this way – if you’re considering trying IPL again anyway, would you rather pay for salon treatments for each top-up or just have a machine at home you can use whenever you want? Haha cheeks are fine – just avoid the “mucous membrane” areas as they’re described in the manual! If the skin looks and feels like the skin on your arm for example, it should be treatable.

  17. Hi, how often do you need to replace the handset.
    Or how long does 20.000 flashes last.


  18. hey just wondering if hair removal is as effective on setting 3? i have tanned skin and the safest setting to use is number 3, but i don’t want to invest in it if it doesn’t really work that well on that setting. thanks in advance 🙂

  19. @Anonymous – 20,000 flashes should last at least the entire course of 12 weeks if you’re treating legs, underarms and bikini line and hopefully for a number of top-ups afterwards. But this will vary for everyone, depending on size of areas treated, whether they accidentally overlap flashes etc. In the new Smooth Skin PLUS model, the handset can’t actually be replaced by buying a new one and plugging it in… the whole unit has to be taken into Boots for servicing to have the bulb replaced. Hope that helps.

    @Anonymous – All the settings are designed to achieve permanent hair removal, but the lower strength settings might just take a bit longer to achieve the results (according to iPulse).

  20. Great review, I’ve been dithering about purchasing the Smooth Skin Plus, you’ve helped me commit to buying, I’m off to Boots website right now. Happy zapping 🙂

    Will come back to you in a few months time to let you know how I get on

  21. Hi,thank you very much for your great, informative reviews,advice,help in general. I was also set to purchase the Lumea light after seeing an ad, but this surely changed my opinion – will get the new BOOTs machine. Would you happen to know,how you actually know the 20,000 flashes are all used up? Maybe a silly thing to ask, it’s just you mentioned previously that you are still using your machine way after the time it was meant to run out of flashes… also, in the same theme, does the machine count the flashes so one knows how many have been used up? Or simply, it just stops working one day? Thanks, Silvi

  22. Hello, sorry to be so blunt but do you know if this can be used on nipple hair?

  23. Thanks very much for your review; I immediately rushed out and bought the new Plus system to take advantage of the £50 off. However, is there something up with my machine or am I a wimp? The light pulse seems to get stronger and stringer until it really hurts; I can’t even do one full underarm without wincing/yelping in pain towards the end. Is iot me, something I’m doing wrong, or a problem with my machine? Any advice gratefully received, Caroline

  24. @Lynn-North Wales – Ooh exciting! Good luck – I really hope it works as well for you!

    @Silvi – You’ll know the flashes have run out when the lights flash in a certain way – but there’s no countdown to that point unfortunately!

    @Anonymous – Yes but not on the dark area! The instructions in the manual are: “Cover up all of the areola and nipple area using a shield. White adhesive labels may be cut to shape and used for this job. DO NOT treat any of the dark skin. With the nipple safely protected, the whole area may be treated in rows placing the handset over the protected area to ensure that all the hairs are effectively treated.”

    @Caroline – No you’re not being a wimp and your machine’s not broken! The same thing happens with me. The bulb gets quite hot after even just a handful of flashes (especially if using a stronger settings). When it gets too hot and painful to manage, you need to let it rest for a few minutes and go back to it. You’ll definitely need a break between armpits at least. I find that keeping the Activator Gel in the fridge keeps the skin as cool as possible and really helps the sessions more comfortable. And try not to do your sessions in a hot room!

  25. Thank you so much for this really helpful review. I was just about to buy a Lumea (the price has plummeted on Amazon and is now only £250!), but after reading this I think the iPulse plus seems the most cost-effective and sensible long term option. Let’s face it, if you’re going to spend £250 you may as well pay another £100 for permanent results. Use on the face seems to be the deal clincher for me though, having suffered with unwanted facial hair since my teens.

    I hope to purchase this in the next few weeks and fingers crossed it will still be on offer in Boots.

    It does seem a lot of money but I was considering a clinic treatment set totaling over £1000, and it seems I will (with patience) get the same results from the iPulse, would you say this is true? I am terribly bad at persuading myself to spend money on things I can’t afford but this seems to be the lesser of two financial evils!

