Goody Spin Pin
I received a press release last week about Goody Spin Pin and it reminded me to go out and buy it. Apparently the Goody Spin Pin has sold out across the UK thanks to a successful TV ad campaign. Keep on reading to see my (debut!) video demonstration and a few pictures of the buns I’ve been making with the pins.

I’ve never had any success with hair buns because my hair is abnormally thick and straight so I’ve been meaning to try Goody Spin Pin ever since I heard about it last year.

The instructions are really simple – just spin the two spiral pins into your hair and you’ll end up with a nice, secure bun – no hair bands or other pins required.

Goody Spin Pin instructions
To show you how the pins work, I thought it’d be easier to record this video. I’ve never filmed a video of myself before (my facial expressions make me cringe) and it turns out I had my camera on some rubbish recording resolution so the video is quite blurry *sigh*.

Here are a couple of photos of the buns I’ve made using Goody Spin Pin – a standard centre bun and a side bun thrown in for good measure. These buns are quite loose but you can create neat ones too.

Beauty Scribbler Goody Spin Pin hair bun
Beauty Scribbler Goody Spin Pin side bun
In the UK, Goody Spin Pin is available from Boots, Superdrug and Claire’s Accessories for around £4.95. In the US, I bought it from Duane Reade for $7.

Update (16th October 2011): I found out that Goody Spin Pin is also perfect for creating tousled, beachy waves – read my post here!

14 comments on “Goody Spin Pin: Review and a video of me putting buns in my hair

  1. you look amazing! loved the video too, you looked so professional 😉 hope new york is treating you well xx

  2. I have the spins but never used them for 2 speparate buns as I didn’t think they’d hold the hair. But thanks to your video, I’ve tried it and it works great, so thank you for the suggestion and the demonstration! And by the way, you look beautiful!!!

  3. These have been out for years…i never tried them though as i was sceptical about how effective they’d be at the job. Odd how an ad campaign can cause something like this to sell out in crazy quick time.

    I’ve got a japanese looking velvet thing that snaps shut to do buns and it’s fab but your hair needs to be super long for it to work. What length do you really need for spin pins to work, and will they hold thick hair?

  4. I always see women with perfect buns and wondered how they achieved them!! Definitely need to purchase these. Nice video, you look so prettyy!!
    P.s. your accent sounds australian, but i always assumed you was british lol! xX

  5. wow i live in england west yorkshire and i dont know where to buy them, love desperate xxx

  6. I saw these advertised the other week and have been on the look out for them I wasn’t sure whether they’d actually do the trick but after reading your post and watching the video thats definitely helped.


  7. Thanks everyone for your comments, I’m glad you found the post useful!

    @Munichjoolz – I have really thick hair and these Goody Spin Pins work a treat on me! If anything, the pins are better for thick hair because there is more hair to twist into to keep in place.

    @PinkOrchids – Haha I don’t know why so many people think I sound Australian – I’ve never been there! Maybe I watched too many Australian soaps as a youngster??

    @Anonymous – In the UK, you can buy Goody Spin Pins from Boots, Superdrug, Claire’s Accessories and some supermarkets (e.g. I think Morrisons). Hope you find them!

  8. This was really useful but I don’t know if it would give great hold for a long time, say over 5/6 hours? Id be so scared it would fall flat and lose volume! The video is fantastic for people to see how these work, the instructions seem simple but the second step confused me about tucking ends with the picture looking like the bun was tucked under itself!

  9. Wow this looks to easy, you look awesome with those two buns:)This pins will be so comfortable while you are at home. Follow trends for comfort and if you do not like what’s in style now, then do not be afraid to don your own fashion statement and don’t forget you’re beautiful and will look perfect in anything you carry off with confidence.

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