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Hello everyone, I know I have been really bad at blogging this year, but I wanted to get a quick life update in case I don’t have time later.

My latest news is… I am pregnant! I’m due in six days and am expecting a little girl. I feel completely in limbo at the moment because I feel like I could go into labour any minute now… but at the same time I’ve had no real signs of going into labour, so I don’t know whether I’ll go overdue. Now I know what women mean when they say they got bored and impatient in the last few weeks. It’s so hard not knowing when it’s all going to kick off!

So far pregnancy has gone smoothly… I was nauseous at the beginning but never actually sick. I’ve randomly developed a strong aversion to both beef and basil… I’m not sure I will ever be able to eat them again.

I’ve put a load of weight though. The last time I was weighed, I had put on a total of 38lbs (almost 3 stone). I can feel it too… doing anything is a chore with the extra weight. And everything is bigger – I knew my feet (never my best feature) would swell, but even my nose is wider!!!! Miraculously, no stretchmarks (yet) though… I’ve been slathering avocado oil on my belly twice a day – I’m not sure if that’s made a difference, or if it’s just genes.

We went back to the Hawaiian island, Kauai, for a “babymoon” in the second trimester. Our last proper holiday as a couple before the baby comes. It was even more amazing going again because we felt like we knew the island a little already, and we didn’t feel any desperate need to fit in all the tourist activities. I got quite emotional at one point (very unlike me) when the seven carefree years of our lives as just a couple flashed in front of my eyes and I realised life would be so different so soon.

I’m still in San Francisco. We did consider moving back to the UK before the baby was born but it would have been a bit of a rush work-wise. So we’ll be here for a little while longer. I’ve come round to life here though. With all the rain and snow in London and New York, I’m appreciating the weather and lifestyle here a lot more! But we’ll be moving back to London late this year to be closer to family and to start making a proper home.

I’ve been in the US for so long now that I’ve started noticing Americanisms creeping into my speech and spelling. I say “yoe-gurt”, “zee”, “bedder” (instead of “better”), “trash” etc without even flinching now. Everyone still thinks I’m Australian though.

So all change here. I’m looking forward to it though! I’m also really looking forward to my feet looking like feet again and not having to wear old lady compression stockings to keep them under control. I thought I’d be one of those sprightly, prenatal yoga-going pregnant types, but alas I am of the frumpy, beached whale, TV-watching type.

Depending on how bored I get with watching Netflix over the next few days (or longer??), I may stack up some skincare and make-up product review blog posts. I promise this won’t ever become a baby blog!

15 comments on “Life update: Baby Scribbler is on the way!

  1. Oh wow! Congratulations and you are going to have such a beautiful baby!
    You are worse than me btw, I announced my pregnancy at 6ish months and everyone thought I’d waited too long!
    Enjoy these last days of quiet x

    1. Thanks Row! Haha yeah I did leave it a bit late. I had to get a post out today just in case it got to the point where the baby had already arrived and I’d be like “ah… moment’s passed now… no point mentioning it..” I see you’re still up all hours!! Hope you’re well x

  2. Your back! So nice to see you posting again and congratulations 😀 what a surprise. Wishing you all the best.

  3. Congratulations, it is great news! Ha, I got the same, a wider nose and thicker lips during my pregnancies, but thankfully everything goes back to normal after a few months. And we can’t tell you put on 3 stones – you look in great shape.
    I love your hair color in the second pic – did you get it done in a salon or did you do it at home?
    All the best!

    1. Thank you! I saw a photo of me yesterday smiling and facing front on and I was shocked at my nose and general change in my face. I would have loved thicker lips, but it’s all on my nose and jaw unfortunately! I haven’t coloured my hair in over a year.. it’s been growing out. Where it turns lighter brown halfway down my head is where the old highlights used to be but which I dyed over at home with dark brown dye about 18 months ago. I do miss having lighter hair though – so may try to get some highlights again (and a decent cut) once the baby is here.

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