    Thanks so much,

  26. hi I just wondered if you know anything about the homemedics Me ipl machine? they sell it at boots, and you apparently don’t need gel and just use continous motion over the skin?

  27. @Lucille – I agree, if you’re going to spend pretty much the same money and the same amount of effort on a hair removal system, it might as well be permanent! Boots Smooth Skin has worked really well for me so I would always recommend trying it first before any salon IPL unless you have darker skin than Boots Smooth Skin can treat. Because it’s quite pricey, I feel like people dilly and dally over buying it and try to find excuses to *not* buy it. For me, I wanted to try it as soon as possible because the earlier I started, the earlier I would reap the benefits if it worked! If it didn’t work, it’d be money down the drain but at least I’d know I gave it a go! Good luck!

    @Anonymous – Yeah I have seen the details of the Homedics IPL system (Me My Elos) but I haven’t tried it yet. As soon as I have, I’ll be sure to write about it!

  28. Hi i normally do laser on several areas; chin, arms, tummy, brazilian and full legs. due to the high maintenance required i am thinking about buying one of the available IPL or laser machines for home use. my question would be how many pulses does all this area use, and when would i need to replace parts? what wold be the expected lifetime?

  29. Hi, Thanks for your many comprehensive reviews on the Smooth Skin, which gave me the info I needed to go ahead and purchase the updated model recently! This is a ridiculous question, and I am embarrassed to ask it but I can’t find this out anywhere else – what happens after you use it? I have only used it once so probably getting ahead of myself but I feel that ‘growth’ has been halted in some follicles – but what about the dark stubble (I shaved as recommended to about 1mm)? Some of it’s not growing but it’s still there – does it fall out? Do you have to remove it some other way? Thank you!

  30. it is possibile to know technical characteristics as potency or intensity (joul/cm^2) ?
    does this device can be used on dark markes that i have on legs (caused by ingrown hairs) ? does it cancel them? thank you

  31. hey would you be able to di like a monthly review of your progress with photos

  32. @Anonymous – 20,000 pulses is meant to be more than enough for 12 weeks of treatment for most people (e.g. legs, underarms and bikini line) but I imagine if you’re treating your arms too it could possibly require a replacement bulb before then, but it’ll depend on how long your arms and legs are etc! Some people found that they had to replace the bulb on the original Boots Smooth Skin (the one with 10,000 shots) way before the 12 weeks, and some people have found that it has lasted much longer.

    @Anonymous – That’s not a ridiculous question at all! The black dots will fall out by themselves after a few days so don’t worry about them. You might find that they’ll fall out easily when you prod them with a fingernail if they’re bugging you! But other than that, you don’t need to do anything with the stunted stubble because it’ll fall out by itself.

    @Elelle – The energy level is the same as for the original Boots Smooth Skin: 7 – 10 joules, depending on setting used. If the marks are very dark, you should colour them in with a white eye liner to stop the skin absorbing too much heat. But other than that, it should be fine. I found that using Boots Smooth Skin completely eradicated *new* ingrown hairs for me (especially on the bikini line where shaving would always previously give me ingrown hair). However, if the light energy can’t reach the *old* ingrown hair through the skin, it’s not going to kill off that ingrown hair. So you might have to wait for the hair to surface before it can be effectively treated. I really recommend Boots Smooth Skin if you suffer from ingrown hairs though… I used to hate ingrown hairs!!

  33. @Anonymous – It’s too late for me to do a monthly review of my progress because it’s been 2 years since I first started using Boots Smooth Skin (the old model) and I have no hairy areas left! If it’s any help, the skin on my underarms and bikini line are completely bare – the skin looks like it’s never had any hair grow on it before.

  34. Hello

    I was just wondering, I used my iPulse (the old version) most weeks for about 9 weeks but then for one reason or another kept forgetting / being too busy for about 4 months! If I start again do you think it will take the same length of time as if I hadn’t started? Or will the zapping I did before “carry over”?

