HappyMe Overnight Pimple Eliminator
On another one of my Duane Reade drifts, I came across this interesting little bottle called HappyMe Overnight Pimple Eliminator. Being a romantic, I picked it up for $8.99 as a “gift” for my husband who regularly gets a good batch of a under-the-skin spots from aeroplanes and general stress.

As well as the cute 15ml bottle, this is the product description that initially sold me:

Works Wonders Overnight!

Safer & More Effective than Benzoyl Peroxide
Works Immediately
Sulfate & Paraben Free
Dye Free
No Animal By-Products or Testing – Cruelty Free

With all natural essential oils of lavender, rosemary and tangerine. Natural sulfur and zinc oxide starts to eliminate pimples on contact!

The formula is a soothing, milky substance which is applied using the wand in the cap. The fragrance is faint and smells of the essential oils if anything. Thankfully, it doesn’t smell of rotten eggs, which is the more well-known smell of sulfur/sulphur.

HappyMe Overnight Pimple Eliminator applicator
The substance dries to a white, chalky layer within minutes. This is strictly an overnight treatment – there’s no way anyone can leave the house with this stuff dotted all over their face! Once dry, it flakes off quite easily on contact (so no touching).

HappyMe Overnight Pimple Eliminator swatch
This stuff really, really works! After just a few hours after application, even angry, raised spots flatten and diminish to barely noticeable light pink dots. It also doesn’t seem to dry out the surrounding skin as much as products containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide (not that I would ever recommend using benzoyl peroxide anyway – it’s evil and harsh on the skin).

This is one spot treatment I am happy to give my double thumbs up to. I think it’s going to be particularly good for under-the-skin and “greasy” spots rather than simply blocked pores and such, but it’s definitely a handy bottle to have lying around.

Hare are the box instructions and full list of ingredients of Happy Me Overnight Pimple Eliminator:

HappyMe Overnight Pimple Eliminator box
In the US, HappyMe Skincare products can be bought from the Happy Me online store or from drugstores like Duane Reade and CVS (see their website for a list of stockists). Unfortunately it doesn’t look like HappyMe is available internationally yet… sorry!

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  1. The main ingredient sulfur is antibacterial but it’s a skin irritant and a sensitizer… and irritating skin is always bad.. I really wouldn’t encourage using it! Let’s be gentle to our skin :/ (reference: ->)

    I’d say benzoyl peroxide is the most effective acne fighting treatment out there – if it’s too irritating, a low concentration (of 2.5%) would likely be more gentle 🙂

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