Happy new year nice people who still read or stumble on my blog. God knows why, but there is still traffic to here for which I am very thankful for given my shameful blogging frequency of one post per two months in 2012. It’s always hard to pick blogging back up after so long off, but I’m just going to write and see where this goes…

It’s been just over two years since I moved to New York and I’ve found myself needing to move again, this time to San Francisco. In a couple of weeks I’ll be packing up an apartment again and setting foot in another city I look forward to getting to know.

It’s been a truly amazing experience living in New York. The first year was hard – working an average of 13 hours a day in the office, seeing the coldest winter New York’s had for 30 years (-14°C at one point, just when my heating decided not to switch on), no friends, only seeing my husband every few weeks, eating absolute rubbish (which culminated that winter in the biggest spot ever on the side of my nose by which I am still physically and mentally scarred). But somehow I still loved being in New York. Every TV series or film I’d watched or was watching seemed to be set in the same city I was living in… I felt like I was in the centre of the world. London seemed so small, slow and grey each time I went back.

Hmm I’m still thinking about that huge spot that first winter. I can’t believe when I think of my first year in New York, the first thing I think of is that spot. Now that’s vanity for you. It was massive though.

My second year was a whole different story. If my first year was just a bud, my second year was a giant, fully bloomed, rainbow-coloured bouquet. I worked more reasonable hours; I turned around one day and realised I had made an amazing circle of friends who I could discover more of New York with; I started running the Central Park loop and doing spin classes and did more exercise in one year than my entire life put together; I started green juicing; Sandy happened and I realised the strength and community of the people of New York; I made a home (albeit one I would only live in for a year) with my husband in a really nice apartment right by the park; and all in all, I lived a whole lot more.

I have mixed feelings about uprooting again. I feel really quite sad that I will leave behind the friends and colleagues who have made my time in New York so enjoyable and so well, easy. But I know it’s time to move on because there are little things that are starting to bug me about New York which never used to. Actually it’s just one thing that bugs me, and that’s the amount of dog poo on the sidewalks, especially in the neighbourhoods I’ve lived in in the Upper East and Upper West Side. I used to say with such Ned Flanders bounce, “that’s just part of living in New York – dog poo and trash!” but my God, I don’t think I could do another summer being hit in the face by a gust of poop and urine aromas every time I turned a corner. You have to see (and smell) it to know what I’m talking about.

Speaking of summer, have I ever said how New York summers are the best (despite the poop)? The summers literally feel endless with sunshine and hot, balmy days for three to four months straight. You can leave the apartment in flip flops and stay out all day doing as much or as little as you want, whether it’s rowboating on the lake, cycling along the river, having a picnic, going to a free concert or festival, or just reading and eating frozen yoghurt in the park. I love, love, love New York summers. I’m excited for people I know who have just moved here during the winter because they still have all that joy to come.

But I’m looking forward to seeing more of the West Coast, road trips, agreeable weather all year round and even more tasty Asian food than in New York (mm mmm mmmmm).

So San Francisco here I come. Here’s hoping for more good times and hopefully a bit more blogging than I’ve managed during my time in New York (I still buy way too many beauty products but can’t seem to get myself to take photos and sit and write about them)!

Happy 2013 everyone!

23 comments on “A British beauty blogger in California…? On the move again

  1. Oh hai! Let’s swap lives (just for a wee while).

    Enjoy everything that comes your way, and please… more posts, not just on beauty… just these kind of rambles will do, it was lovely to read you again.

    Happy new year to you too lovely x

  2. Its so great to see you back!! It sounds like you have a interesting couple of years in New York! I wish I could live there one day, even it its just for a short time, I feel like it would be life changing. Good luck with your move to Fresco! Hope you will blog more this year 🙂

    Cherry Lane xoxo

    1. Thank you! Yeah New York is definitely life changing… there is such an amazing energy in the city that is unique to the city… I really miss it!