    Thank you so much for your blog, it’s amazing (-:

  35. Since you are in NY part time (and I live in the US) how can one use the Smooth Skin Plus in American outlets? Do I need a converter?

  36. Hi, I’m considering buying the Smooth Skin Plus, however, even though I have fair skin, I do have red hair. I want to use this product mainly on my bikini line, where the hair has seemed to darken over time, what with waxing etc. But could this colour just an optical illusion due to years of hair removal? In which case, do you think I would be wasting my money on an IPL unit?
    Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks!!

  37. Why does it say you are not aloud sun?
    Because I’ve started the treatments and it’s summer so I wished I could sunbathe. Do you know what the reason is for the restriction of the sun?

  38. your blog has been so informative, and its great that you answer everyones questions, I’m 16 and was wondering if you’d recommend I wait a while before buying something like this? My leg hairs grow back really quick, and I have a huge problem with ingrown hairs on my legs so that’s why I’m interested in something like this. Also is it painful? I’d hate to save up all this money and then find it too sore to use. The reason I first considered this, and i think its something that everyone else should bear in mind, is the cost of razors or cream or whatever else you use as hair removal, and how much this builds up to over your life time, this probably works out cheaper.

  39. Hi, I’ve use the product twice. The third time, after 5 or 6 zaps, it was very unstable. The light on the end device blink sometimes when held against a towel (cleaing some gel), but not against the skin.. After endlends tries, from all different angles, bearly touched the skin and harder (100% of the thing covered my skinn).. I got two or three more, but after that I had to give up.It was not warm either. I’ll try again tomorrow i guess. I’ve used maybe up to 100-150 pulses in total.Have this happened to you?

  40. Hi beauty scribbler, I am looking into buying the smooth skin plus but have indian skin, my parents are fairly dark and I think I fall into the skin tone catergory of 3 or 4.
    Do you think this will be safe for me to use? I mainly want to use it on my legs and bikini which are quite a bit paler than my face
    If anyone with darker skin tones can give me some advice I would really appreciate it, thanks

  41. Hi Im Kiran, I was wondering if there is a way you can see how many zaps are left or some indicator to show how much juice is left in the machine? Thanks, your blog is awesome! 🙂

  42. Hi I would like to use it on my face, however the idea of shaving feels quite scary. I’ve always use wax before and wondering if by shaving the hair will grow thicker on my face and more noticeable between sessions….which alternative could I have, what kind of lady razor for the face during the treatment? Any suggestions?

    Many thanks in advance

  43. @Anonymous – Thank you! I’m sure your previous zapping efforts will have destroyed some hair follicles already – so you’re not starting completely from scratch! Just pick it up again and I’m sure (based on my own experience) that you’ll see results really quickly!

    @Anonymous – Boots Smooth Skin is (thankfully!) dual voltage so I just plug it into a normal travel adapter in the US and it’s fine!

    @Anonymous – As long as the hair is dark and has pigment in it, IPL has a good chance of working on it. Coarse underarm and bikini line hair seems to respond the best! I’m sure you can tell yourself whether it’s pigmented or just red (as in orangey red) – just be honest with yourself!

    @Jade – Make sure you read the instructions because it makes it clear that you shouldn’t sunbathe because darker skin will absorb too much light (because of the extra pigment) and be more susceptible to adverse reactions.

    @Anonymous – At 16 you should be ok to use it because your hormones should be settling down / have settled down (make sure you read my answer in the post about whether the product can be used on teenagers). I found that Boots Smooth really, really helped with ingrown hairs and also hair that grows back super quick (my underarm and bikini line hair would grow back ridiculously fast!!!). It’s not “painful” but sometimes it does make you jump because the flashes can feel like a rubber band pinging on your skin! But no pain no gain, right?? Good luck and I hope you get to try it soon!

    @Anonymous – No that hasn’t happened to me! It sounds like your unit might be faulty. You should take it back to the store asap!

