This photo was taken by the brilliant Kensa Photography at a very fun wedding in Taunton, Somerset that I was at a couple of weekends ago. I’m using it because I am doing my best “stock photo” face which I feel conveys the elatedness of being able to see perfectly without contact lenses or glasses.

I was meant to blog after my two month check-up but it’s actually been four months now since I had my epi-LASEK laser eye surgery in February. I am pleased to report that at my two month check-up, my vision was tested to be better than 20:20 at 20:15 (which means I can see at 20 feet away what normal people can see at only 15 feet).

For those of you who checked in with me about my left eye which I said was a little less sharp than my right eye, it still isn’t quite as sharp as my right eye. This isn’t to say that the vision in my left eye is bad – it’s just that my right eye is extra, extra sharp now. I would never know that my left eye wasn’t as good as my right eye if I didn’t keep covering up each eye in turn to see the difference. The difference is only at very far, far away distances and is only noticeable for things like text.

Apart from the vision, I’m also happy to say that I’m not getting any glare/halos, dryness or any other common issues. I was worried I might end up with these problems but it turns out I had nothing to worry about.

I can’t describe how great it feels to go from being -4.75 and -5.00 to seeing perfectly. I went to a ballet performance recently and sat quite far back so the dancers were just tiny figures in the distance. But I could see them with a crispness that I’ve never had before even with contacts. It’s like switching from normal TV to HD.

I love being able to see when I wake up, having naps without contact lenses suctioning onto my eyeballs and not having to remove and clean lenses every night. But so far, the best it’s been is travelling and not having to quadruple check that I’ve got all my contact lens supplies and just being on flights and not having to wear my milk bottle glasses. There was also that one time after a long, hard week and one too many gin and tonics that I passed out fully clothed on my bed and woke in the morning thinking “WOOHOO I haven’t done that since I was 16!! God bless laser eye surgery!”

So as you can probably tell, I’m ecstatic with the results of my laser eye surgery. It couldn’t have gone any better, so I feel really lucky.

As I said in my last post about my laser eye surgery, the only thing I would change is to have had the surgery in a less dry season. The humidity in New York was 10% for weeks after I had my surgery (optimal humidity is around 50%), so even humidifiers couldn’t help that much (especially not when I was out and about). My first few weeks would have been a lot more comfortable if I’d had the surgery during Spring! I would also have taken more days off work because my eyesight was unworkably blurry for two weeks, although my recovery was probably hindered by the dry air.

Anyway, a few of you wanted to see the video that was recorded during the surgery, so I finally got round to uploading it. The video is just of my right eye because the treatment of my left eye is exactly the same. But I’m warning you – don’t watch the video if you are squeamish or if you are considering having laser eye surgery and don’t want to see the gritty details of what actually happens in case you chicken out. Just a reminder – I had epi-LASEK, which is the procedure which doesn’t involve cutting a flap in the cornea.

Thanks everyone for all the tips, moral support and general curiosity over the last four months!

[Update: For those of you who asked whether it was uncomfortable or painful during the surgery, I literally couldn’t feel a thing! I was completely dosed up on Valium and I’d had a bucketload of numbing drops put into my eyes (which stop the blink reflex as well as numbing any feeling).]

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  1. Oh wow. That’s pretty shocking to watch! I’d love to get it done one day, but for the time being I can’t get the image of him saying ‘suction on’ & the metal do-dad pressing into your eyeball! Ahhh

    I would love to wake up in the morning & see clearly though. & not have to search blindly for my glasses because my cat hid them while I slept!

  2. Wow!
    I had first heard about Lasek eye surgery when watching KUWTK (Keeping Up With The Kardashians). I thought it was pretty rad and was thinking about doing somewhere in the future. If I’m able to afford it anyway.

    I just watched the vid and I was wondering…Did you have any uncomfortable moments or pain during and after? Cause it looks very uncomfortable. What does such a surgery cost exactly?

    I’m glad your vision became crystal clear!
    Congrats 🙂

  3. Hi!
    It was a little squeamish but i managed to watch it till the end. Just a question, does it hurt that they pry your eye open that way and you cant blink while they do all those stuff?

    and i was shocked to see the apparatus they used to push into the whites of your eye… didnt know the eye is so jelly-ish…

    Congrats on your new born again eyesight anyway. hopefully one day i can do so too 🙂

  4. Congrats! Unfortunately for me, I now have presbyopia, so I will need more complex surgery if I decide to have it.

    I am so glad for your excellent result!

  5. Congratulations! wow… I read through your laser-eye posts and I’m very hopeful.. my prescription is -11.25 on the right and -10.00 on the left… i hope there’s still a chance left for me T__T

    I’m happy that you no longer have to suffer from forgetting to take off your lenses before you sleep and all the stresses from wearing thick glasses… hoorah for technology!

  6. @25fLONDON – Haha your comment made me laugh!! I really like your blog btw!

    @Tammy – Thanks for dropping by! I literally didn’t feel any pain or discomfort during the surgery or even after it. They gave me a couple of Valium pills before the surgery which made me really floaty and drowsy, and they used loads of numbing eye drops which stopped me feeling anything and stopped that feeling of needing to blink. I paid $6000 for the epi-LASEK procedure which come to think of it, is quite a lot! It’s definitely on the higher end of laser eye surgery costs. But at the time I just wanted to make sure I got the best treatment and aftercare regardless of the cost.

    @mintyvintage – Hi! (See above for my answer on pain and blinking). Oh yeah the bit where they push that thing on my eyeball and leave behind the impression marks is gross!!! The first time I watched it I was gagging… I had no idea what was happening during the surgery – was too drugged up!

    @Jamilla – Thank you! Yeah I saw that it is possible to treat Presbyopia but it didn’t look anywhere near as simple or effective as treating shortsightedness. Hopefully there will be advances in technology soon that makes treatment more accessible.

    @Kaye – I’m sure they told me they’ve treated higher prescriptions than yours! Anyway, the technology keeps improving and they’re able to treat higher and higher prescriptions. My pre-lasered prescription used to be borderline non-treatable but now they refer to -5.00 as “not very high”! Good luck with your eyes.. I hope they settle down soon!

  7. Thank you for sharing… I am considering getting my visions corrected in a few years. I stopped a third into the video because I’m a coward 🙁

  8. I got mine done 5 months ago and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. Highly recommended!!! Seeing everything clearly makes life absolutely fabulous.

  9. I’m actually looking to get my Epi-Lasek done with Dr. Chynn at the end of this month. Your review/updates were really helpful.

    I didn’t realize that the recovery time was so long- i’m assuming that even with a high level of humidity (which we’ll no doubt have in NY in August) a solid week of not working is probably ideal.

    I probably should not have watched the vid though, I got dizzy when he started scraping up your epithelial layer….that machine he used looked like an old-school credit card machine!

  10. Hi I had lasik not long ago I love my vision but eyes r still dry and sore . I read u had plugs put in in your previous post and am considering these. Do they hurt? And can I still wear make up while I have them in? Also do u recommend them ? Xx

    1. Hi. Wow I forgot all about having those plugs! I guess they’ve gone now, as I don’t see or feel them. I don’t remember them “hurting” as such, as they put numbing drops in before putting in the plugs, and you don’t feel them when they’re in. As far as I know, you can still wear make-up with the plugs. I definitely did!

  11. Hi
    I am considering surgery with Dr.Chynn. My concern is around the recovery time- Im planning to take about 8-10 days( including weekends) off so I get rest and dont have to look at the computer screen. Do you think this is good enough?
    Also do you still have halos, star bursts or dry eyes? how long did it take to resolve all of that?
    Thanks so much!

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