Tousled waves with Goody Spin Pin
Greetings! When I was on holiday in Mexico last week, I found a whole new use for Goody Spin Pins (see my original review here) – creating tousled waves. I was using the pins during the day to keep my hair up but found that after a day of salt and sunshine, my normally stick straight hair was retaining the curl in the evening after taking the pins out.

The above picture was after I had my hair up in two buns (like in the video in my review). I’m now on the lookout for a good surf spray to recreate the curls without having to be on a beach!

As a side note, I also spotted Goody Spin Pin Mini in the shops (in New York anyway) which is a pack of three shorter pins if you find that the original Goody Spin Pins are too big for your hair type, or if you just want to create styles with smaller buns.

Is anyone else using the Goody Spin Pin to create curls? Any recommendations for a good surf spray?

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of autumn. As one of my friends put it, “love autumn in London, it’s like summer but wearing the right clothes…”

4 comments on “Creating tousled waves with Goody Spin Pin

  1. Your friend summed up Autumn in London quite well, except the Autumn right now is wearing Ugg boots and winter coats!! It’s freeezing here!!
    I got some goody spin pins after reading your review and I love them, so thank you!! I didn’t think they would work for me as I have thick hair but they do! However I do get a lot of hair sticking out because I have naturally straight hair, curling before hand helps but i’m too lazy! 🙂

  2. The OCÉANIQUE TOUSLED WAVE SPRAY by Fekkai is pretty good. I bought it for my sister as a gift and she loves it. She really digs those tousled beach waves.

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