    @Anonymous – If your skin tone is no darker than the darkest on the “ok” scale, then you’re probably fine. The good thing about Boots Smooth Skin PLUS is that it comes with the skin tone indicator which you just put against your skin and press the button and it tells you which setting to use on each part of your body (or if you can’t use it at all).

    @Kiran – No unfortunately there is no indicator to tell you how many zaps you have left! But to be honest, it’s not something I’ve ever felt I’ve needed on the product!

    @Noid – If your facial hair is thick and coarse to start with, it might feel a bit stubbly in the first 2 or 3 weeks before the hair growth slows and gets finer. If you just have fine hair that doesn’t feel like male facial hair, it’s unlikely to ever feel stubbly! Hair doesn’t grow back thicker after shaving – it has no way of knowing that it’s been shaved – hair is just dead cells! The only thing that makes it feel thicker is that the shaft has been sliced at an angle (instead of the hair tapering to a point), giving it the impression of being thicker. But again, if your hair is fine, you probably won’t even notice a difference. I recommend using a simple single-blade razor (or one of those pen-shaped, battery-powered trimmers specifically for female facial hair) because it will trim the hair just above the skin. If you use a fancy razor that has too many blades, the hair could get cut slightly beneath the surface of the skin, leading to ingrown hairs. Hope that helps. Good luck if you decide to go for it!

  44. Hi my name is chanda
    i live in Holland
    so is it wise to buy the ipulse online
    because u mentioned that only at boots they can change the bulbs after they are finished but i live in a country where there is no boots store that sells this device
    and u also said that it will few weeks at boots
    i wanted to order this online but what when the bulbs are finished how can i change them?

  45. Dear Beauty,
    My question is more related to Maths. As far as I understood from your blog, it is advised to apply the iPulse PLUS once a week and for 12 weeks (I guess it means 12 times to the same area) But it has only 20.000 shots capacity. As an avarage, surface area of our legs are totally 1 meter square. If each shot effects 3 cm square, approximately 3.000 shots are needed to finish whole area. If you divide 20.000 by 3.000, you will find that you have chance to apply iPulse only 6-7 times to the same area, only the half-way of the 12 weeks treatment.
    What do you think about this calculation, did I miss something to count on?

  46. @Chanda – Hi there! I’m not sure about that (apart from sending it back to the UK or taking a holiday in the UK!). I’d suggest getting in touch with the iPulse team or Boots about the options.. try their Facebook page at

    @Saygin – Your maths made me smile – I’m not sure how you got to 3000 shots required in a session – that would take absolutely forever! Here’s my calculation…. Most women won’t use IPL all the way to the top of their thighs (in the same way that most don’t shave all the way up). Let’s say on average, women are going to treat 43cm of their legs from their ankles to just above the knee. Now let’s say their legs average out to about 35cm circumference. That’s a surface area per leg of 43cm x 35cm, which is 1505cm2. That’s 3010cm2 over both legs. 3010cm2 divided by the window area, 3cm2, is 1003 shots required to treat both legs in one session. 20,000 shots divided by 1003 shots means you can get 20 sessions before the bulb needs replacing. Obviously the number of sessions possible will be lower or higher depending on size of legs, overlapping of shots etc.

  47. hi chanda here again

    someone already asked them on facebook if they can order the ipulse from another country and they replied that its not possible they one deliver it in the uk and ireland
    so i gues thats it this device is only available in the uk and u cant order it online for some other country

  48. Dear blogger,

    Thanks for the handy posts on this item. Really want to order but have no UK address (live in The Netherlands). Would you know anyone that is trustworthy and wants to collect points for me to use address and have it shipped my address after that.. Or is that really silly?

  49. hi just a quick question how do you put the smooth skin i pulse plus off? is there a button you need to press before switching it off at the mains?

  50. Male, 34 years old, started my own blog on the Boots Smooth Skin Plus, showing pics of active results. Please use a source of reference for your own interest.