  3. welcome back! geez you worked a lot! but I guess that’s NY for you. My friend’s from NYC and she works 14 hrs a day. Goodluck on the move to SanFrancisco. And if possible can you do a post on how you moved? I know that sounds weird but I’m looking to move to another state and I know there are plenty of other people who have to move around and knowing some tips on how to pack and stuff everything into your car would help haha. Anyway, hope to see more posts from you! 🙂

    1. I never thought the long hours was a New York thing but now I’m thinking maybe it is. In SF, people seem to get into the office early then leave on time. I guess in New York, you never have to worry that restaurants, shops etc will close, so it doesn’t really matter if you end up staying late at work… it’s the city that never sleeps after all!

      Oh, sorry, I have no tips on packing – it’s such a massive chore every time and there’s no easy way except to pay for a company to do all the packing for you. I guess one tip I have is to clear out anything you don’t need first – e.g. clothes you haven’t worn for years, cosmetics you never use etc. Be ruthless! I wish I could stuff everything in a car – we shipped over an entire house of furniture over to the States – bed, sofa, shelves, everything! Good luck when you move though!

  4. San Francisco is a great city! Make sure you visit Brenda’s French Soul Food for brunch regularly 🙂

    1. Hi Gemma! Ok I’ll put that on my list of restaurant recommendations. I’ve literally had about 200 recommendations since I arrived. SF is obsessed with food!

  5. Sounds so inspiring! One day I’ll visit New York (I hope). I’ve only lived in London for 2 years and I havent achieved as much as you have in 2 years in New York, but I’m hoping this year will be my year! All the best for the move and hope San Francisco is everything you hope it will be for you. xx

  6. Those two years have gone by so quickly! What an exciting life you are leading – I am jealous of your experiences abroad. I can imagine it’s very difficult uprooting but it sounds like you’ve made a life for yourself in NY and you will again in SF. I hear it’s an amazing city. Is the move work-related? I’ve been a bad blogger too. I’ve been to NY twice and not noticed the dog poo – how disgusting! Why don’t they pick it up? Or diaper the dogs like Carrie! Please blog about SF – i would love to read it. xx

    1. Yeah those years went so fast! SF is a nice city but I’m already really missing New York and my friends there :-(. Yes the move was word-related. The dog poo is more noticeable in the Upper East Side and Upper West Side because there are so many dogs there. My friends in the Lower East Side say they’ve got loads there too though. Apparently you have to memorise in the daytime where the poos are when you back at night when it’s dark, you can avoid them. People do usually scoop, but there’s so much of it that the whole pavement is covered in smears. It’s sooooo gross!

      I hope everything is good with you! x

  7. hello beauty scribbler
    how are you ? welcome back dear =D
    I would like to ask you about the boots Smooth Skin PLUS, its out of stock in boots website and they wont get it again. from where can i get it online? or is there another recommendation instead of it ?

    I’m from United Arab Emirates.

  8. Hurtay to a new post! 🙂 Thanks for a lovely update. Cheers to embarking on another new adventure and more new discoveries; beauty or otherwise. Sporadic posting schedule won’t keep me from checking back. You’re reviews are too good to miss!

  9. Happy new year! It’s great to see you blogging again. Dog poo aside, New York sounds like an amazing place to live. Good luck with the move to San Fransico. Hopefully it’ll be a smoother transition this time and enjoying discovering all the Asian restaurants! x

  10. I wondered where you’d got to!

    I love this post – I so want to go to New York one day and you’ve just made me want it that much more. So pleased you’re having a good time out there and hope the move all goes well – I look forward to hearing more! xx

  11. Hey, I just stumbled across your blog and was intrigued straight off by this post. I currently live in London and I’m completely and utterly fed up with it, I would love to be on your journey! My boyfriend and I have been talking about our dream to live in SF so I definitely will be keeping up with your posts – please keep blogging! Hopefully you are already enjoying it there 😉


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