  51. this is supposed to be the most powerful home IPL system. yesterday i found on the internet the VISS IPL system. in the specs it says 23 joule intensity. that is more than double of I-pulse. yet they don’t claim permanent hair removal. any idea what might be the difference??

    i finally was able to obtain an ipulse in the netherlands. (my mother got one for me as she was on holiday in the UK) i hope to have it on saturday so i can get started. i have really high hope for this device to work.

  52. Hi there. Thanks for the review, appreciated.

    Do you know what’s the maximum output in Joules of this new unit? I’ve heard it’s only 6 Joules, less than the one it replaces. (which was up to 10J)


  53. Hi,
    How does the pain compare to waxing or epilating- the same more or less?? – does it vary between legs and bikini line? I can happily epilate my legs but cant deal with the pain in the bikini line which is really where I would like this for.

  54. Hi
    After using this machine for a few weeks, I have started to get a ‘chicken skin’ appearance on treated areas. I just wondered if this would go away on its own or if it is permanent?

  55. Hello
    please tell me what is the box weight. not from UK and I want to ask a friend to send me the Boots Smooth Skin PLUS by the royal mail and i must know the box weight

  56. Miruna I had same question and found out that it’s 1 kg.

  57. Just bought one a few weeks ago from Boots. Am doing little bits at a time as it is very time consuming and having to keep a diary to remember when/where is due a zap!

    Have done 3 sessions on my armpits and yet to notice anything falling out but bikini line hairs started to fall out around a week after just the first zapping session. Cannot describe how satisfying it was to pull them out so easily (there is no pain as there is with a regular pluck) knowing they will never grow back!

    Thanks for this blog beauty scribbler, so informative and helpful. Really is the best source of info online about the iPulse.


  58. Hi. all very helpful, thank you.
    Why can’t the Boots Smooth Skin Plus be used (or should not be used) when I have my periods ?

  59. You blog is so helpful! Thank you for all the comments. I just ordered my IPL from Boots. I asked my friend to ship it to me. When I finish my 20.000 shots, can order the bulp and change it myself?

  60. Thanks so much for your blog, i was very confused about the whole IPL idea, and was even considering spending £1000+ in a salon, now I’m definitely buying the smooth skin plus! 🙂

  61. Hello,
    Could you please let me know the answer of the following questions:
    1- the equipment’s power in j/cm2 per second
    2- the equipment’s power in j/cm2 per pulse
    3- treatment area in cm2

    Thanks in advance,

  62. Hello,

    Thank you for your blog! I’m in the market for an at-home laser/IPL and am leaning towards the Boots smooth skin (although somehow getting it over to the US may be a problem!). I’m wondering if you’ve used the Tria, especially because it appears they may have a newer unit that goes up to 22 joules? I don’t really know, and reviews are VERY inconsistent… I just wanted your opinion before making the huge investment into the Boots product!


  63. Hi,
    Would like to know if the new Boots ipulse plus can be used on a mans face? I’ve noticed that women have said they use it on their face and it is ok so is it the same for men?

  64. Hi, on your previous reviews for the other hair removal products you said that the Philips Lumea is not safe for men, but this is not true as their official website claim that is is completely safe for men and woman. I don’t understand why you would say it’s not…I feel like it’s kind of biased towards the boots product and now I feel a bit weary/sceptical about your reviews

  65. for those that are still sceptical. i posted on this site before 4 months ago.
    i live in the Netherlands and was able to obtain an i-pulse plus.
    both me and my wife have used the I-pulse. my wife used it on the lower leg with good results. only the blond hairs are a problem. the armpits have greatly reduced hairgrowth as well as the bikine line. this is after 12 weeks of usage.
    for me as a man. i have used it on a small part of my neck. i stopped after 5 weeks (not because any specific reason). now 7 weeks later i can still see a difference in the amount of hair on the treated area.
    only thing i am curious about are the long term results. i will just have to wait and see

  66. Hello,
    I have indian skin and black hair and have used the smooth skin plus weekly about 9 times now, but recently I was away from home for a month so did not use it at all
    When I was away I initially found that there were still some hairs slowly growing back, but found the regrowth patchy so was fine with this, but towards the end of my break I found that all the hairs seem to have come back especially on the bikini area, which is really disappointing
    Could it be that due to the type of hair I have it could take longer to start seeing permanent results? I wonder if perhaps because I used to shave before my weekly ipl session maybe I didn’t realise that the hair was still slowly growing?
    Please help, thanks

  67. Hi again, just wrote you a message a few mins ago, but forgot to mention that initially when I was using the smooth skin plus I found that I had little dots of hair as well as finer hair that I could easily pull out with a tweezer with no pain at all (similiar to what another blog reader posted above)
    when this happened I thought that those hairs were dead and gone, but it seems like they’re not as I don’t have any bald patches, I still have hair everywhere :s

  68. Hi, I’m interested in buying this product but I would like to know if its safe to use it on the tummy area? I have Ovarian problems and I’m just wondering if my ovaries will be affected even more. Thanks.

  69. Hi, I wondered about the machines light window – the one that fires the shots – I have purchased the Boots machine since my last comment on this blog – back in June last year. The results are quite good – lesser hair,or some areas no hair at all – definitelly all hair that comes back is finer too. I used to have a problem with ingrown hair a lot, but that ha improved also. and all this despite me not using the machine as often as it’s recommended! I don’t keep a note of when and what area I did – in fact sometimes i leave more than a week between ‘flashings’ but still results. Anyway, i wanted to ask, if u girls that have got the machine, have a little bubble in the glass in the bulb? I had to change my first machine as it wasn’t firing well, sometimes it didn’t fire even thougth I followed the instructions (held it against my skin etc…) and there were little sparks coming out of the connection cable….hence got a new replaced machine – but both had this bubble? Not sure if this is a fault or not, just worried that the second machine might develop the same problem as first. That’s all. But by all means, Boots were great no problem with changing the machine at all. Well, hope to shade some light on this , thanks 🙂 Silvi

  70. How can I buy this in the US??? Please let me know if there’s a way! Thank you!!!!!!

  71. I really wanted to buy this product now after reading your review, but I live in Norway and just found out (on Facebook) that they don’t ship this outside the UK… :(((

    I wish I knew someone in the UK!

    BB, Norway

  72. Dear Sir
    I want the smooth skin iPulse for personal use and portable use,
    What is the weight and the dimensions of the device,
    Best regards

  73. Hi just bought my smmoth skin ipulse but dissapointly i read in the instruction book that if u take citraplam then you cant use it.
    I have being having laser and ipl for 1yr in salons with no problems , should i just go a head anyways ?

  74. I bought this product last week and wondered how you ensure that all of the area you are treating is zapped? – should you overlap at all? Any tips at all would be appreciated so that i can be as effective as possible. Thanks

  75. I like my wife and she is still beautiful. She wants to become even more beautiful ( i hope for me) and wants to use the Boots Smooth Skin PLUS.

    This is probably the best hair removal product atm. I hate that it can’t be bought in Holland. Its so 2007.

    Come on Boots and make it possible to buy it oversees.

  76. I live in the US but if I do get it shipped and I use up the light, how would i get the handset to be replaced??? thnxx

  77. hey beautyscribbler.. have a question. I got ipl/laser hair removal done @ salon.. after many years of treatment , I am again getting hair after being without treatment for 6 months ! Do you think this is gonna help ? i really need to understand before spending so much of money in here .. given the fact that i have already spent so much in the salon..

    I can see you are not replying to messages these days ..but expecting to hear from you

  78. Hi Beauty Scribbler, Your blog is full of great information! I have a question, I have quite a lot of hair on my forearms, and hoping the IPL will help with getting rid of it. I am yet to take the plunge with removing it by shaving or with cream as i’m worried about what it will look like when it grows back. Do I really need to shave before using the BSSP? WIll it work the same?
    Really hope you can help!

  79. Dyinhg to buy this! was wanting to know when I should start using it…. Id want the hair to be gone for at least two week when i go on holiday at the end of july… if i bought it in april should i begin using it straight away or should i wait???

  80. I am another one of those people who wish I could just have all the hair other than my scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes, killed off with some wonderful device.

    Simply put, I have a medical reasons for needing to keep my pores free of hairs in several trouble areas areas. This involves my making VERY thick sebum, which adheres to the follicles deep in the pore and eventually clogs it up and will create a sore. No form of exfoliation helps enough to stop the problem. Only getting rid of the hairs helps. No amount of exfoliation can avoid this and I am too sensitive to chemical products to use that sort of method to treat the skin.

    AND – after they grow back, eventually trouble ensues again.

    Right now I must wax to do this. My regular method includes several waxed areas including a full Brazilian; which I did not expect to become fond of…so much cleaner, tidier, and has anyone else noticed this – all the classical artworks of nude women from the Greeks forward until someplace in the 1800s nearly *all* have fully depilliated women in them. And many people seem to think it is a modern thing.

    THIS IS WHY I WAX – or rather, I have my husband do it. This way I can also avoid twisting in ways that are unfortunate for my back.
    He learned rapidly, is fast at it and far more gentle than those at the salons. Many of salon waxers use strips that are FAR TOO LARGE. Plus their shops are usually filled with the noxious stench of highly poisonous chemical hair products & “fake and bake” tans – which I am dangerously allergic to (I don’t like seizures).


    I have long thought that a long term hair removal method (or better, a permanent one … take it away and leave my skin happy and bare) could make all this much easier. BUT – which method to use.

    Besides which, there is a complication, which I think affects many women.


    A Brazilian involves an area of skin that in many women (especially as they age or after having kids) is not just one skin tone. The skin darkens as you approach the mucous membranes (which are already forbidden to do with this device).

    1) Does the new automatic skin selection system decrease the power as the device as you move into a slightly darker area?

    2) Is there a degree of darkening where it will just stop working to protect the user?

    3) Is it necessary for women with this sort of darkening skin in their “nethers” to just *not* use this sort of hair removal.


    4) Are there any long term or permanent methods of hair removal that *CAN* kill those few pesky hairs in the darker skin areas and the mucous membrane areas? For me, that part of the Brazilian MUST be kept TOTALLY hair free or trouble will occur given time; also the fine vellus hairs on my chin must also go.

    Any advice as to a good method to use? DO any of these home devices cover my needs?

  81. I noticed that there are 2 Philips Lumea models. Can you please let me know how the Philips SC2002/01 Lumea Precision stacks up against the Boots Smooth Skin iPulse PLUS.
    thanks heaps

  82. Hi and thanks for providing such an informative review! I’m weighing up the pros and cons of home treatments after a year of ineffective electrolysis for some sparse but coarse facial hair.

    I’ve read a lot of online reviews both of the the Boots Smooth Skin and surprisingly there are a lot of bad review on the ipulse website, with people who had good initial results finding that if they didn’t keep up with the treatments their hair returned exactly as it was before. I’m wondering what your experience has been on this, now that it has been a while since you started?

    I’ve also been reading reviews of the Tria home laser gadget on US Amazon and there’s a suspicious distribution of reviews, with a lot of 5s, as many 1s, and hardly anything in the middle. That makes me wonder if there are a lot of manufacturers’ stooges on Amazon trying to drown out customer complaints. So hard to know what to think! I wish someone would do proper clinical trials on all these methods with proper follow-up after a year. After all, it’s all very expensive whether you have salon treatments or buy these home-use devices.

  83. Further to my previous comment, I found a systematic review of light-based home devices for hair removal, here:

    A systematic review of trials is how scientists determine what the evidence is for the effectiveness of medical treatments so it’s high quality evidence. You have to pay to view the whole paper but from the abstract, the results section says:

    ” We identified a total of seven studies: one controlled (CT) and six uncontrolled trials (UCTs). No randomized controlled trials (RCT) were recognized. The best evidence was found for IPL (intense pulsed light) (three devices, one CT, five UCTs) and limited evidence for laser devices (one diode laser, one UCT). Most studies evaluated short-term hair reduction up to 3 and 6 months following light exposure at different body sites. Hair reduction percentages ranged from 6% to 72% after repetitive treatments. The most frequently reported side-effect was erythema, but oedema, blistering, crusting and pigment changes were also reported. Theoretical concerns about ocular damage and paradoxical hair growth have not been reported in any of the studies reviewed.”

    I wish it was possible to tell from the abstract whether the 3 and 6 months follow-up was after treatment stopped or after treatment began! “Best evidence” doesn’t necessarily mean “evidence of best results”; it might just mean that the trials were better designed and hence their evidence, whether for or against the treatment, was more trustworthy.

    Still, good to know that trials are being done and that people are looking at them. Interesting that the range in % hair reduction is so high.

  84. Hi there,
    I found your post very useful and i appreciate you taking the time to benefit others. You got me convinced of Boots Smooth Skin after reading about so many other IPL and Laser machines. The Problem is I’m an Egyptian living in Egypt and when i run out of pulses, I won’t be able to send it to boots in London every 12 weeks 🙁 So I was hoping if you know any alternative device that doesn’t require changing plates or other parts.
    Thanks in advance.

  85. Just want people to know, I’ve got the old Boots Smooth Skin and I’m completely amazed with the results! I’m fair skinned with dark hair and I have PCOs. I’ve had to persevere for a long time (more like 24 sessions than the 12 sessions they suggest. Also it’s messy and time consuming (about 2 hours for both lower legs. But if you can put up with this, I promise you the results are absolutely incredible! I’ve been silky smooth for the first time in my life now for about 2 years and it’s the most wonderful feeling ever – it’s changed my life!! Btw, I’ve also bought the Me My Helos for the larger area above the knee, because it’s so much easier to use, but the results are not so good. The hairs are a little softer, but by no means is the skin silky smooth (after about 12 months of use).

    1. Hi Sara, could you write a bit more about your ME My Elos? I’m using Smooth Skin Plus at the moment, and though I’m impressed with the results, it’s painfully slow to use… I treat my whole leg, and one leg just above the knee is a good 3,5 hours. So, I’m thinking about buying ME now, but I read very mixed reviews, some say it’s great, some say it doesn’t work at all. Also, I’m not sure that 5000 shots how far get you…

    2. I only use Me My Elos on my legs above the knee. Each leg is 250 flashes, so 500 per session. Therefore I get 10 sessions per bulb. I’ve now used 3 bulbs, ie 30 sessions. The hairs are softer, slower to grow and a bit less dense, so I don’t get the awful rash I used to get after shaving them, but that’s about it really. The hairs still grow. Certainly nothing like as good as Smooth Skin, but you could never use Smooth Skin on such a large area. I plan to buy a fourth bulb and continue using Me My Elos because at least it’s made them a bit better than before. Hope this helps. I suppose these machines work differently on different people. Good luck.

  86. hi,

    I’m asian male and my skin colour is no more than 4 as shown in your picture. My public hair is jet black and I was wondering if this machine is suitable for me?


  87. Hello beuty advisor…

    Well, reading all your review and all and I really mean all the comments and questions afterwards I would have an additional question and also one comment.

    The question is : As a person who had some time ago eczema, is the IPL hair removal not dangerous or can it not affect the skin condition even being stable at the moment ?

    And the comment… About previously mentioned area it can possibly cover within one bulb before needing a replacement. I can ensure you that an average women cuff is NOT 35 BUT 38 or more cm and more than 50 percent of woman DO shave or other way remove their hair from uncles (or even lover than that) right up to the groin area. And that’s statistics! So in that case regarding your previous matemathic conversation you would need two full equipments in order to complete full 12 weeks treatment!!! On the top of that of course underarms etc. Putting together the numbers… it does become to be a little bit dear, no ? Also I did read quite a few comments about this treatment being quite painful. Whats the comparison to waxing for example then ???

    Otherwise the review was interesting and did bring up a few more things to think about before making a final decision.

    Thank you

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